Apr 272015

> B: Eating contest

Sarah paused for a moment while thinking her challenge over.  Looking around at the food spread around her, with her insistent stomach grumbling all the while, suggested a compromise.

“How about an eating contest?  I haven’t had a chance to eat anything yet.”

Murmurs of assent echoed around the table as Brian nodded thoughtfully, rubbing his chin.

“Yeah, that’ll be all right, I suppose.  But what kind of eating contest you have in mind?”

Sven chuckled and leaned in conspiratorially.  “I’ve got an idea for y’all… I’ll just have to go get a few ingredients first though.  This’ll warm you up on a cold night like tonight f’sure!”

A little later on, Alan wearily opened up the door to the Log and dragged himself inside only to be surprised by a cheering crowd surrounding Sarah and Brian as they furiously spooned stew out of wooden bowls and into their mouths.  Empty bowls littered the table and floor as Sven paced back and forth between them excitedly as he ladled another bowl from a steaming pot behind him and passed it to Sarah.

“And that’s Sarah’s 3rd bowl of stew down the hatch!  She’s looking a bit hot under the collar, but the spice is nice and she’s moving along nicely!  She’s only half a bowl behind Brian now!  But how long can they last, before the burn becomes burden and they bow to the blitz of blazing bowls of hotroot stew?”

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Apr 182015

> Sarah: Ask about food. You haven’t eaten in awhile, plus all that blood loss…

Sarah opened her mouth to answer, but her own stomach cut her off with a growl.  She blushed in embarrassment as the Sylvans burst into laughter around her.  “Well, I guess that answers that question!” Sven joked as he slung his arm around her shoulders and jabbed a finger back toward Sylvan.  “If you’re hungry, then there’s only one place to go!  To the Log!”

Sven strode off in the lead, and the others followed suit.  Sarah tailed along in their midst as they walked along the trail.  Andrew walked along with Sven, filling him in on the details of his misadventure.  Having been there herself for most of it, Sarah opted to listen to the birds singing their evening song.  Every so often she could hear something rustling in the underbrush, and she noticed Andrew and Jessica’s ears twitching towards the sound in what seemed to be an involuntary response.  She wondered…

“So… what does everyone eat around here?”

“Well, that varies from person to person.”  Andrew explained as he slowed down to let her catch up.  “It really depends on what kind of Sylvan you are.  Jessi and I generally prefer meat.  But Cynthia here will get sick if she eats it.”

“Yup.  Just plants, fruit, and seeds for me!”  Cynthia said and nodded her agreement.

> Sarah: Learn about the relation between Sylvans and their animal counterparts.

“So,  you have to hunt for meat, don’t you?  Does that make things… awkward with other Sylvans?”

Their silence answered that for Sara as Andrew and Cynthia pointedly avoided looking at each other.  “Well, kinda?”  Andrew eventually answered.  “I mean, we do have a soft spot for our respective wild cousins.  But the wild is, well, wild!  And hunting is a part of that.  There’s something of an unspoken agreement between the predatory Sylvans and the, um… er…”

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Apr 142015

And then I drew something in exchange for monies again. Check it out!


This is the title art for Iskandar‘s Atonement: Sins of the Past Minecraft modpack. It is about “a world completely overtaken by Thaumcraft taint, that you have to rebuild and detoxify. (Or at least a little corner of it.)” Pretty deadly stuff. It’s also a Jampacked 2 entry.

Quite fun and quick to do. (Took me only an afternoon.) :)