Oct 202014

DomochevskyHey there, ‘chevsky here.

So more progress has been made with various functions here and there, including optimizations and overhauls.

Most importantly: I got rid of the notion of “rooms” as it were and changed vision and lighting to be entirely entity-centric. I’m not touching tiles anymore to modify lighting and vision, nor do I care about the current room anyone’s in for visibility. This does create another issue of sorts, but it’s a rather minor one, I think. Specifically room transitions and doors are something I have to figure something out for, but getting more clear on. (I’ll probably go with tiles that when “used” will become walkable and display as open doors instead.)



Depicted: An entity’s movement zone and the light/vision provided by a street lantern. Plus, some changes to what the selectors look like. Not perfect just yet, but getting better.

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Oct 182014

Go time!


StormingGroup(Click to enlarge)

We are the storm!

This took about 2 days to make it happen. Quite sizable, but doing it felt quite nice, all in all. I’m pretty happy with it. :)

Oct 152014

Just something for practice purposes and to see how art evolved (or didn’t).




It has been a while and I should draw more (relatively) small stuff anyway. Finishing things is an important part of every artist’s breakfast and happiness. :)

Oct 042014

DomochevskyHey there, ‘chevsky here.

Turns out that messing with sleep schedules increases my coding muse but utterly destroys my ability to art. I’m making some pretty good progress on the sleep front. Today I woke up at 6:30 in the morning, after a week of waking up at 19 in the evening. So discombobulated.

Here’s what has been happening today in regards to all things GenCode (A subdivision of GenCo, clearly):



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Sep 302014

Domochevsky Hey there, ‘chevsky here.

My ghost writer is currently occupied with life, meaning a lull in Gaiden update time again.

I’m still struggling with sleep. It’s 11 in the morning. I’ve gotten out of bed at 21:something, meaning I’ve now been up for 14h. In 5h I need to get to school and be there for at least 3h. If I go to bed now I will miss that, guaranteed. I guess I can try to nap for an hour or two. That always goes well. :P )

So long story short, let’s do a quick little adventure here to tide us over. :)




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