Nov 222014

Merhousemaid blinked against the sunlight; she and her team faded into view on a grassy hilltop, just in front of what looked like some kind of two-story broadcasting station. She’d gone for the classic blue-and-green sea colors for her character, who was dressed waifishly in an ORPHAN’S OUTFIT.

Merhousemaid: My equipment is so depressing. ORPHAN’S OUTFIT, MELANCHOLY MICROPHONE, HATEFUL HAT. Who cut their wrists all over this class?

LanguidLiquid: It’s a blood mage. They’re supposed to be depressing.

Merhousemaid: Just for that I’m gonna tech us up to be dressed like Santa’s elves.

MechaEnt: Fine by me!

Mer and Liquid turned their heads at the same time to look at MechaEnt and just stared. Mecha’s avatar was a tall, lithe girl made entirely out of translucent sky-blue gel, wearing clothing made of the same material and holding a WEAK WAND in her open hand. MechaEnt grinned at her teammates and sucked herself into a blob of gel that bounced towards the building in front of them before popping back  up into a girl.

MechaEnt: SLIMEGIRL BIOMANCER. You know SLIMES get different skill options for most classes? It’s their racial special.

Merhousemaid: Kristen, why are you a hentai girl?

MechaEnt: You guys didn’t want a dryad, now you don’t have one.

MechaEnt: Quit’cher bitchin’.

LanguidLiquid shook his head and put his hand on Mer’s shoulder.

LanguidLiquid: She’s having fun, Bri. Leave her be. BIOMANCERS are pretty solid anyways. Why don’t we head into the building and find out why we don’t have a base?

Languid’s character was the classic tall-and-broad tank type, but the GENADIN class had added a Crawl-like art style to him; beneath his hood his face was simply a shadow defined by broad, glowing white eyes, and shadows outlined in light concealed his outfit, though not his WALLOPING WARHAMMER.

Merhousemaid: Yeah, sure.

Merhousemaid: Let’s go.

Nov 222014

WhattheHex mulled over the information on the interface in front of him while his GHOSTLY GIRLFRIEND mopped up the last hostile behind him. He wasn’t sure who’d programmed his minion to be sadistic, but he’d been staring at the holographic world in front of him for three minutes and the priest had yet to stop screaming.

The map of the world showed several distinct regions floating around a central sun-like mass, with each region attached to two others by means of massive chains. And every inch of it glowed. It was high noon out there no matter where you went, except in a small area contained tightly around his team’s temple. The enemy team’s base was marked across the map with a generic X that revealed no details.

WhattheHex tapped the map with his gloves and added it to his NOTES section to reference later.

WhattheHex: Found some world info. Whatever they’re paying the worldbuilding guys, it’s not enough.

WhattheHex: This place has an inverse relationship with entropy. That is, energy just keeps getting added to the system. It’s constantly getting more ordered, producing more matter.

SonicSorrow: Which means what, in game terms?

WhattheHex: We’ve got our work cut out for us. Most of the materials on this world glow naturally. Chances are we’ve got to quest or exploit the game to change local physics on a fundamental level.

WhattheHex: Respawn rates are high, new kinds of enemies have an increasing chance over time to appear, and new geography sometimes appears.

WhattheHex: All of it glowing like a fucking neon sign.

Query: Of course. Why should our job be easy?

Query: No wonder these matches can take days.

SonicSorrow: Weeks.

Query: What the *fuck* do you mean *weeks*?

Query: Who has that kind of time?

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Nov 202014

Query: Knife to meet you.

Query wasn’t sure if the hostile she was stabbing was groaning in virtual pain from having a knife put through its lungs or if it was groaning at the pun, but it slumped over and died all the same. The SPY’s SUAVE meter went up by one.

Query: Not sure if from stealth kill or pun.

Query: And I know it’s hard to see my tie in the darkness but honestly I’m not sure what color it is either.

Query: I think it’s made of smoke or something.

Query faded back into STEALTH and continued through the first floor. At the rate she was solo killing these mooks she’d hit level two any minute now. Query grinned to herself – solo XP was an advantage of sneaky classes, and one she loved to have. SPIES and their kin could absolutely terminate people if the enemy team didn’t find a way to stay together and disrupt their XP gain.

Query palmed a door open and slid through it. One of the light-priest spellcasters – a CELESTIAL CLERIC or something like that – was standing watch. Query grinned to herself and circled around before putting her knife to his throat. She faded into visibility with the priest in a firm grip.

