May 202016


“…so I came straight to you. That’s all.” Aelita finished, at last. The Zeltron could feel the tips of her ears drooping against her shoulders as she stared resolutely down at the wooden floor of Noelle’s office. She’d been staring at it for quite a while now, unable to meet the Grandmaster’s gaze.

It was silly, she knew. Noelle DeWytt and the Hyruscanti Council didn’t see eye to eye on much. Yet somewhere deep down she still expected to hear the reprimand, and now she was stuck blushing like a fool, counting every seam in the floorboards like she’d already been assigned some sort of punitary exercise.

But supposing, even supposing she’d been able to get over that? The Grandmaster had almost certainly noticed she’d overheard her conversation with Syra, which – while she’d mostly done it on accident – was quite rude. So the floorboards would have to make do.

At least they were rather nice, pleasantly rustic. Sometimes Aelita missed the simple decor of Hyruscant dearly. Continue reading »

May 162016


“Another one of GenCorp’s imaginative RTS/BDGG-like/FPP/TTRP game, the spy was a base class that entered the scene silently and exited it with a bang.”

Mechanically speaking, the Spy was a Scout/Striker/Crowd Control/Support/Buffer/Debuffer-combo, focusing on aquiring intel, taking out priority targets, and causing distractions. The community quickly took a liking to it and its evocative mechanics. The class’ Genre Grid allowed players to change “style” in quick succession from a wide range of possibilities, providing the opportunity for diverse spy-related shenanigans.

An often bemourned weakness of the Spy was the lack of specialisation. It was a jack of all trades, master of none in the community’s eyes. This caused the Spy to only rarely show up in optimization strategists’ character builds. It remained a popular choice among roleplayers, however.

May 152016

Gallows Humor – 7.7

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> Go apartment hunting immediately.
> Go home first; you need your shit before anyone peels through it.
> Make arrangements with your college. You don’t need them looking for you and maybe inadvertently helping Mark


> Bring Angel with you
> Ask Angel to handle something for you while you’re busy (new apartment/get your stuff)
> Don’t involve Angel

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May 132016

I suddenly had this desire to scribble specific stuff, while waiting for input on other things. B|


Greyscale Version


Red/Blue Version



“Possibly one of the most basic classes of GenCorp’s iconic RTS/BDGG-like/FPP, the Sword Maiden’s primary features were an increasingly endless supply of blades, swung in a deadly dance.”

Mechanically speaking, the Sword Maiden was a Crowd Control/Striker-combo with light armor. The community decreed that it was “good to push with”, but had effectively no buffs/debuffs, nor any sort of healing. It could be specced into being a weak Leader type, but that never really took hold, due to steep early and mid-game investments. Late-game large army gimmik builds existed, however.

Unfortunately this class, like most other base classes, quickly lost popularity after the second expansion, Mechanized Madness And Mayhem, came out; which strongly favoured previously underpowered Mechanics, Mechas and Madget-users.

May 012016

Nevermind me, just trying to figure out how to add more convenient comic navigation buttons~
(I was informed that this is an issue for some of you.)

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