Feb 272015

Ok, one more! Fixing and adjusting a couple things. (This does tend to happen in the early days of a new mod, as new issues are discovered and ironed out.)

The mod itself and an explanation of what it does can be found here.

The download link is here (on Curse).

- Fixed the Renaming Order not being consumed on use.
- Fixed the chunk protection not being enabled by default on faction creation. (It would kick in after the first upkeep payment.)
- Added debug output for faction renaming, if that is enabled.
- Did some code cleanup and refactoring here and there.
- Added the Overview Card, a creative mode item that gives that player an overview over all factions and their chunks, valuables and members.
-> That card can also be used to disable/enable chunk protection of a faction until the next upkeep payment check.

Feb 272015

…is up, adjusting a few minor things. :)

The mod itself and an explanation of what it does can be found here.

The download link is here (on Curse).

- Save, refresh and upkeep ticks should now persist across restarts
- Adjusted the Player ID Card description slightly. (To indicate that leaders can both add AND remove players to/from their faction with this.)

Feb 272015
(Placeholder for now)

(Placeholder for now)

Hey there. I’ve been asked to do something for Forge (as opposed to Bukkit) that deals with PvP servers and their needs.
So I made a factions mod. :)

Check it out:

This mod requires Forge (latest) and Minecraft 1.7.10.


This adds various items to start a faction, claim territory in the name of that faction and then have a go at other player’s territories.
Claimed territories contain basic building protection. That is, anyone not part of your faction cannot place or break blocks in it.
Killing you, however, blowing things up remotely, rummaging through your chest or trampling your crops and such is not prevented.
Build accordingly.

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Feb 252015

Andrew fretted as he kept pace with the woman and her horse.  What to do, what to do?  What would Tony do?  No, Tony would just shrug and let nature take its course.  A Caledonian getting eaten in the woods didn’t threaten the safety of Sylvan.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  Beth or Eric might suggest alternatives, but he doubted Tony would take his siblings’ advice.  Andrew shook his head, that wouldn’t do at all.  She hadn’t done anything wrong!  There had to be a way…

> ANDREW: Throw some stones at the cougar as distraction!

Andrew bent down and picked up some pebbles from the ground and started lobbing them above the path at the cougar on the other side.  Perhaps he could distract it, or warn the woman, or something.  Most of them just fell uselessly in the bushes on the other side, or hit trees.  He wish he had his sister’s aim.  He also wished he had his sister’s bow instead of just his staff, or at least something more potent than rocks that he could use at range.  Andrew punctuated that thought with another rock, although a bit harder than he meant to.  It bounced off a tree with a loud THOCK and tumbled into the path.  At least it came within a few feet of hitting the cougar that time.  Perhaps he was getting better?  The woman looked up at the sound and gasped upon spotting the cougar.  Its cover blown, the big cat slowly advanced upon the pair on the path.
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Feb 222015

DomochevskyHey there, ‘chevsky here.

It has been a while since I last made a VideoGaiden post. I should do it more often as well, since I tend to forget what I did weeks ago despite my notes. >_>
Lesse if I can get this together in a halfway coherent manner.

The key part this update is the addition and change of visuals. Check this out:


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Feb 212015

Andrew stared down the cougar, his heart pumping.  Cougar, cougar, cougar… what did he know about cougars?  More to the point, what did he know about fighting cougars?  Could he fight it?  Probably not a good idea.  Foxes weren’t built for combat, and neither was he.  Tony kept bugging him about that, but there was only so much he had to work with!  Either way, that cougar could probably kick his tail up one side of the forest and down the other.  And he liked his tail.  It was nice and fluffy, and he liked it un-kicked, thank you very much.  Should he run?  No, bad idea.  Very bad idea.  It hadn’t attacked yet.  Did that mean it hadn’t made up his mind of whether or not fighting would be worth it?  Running away would kick him solidly into the ‘prey’ category.  Andrew examined the cougar while trying to keep eye contact as much as possible.  He couldn’t fight it, he couldn’t run from it.  What could he do?

> Stand up, as tall as possible, and stand your ground.

Well, when in doubt, bluff and pray everything works itself out.  Or in this case, pray and hope you don’t become prey.  Andrew leaned forward growled at the cougar, trying to look menacing.  Although he had no idea what a cougar found menacing.  But he hoped he looked too much of a hassle to eat.  The cougar prowled around, looking for an opening.  He got a glimpse of its profile as it circled him.  Despite it’s somewhat impressive size, it looked pretty scrawny and thin.  So that’s its story?  Slowly he reached back and grabbed his journal from the stump.  With a shout, he sent it flying through the air and smacked the cougar in the side of the face.  It winced and hissed as the book flopped to the ground.  Shoot, that might have been a bad idea.   He either had ticked it off and he’d have to fight a furious cougar, or…

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Feb 202015

DrWutson: I cannot stress enough that multitasking is the thing you’re going to need to do.

Merhousemaid and her team were busy slaughtering trash mobs outside the radio station – true to form, the monsters were various types of slime – while listening to DrWutson’s lecture.

LanguidLiquid: I still want to know what you’d do in our situation.

DrWutson: Honest answer? Quit and find a different team. But what’s true at my level isn’t true at yours, necessarily. I’m doing some research on this Jack you’ve told me about, but from what I can see we’ve got an advantage.

MechaEnt: We do? Jack’s…I mean, he’s really good at this. And I’m really bad at this.

Merhousemaid: You’re not /bad/ Kristen, you’re just /new/. God.

DrWutson: You’re letting him get into your head and he hasn’t even had to try for it. Don’t be in that headspace. Jack’s got experience on you, sure. So does Marie, from the records I can find on her Gengame play. Never have I seen such a passionate love affair for a single class.

LanguidLiquid: Spy? Yeah. Marie really likes spies.

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Feb 202015

This is a more sizable update, fixing a bunch of stuff and adding one or two more features to the Arms Assistant. I can’t believe that much stuff was still broken. >_>

As usual the new build can be aquired here. (On Curse.)

Information about the mod in general, crafting recipes and how to use it can be found over here.

- Fixed the AA not remembering how to use the contents of its first rail.
- Fixed the Four-Headed Dragonbox only reloading 2 rockets per bundle, instead of 8
- Fixed the Snow Cannon eating 4 blocks of snow with every shot, instead of just 1
- Fixed the Seed Sweeper model still having a jar on it, even when empty
- Fixed reloading with magazines not working. (That snuck in in the last build, I think.)
- Fixed the Arms Assistant not accepting replacing empty magazines with fresh ones. Tch.
- Fixed the AA not properly deducting ammo from certain slots and ammo types. (Didn’t update a bounds check to make use of the changed item storage.)
- Added a config option to the rocket launchers and the ERA to not damage terrain when in player hand
- Changed the Obsidian Splinter Pistol to split every splint in half (Something that was lost when it was changed to using magazines),
  giving it effectively double the ammunition again. (Dropping the magazine does mean some loss, though. Can’t put back together what was split.)
- Added the Riding Upgrade to the Arms Assistant. You can now upgrade it with a saddle and ride it around (assuming it’s mobile; It’s gonna be a short ride without that.)
  By extension it will also fire its weapons if you attack with the QuiverBow weapon in the first slot of your hotbar
- Added the “STAGGER FIRE” command, which can be written into the book. It’ll cause the AA to wait until the first rail is done with half its cooldown before firing the second rail.
  That should help with not wasting two shots on the same target

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