Sep 162015

DomochevskyOh hey there. Long time no see. :)

Despite the prolonged silence in all things VideoGaiden I have been hard and sometimes hardly at work on it. Most of the stuff I’ve done is “behind the scenes”, as it were. Not something screenshots can be derived from, but I’ll at least try to add some to make this post not entirely dry.
Also, I keep saying that. Maybe I should post screenshots of some code at some point. See how that goes over.

First and most importantly: The main menu.


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Sep 072015

The sun hung high over Caledon as Sarah looked around the streets for signs of Jake and the others.  Townspeople busted around here and there, going about life as usual as Sarah weaved her way through the crowd.  She tried to resist staring at the forest covered hillsides outside of town as she searched, but it stayed at the forefront on her mind.  She jumped at every little movement that came from its direction, as if she paid enough attention, she’d catch a glimpse of someone she had met there.  A whole different world just beyond those trees.  A whole different world that relied on her to keep it safe.  Well, perhaps ‘relied’ was too strong of a word, but an air of unease hung over Sarah, telling her something bad would happen if she did nothing.

Finally, she spotted Jake and the others chatting and hanging around outside at the edge of one of the fields.  They huddled together, discussing something.  Something involving the Forest if Sarah’s instinct was right.  They all looked up as she jogged over.

“Hey, are you guys still planning on going on that ‘monster hunt’?”

Jake looked at her as if she had gone crazy.  “Of course.  We’ve finally struck a blow for Caledon!  We have to press our advantage!  Those monsters aren’t invincible, and we proved it!”

“But it’s too dangerous!”  Sarah pleaded.  Jake narrowed his eyes as the other men around him chuckled.

“Sarah, we’re grown men here.  We’re well aware of the risks.  But we have to do this.  Do you know how long we’ve been just some little town in the middle of nowhere?  Just a little farming village with nothing to offer to the world?  I’m tired of it!  Merchants don’t bother coming here because we’re too small and don’t have enough money!  Any travelers that show up look down their noses at us ‘cause they think we’re just some know-nothing farmers!  We can’t attract any craftsmen, because there’s nothing here that they can use that they can’t find better elsewhere!”

Jake paused for breath, as the others cheered him on.  “And I want to fix that.  What’s the biggest resource around here?  The forest!  And we can’t touch it because of those monsters.  But we just showed that we can fight them and win.  And I don’t want to watch our town grow smaller and smaller as people move away one by one to the big cities.  I want Caledon to be something!  And it all starts here, today!”

Sarah bit her lip in sympathy.  All the counterpoints she had burned in her chest, wanting to come out, but she couldn’t.  She had promised.  “So you’re determined, huh?”

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Sep 052015

Changed a little bit here and a bit there and if we’re all lucky nothing broke. Good way to wake up with. :)

The mod page.

The download link, for the impatient.

– Did a medium sized code overhaul and optimization. This should not affect existing drops, if I did everything right.
– Entities the player is riding should transfer as well now (And entities THEY are riding, all the way down.)

Edit: Build 7 is up, being a hotfix. Same download location.
– Fixed a logic error with transdimensional mount transportation. (Transfering the player first would dismount them, meaning that there was no mount to transport by the time I checked.)

Aug 172015

The morning sunrise shone through the trees as Andrew nervously walked through the trails of Sylvan towards Alan’s den.  His tail twitched and he took a deep breath as he raised his hand to knock on the carved door.  A moment of quiet passed before Alan’s voice called out from over the hill.

“I’m around back, come on in!”

Andrew did as he was asked and followed the path around the hill, arriving in a small clearing behind the hill where the morning sun shone brightly through the trees.  A carefully tended garden sat in the clearing, although only the pansies bloomed in the chill winter air.   Rose bushes lined the clearing, their blooms long gone, but Alan knelt among them as he pruned some branches off of them.

“Good morning, Andrew.”  Alan said, as he pulled the leather gloves off of his hands and stood up.  “What can I help you with?”

Andrew dropped his gaze to the ground, and scuffed a foot in the dirt.  “Um.   I was hoping to talk about last night.”

“I see.”  Alan’s face grew serious as he stretched out a few kinks in his back.  “In that case, come on inside.”

Alan ushered Andrew into his den and sat down behind his oak desk, motioning Andrew to take the chair opposite.  “Andrew, what do you know about roses?” Alan asked, gesturing to a earthen pot containing a few roses.

“Roses?  What does that have to do with-”

“Bear with me, Andrew.”

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