Aug 032015

Jessica fumed as she stomped along the path back to her den, growling and muttering under her breath.  She stopped and paused at a fork in the path, an idea coming to her.  She continued to her den, grabbing some supplies and headed out down another path.  A few minutes later she arrived at her destination, a large clearing with bales of hay painted with bullseyes.  Relighting the small campfire in the center provided the light she needed, and Jessica let out a deep breath as she slung the quiver she brought over her shoulder and picked up her bow.  The bow wasn’t much, but she spent a long time making it, carving scrollwork into it and making sure every aspect of it felt just right in her hands.  She pulled one of her arrows out of its quiver and notched it to the bowstring and pulled back.  Letting it fly, she smiled as she heard the soft rustle of it striking the target bale.  Jessica pulled out another arrow and repeated the process.  And another.  And another.  The cadence of the arrows striking home and the focus Jessica used  while shooting felt cathartic, but she still found herself gritting her teeth and smouldering with anger.  But now was not the time to let it loose.  She knew too well she’d probably break something or set something on fire if she let herself vent the way she wanted to.  Possibly both.

Her hand reached back behind her for another arrow and grasped only air.  Thorns.  She ran out.  Sighing, she walked over to the target.  The arrows were scattered around the target, but most of them were relatively close to the center, with one or two hitting the bullseye.  Not bad, considering the circumstances.  Jessica began pulling them out carefully, one by one.  They were her own craftwork, and she didn’t want to have to make more replacements than she had to.  Sticking them back in her quiver, she turned around…

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Jul 262015

Like the title says. Territorial Dealings has been updated to Build 11.

– Did some more internal code changes for cleanliness.
– Hopefully improved how Leader-only recipes are being handled. Now they shouldn’t show up in the output anymore if you’re not the leader of a faction
– Added the Inheritance Deed, used to transfer leadership of a faction to someone else.
– Added the Faction Ledger, used to display information about a specific faction.
– Added the Return Order, used to immediately return to a leader-set position

Jul 252015

Some bugfixes, not much else.

Territorial Dealings Build 10:
– Fixed gold blocks not adding their value to payment orders
– Did a medium sized code overhaul to simplify things and make it faster. The downside is that existing faction data won’t be restored. Clean slate. Prepare accordingly. :S

Potion Packs Build 5b:
– Fixed the Haste potion using redstone for duration and glowstone for strength. That was an inversion of the default.
Edit: 5b – Hotfix: I packed the wrong assets folder in, so none of the packs had their textures. That’s fixed now.

Jul 212015

Andrew whimpered as Cory treated and cleaned the area around arrow.  Jessica hovered around helping when she could, and pacing around in nervous frustration when she couldn’t.  Several others had gathered around at the news and Tony motioned for Beth to go and brief them on what had happened.

“All right Alan, what do you have in mind?” Tony asked as they approached the fire, which had been fed back into blazing light.”

“You’ll see.”  Alan stated, as he moved to stand in front of Andrew, who turned his attention to him.  “So, Andrew.  What have you learned?”

“Find a spot with more cover when casting…”  Andrew replied, grinning wryly.  Alan shook his head and sat down next to Andrew.

“Besides that.  About this whole series of events.  What did you learn?”

“Um….”  Andrew floundered around for an answer while Alan stared him down expectantly.

“What we learn…” Alan continued on.  “Is why we have rules around here.  What’s the end result of what happened here these last couple of days?  We put Sylvan at risk, and it still is at risk and in the hands of a Caledonian woman!  Not in our own hands anymore!  Now, thankfully I have faith that it will all work out, but why are we in this position in the first place?”

Andrew hung his head in shame, his ears drooping and tail limp.  Jessica opened her mouth to say something sharp in his defense, but a withering glare from Alan cut her off before it could begin.


“Because I messed up…” Andrew muttered.

“Because you broke the rules, Andrew.” Alan pointed out, taking Andrew’s muzzle in one paw and raising it up to look him in the eyes.  “We have the rules made for a reason, you know.”

“I thought you said that you understood why I did it!”  Andrew pleaded.

“Which I appreciate.”  Tony replied, smiling kindly.  “As I said, your heart is in the right place.  But you still broke the rules, and have to pay the price.”

Alan turned to Cory, who finished treating the wound.  “How’s the wound look?”

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Jul 062015

Albert looked up from his paper strewn desk as the door to the house opened, and smiled as Sarah walked in.  “Welcome back!  Did you have a good time?”

Sarah sat down slowly, shoving away a few books to make room for her arms as she propped up her elbows up on the table.  “Well, sort of…”

“Hmm…” Albert looked up from his work and turned to inspect Sarah.  He stroked his beard in thought.  “Something wrong?  No, wait, I think I know.  Something’s not exactly right with your friends.  And you come home early, probably to talk to me, no?  Not the usual person you go to talk to.  Usually you go see Martha.”

“Umm…”  Sarah fumbled for words as Albert brushed off some ash from Sarah’s sleeve.

“Ah, so I see you already have talked to her then.  So something’s going on with your friends with that Martha can’t really help with, and you need my expertise then.  So what can I help you with?”

Sarah shook her head with a smile on her face.  “You’re pretty close!  You never cease to amaze.”

Albert chuckled under his breath and began to tidy up the table, stacking his papers.

“All it is, is observation and drawing conclusions.  Works just as well for everyday situations as it does to studying the natural and magical phenomena.”

Finishing cleaning up the clutter that comprised his desk, Albert focused his attention on Sarah.  She shifted uncomfortably in her chair.

“Well, the guys have gotten it in their head that they’re powerful enough to take on anything in the Forest.  I tried to talk them out of it, but they wouldn’t listen to me!”

“Well, certainly.  The Forest is quite the unknown, and there are more forces at work there than we can even dream of!  Would be a wonderful place to study, if it were at all safe.  But Jade and the rest are coordinating a ‘monster hunt’?  Are they at least taking William with them?”

“No!  But can you really blame them?”

“I guess not, he doesn’t really come into town all that much anyhow.  Anyhow, there’s no rule saying they can’t go in there.  Aside from common sense at least.  So what you needed me for was-”

Sarah leading over the table.  “I need a way to make sure they don’t go, or at least not too far.  Something to scare them off?”

Albert stood up, his mind already flipping through his mental catalog.  “Well, there might be something we can use.  But you best come up with a backup plan in case it doesn’t work.  Perhaps we should try something with the glowmoss that we’ve been working with…


-Sylvan Wood, The Last Night-

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Jul 052015

DomochevskyQuick note: Share buttons have been added to the site and can now ideally be found under every post. I hear you people are into that sort of thing. :)

I’m using Shariff for this, which is a privacy-concerned sharing plugin. By default it ensures you don’t get tracked by whoever owns the share buttons by the mere presence of them on this site. That seems like the only acceptable option to me.

Right now I’ve included G+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Reddit. What other options would seem reasonable and are things you people use? I’ve got LinkedIn, XING, StumbleUpon and WhatsApp on my list of possibilities here as well.

Jul 042015

DomochevskyHey there, ‘chevsky here.

Did you know that most of coding is decidedly unsexy and yet I find myself attracted to it and arting in equal halfs? Weird stuff, I know.

So progress has been made on a bunch of things that don’t produce many screenshots, but I’m gonna try to show some things off anyway. :)


Look out, it’s a giant!

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Jul 032015

Just to let you know. A new wallpaper has been added to the art shop, called Sunrise On A Rooftop, for the usual “pay what you want” price.

“It features George on violin, Emily on bass, Victoria on vocals, Bearington on piano and Thomas bringing the sax.”

Go and check it out! o/