Apr 222014

Domochevsky…is now available via the sidebar. I’m sure you’ll find it easily enough. :)

(Make sure to tell me if it’s not properly hidden. It shouldn’t show up in any search or place that can be accidentally stumbled over.)

Apr 182014

In Episode 18 of From Ashes we check out the helicopter from last episode (and promptly dismantle it for its valuables).

Also: We find the most important place on the entire island.


This is also the last episode we have of the last recording session, so more episodes will follow once Daron shows up again from his bread making and is ready to record more. :)

Apr 182014

Some Gaiden content has been added to the Art Shop, padding it out just that little bit more. :)



(Extra blurry!)


(A close-up)

This is a GenCrawl Gaiden themed wallpaper, featuring George, Emily and Victoria. Bearington and Thomas are on the sidelines.
It comes in 4 sizes: 3500×2000, 1280×720, 1440×800 and 1920×1080.

Now back to the other art! (And coding, actually. I may or may not be messing around with a Crawl-related thing that involves programming things from scratch. More details on that as it developes. :) )

Apr 172014

In Episode 17 of From Ashes Daron decides to be suicidal. D:

Also: his cat decides to get in on the action.

Apr 162014

In Episode 16 of From Ashes we find the storage locations for those theoretical vault dwellers.
Special: There are no silverfish in this episode. :O

Apr 152014

In Episode 15 of From Ashes we dive deeper into the Futuren Co vault and try to go up as we go down.

Apr 142014

In Episode 14 of From Ashes we dive into Dungeon 2. There’s lava and creepers. :|