Dec 182014

DomochevskyYo, ‘chevsky here.

The holiday preparations have us all in their grip, but we’re making progress where we still get the opportunity. Personally I am also working on a thick head and possibly sickness, from bicycling through the cold. We’ll see what that does to this coding post.

I’ve been tackling inventories this time around, so let’s get into it.


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Dec 142014

Please stand by, new user! The GenCo N-Helm is configuring its settings.

The blackness in front of your eyes crackles gently before a green screen appears in the middle of it, looking like the computer screens you’ve seen in your history classes and old videos. Some text flashes on it.

> Would you like a tutorial? Think YES or NO


Thank you for choosing the N-Helm tutorial, new user! May we have your name?

You blink, wondering if you should answer out loud. Shyly, you answer: “Alyssa Redford.”

Welcome to the N-Helm tutorial, Alyssa! Some functions will be locked while we guide you through the use of your N-Helm. To end the tutorial, simply think MENU and select END TUTORIAL or LOG OUT. If you choose to LOG OUT, you may resume the tutorial by logging back in at any time. Are you ready to proceed?

“Um. Yes!”

You startle as you find yourself sitting in a school desk – well, something a lot like  a school desk, anyway. The desks at your school weren’t this roomy, though, and the chairs probably weren’t this comfy.

The teacher wasn’t a sexy demoness sitting provocatively on her own desk either, but you’re not about to complain.

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Dec 132014

Query: It’s pulsing faster. Here we go – you sure this cover’s going to save me?

WhattheHex: From the rainbow explosion that’s about to happen? Sure. From whatever pops out of here still pissed as hell at you? HAHAHAHA pray to your impotent god.

Query: Jack, I don’t worship your father.

WhattheHex: You little shit, I -

The rainbow shell around the Cardinal exploded, light ripping from it in colored shards that tore holes out of the stone. Query and her team stayed in cover behind the corners of the hallway, riding out the barrage of glowing shards.

This was a horrible mistake.

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Dec 072014

Query faded into stealth next to the door. At the end of the hall, WhattheHex and SonicSorrow waited, the former holding on to a loose chain of SHODDY SCRIPT SPELLS for blasting in his left hand, the latter staring down the iron sights of her ROT RIFLE.

WhattheHex: We ready?

SonicSorrow: Ready.

Query: Let’s see if I can still dodge tank bosses.

WhattheHex: Open it!

Ghostly Girlfriend: You got it, sweetie!

The ghost flung the door open, flooding the dim hallway with blazing light. Query winced as she felt her buffs vanish. SonicSorrow took aim down her sights at the distant glowing blur ahead and squeezed off a pair of rounds, smiling grimly as the game confirmed that she’d dealt damage.

Luxari Cardinal: Creatures of darkness! Prepare to be cleansed!

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Dec 042014

My internet blew up, resulting in my absence for the last few days.

Updates will resume shortly.

– Scribbler