Query: Tell me where your leader is or you’ll be glowing out a new hole.

[You have gained a point of MENACE!]

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Nov 202014

So, I wanted to talk a bit about the update speed on GenCrawl Gaiden. You may have noticed that Gaiden updates have been somewhat slow, especially in comparison to the blazing speed that Tourney’s been operating under. I do want to apologize, because some of that is my fault and is avoidable. But a lot of it isn’t.

Unfortunately, there are only specific windows of time in which both Domo and I are online and can collaborate, and my day job eats up a lot of those windows. I’m also going through some rough shit in my life and fighting back depression and insomnia, neither of which are particularly great for the creative process. When scripting does happen, it only takes about an hour – most of which is tangential information regarding mechanical consequences or resolutions – and is a joy to work with. It just…doesn’t happen as often as it should, or as I would like.

Gaiden is not going on hiatus and will still update as frequently as D and I can produce it, but I thought you – the faithful readers – deserved to know what’s up.

– SpectralScribbler

Nov 182014

The game world faded into view around SonicSorrow, putting her in some kind of dimly lit central room. She blinked and looked at the metal rods set into wall scones. Were – those things were projecting darkness. What the hell?


WhattheHex: The fuck is that?

SonicSorrow: It’s our NPC voice, only relevant for the early stages when it gives us our objectives and shit. If we tech up right, though, we can summon it to defend our base.



Query: We’re the bad guys? Awesome!


The map that appeared before Sonic was sketched in layers of shadow, with the markers upon it being points of absolute darkness that seemed to suck in at the pitiful light in the room. The building they were in had three floors, and the lower ones were absolutely infested with hostiles. Sonic grinned to herself.

SonicSorrow: Split up?

WhattheHex: I’ll take the guys on this floor. There’s less of ‘em and I wanna take a look at these UPGRADE SLOTS so we can start our tech tree. This seems different from the old MECHANOFORTRESS.

WhatheHex: Plus I need an ECTOPLASM GRINDER as soon as we can get it. This class steals souls.

Query: No fair Jack.

WhattheHex: ?

Query: Well you’re basically just playing yourself.

WhattheHex: Oh fuck *off*, Marie.

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Nov 172014

Merhousemaid: /set channel ‘team’

[Your default chat channel has been set to team chat!]

LanguidLiquid: So Kristen’s doing a dryad mechanist, what else we got?

MechaEnt: I am /not/!

LanguidLiquid: Sure you’re not.

Merhousemaid put a filter on her races search to only show aquatic races, then made a face and filtered out all the amphibians and animal-people. They were fun sometimes but not today – and, well, not toads ever. MERMAID? No, land speed was too slow without some kind of shape-changing or flight, and both of those took forever to come online.

Merhousemaid: Hey, AQUATIC ELF or NYMPH?

MechaEnt: And you were yelling at me for liking a theme?

Merhousemaid: Okay, so what’re you doing?

MechaEnt: It’s a surprise. And do the elf, I did some work on their art.

LanguidLiquid: Really?

MechaEnt: Art department works on more than one game, you know. I got assigned to the Gaiden team because they wanted to update the art style. That stream’s been really crazy about it, though, flipping through a ton of my old files, half-finished new ones.

Merhousemaid: When Class 4 finds the joker running that thing they’re gonna be in for a helluva time.

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Nov 172014

Chat_Header_2SonicSorrow: The streamers have spoken. Teams locked in. Defining aspects of the game world now.

Merhousemaid: Okay, but if you’re playing in the game you’re defining doesn’t that give you an unfair advantage?

WhattheHex: Not necessarily, depending on how the designers made it. Customization without imbalance is difficult but not impossible.

SonicSorrow: Anyone have issues with choosing your own class, asymmetric objectives, enabled side-quests, anti-cheating heuristics, disabled micro-transactions, procedural loot drops, and procedurally generated terrain and mobs?

MechaEnt: Can we pick our own races too?

SonicSorrow: ….

MechaEnt: Please?

Query: Just let her. Not like there’s any harm letting her indulge.

LanguidLiquid: Except for the total lack of synergy in every single GenCo game so far.

MechaEnt: You don’t know what I’m gonna pick!

Merhousemaid: Dryad mechanist.


MechaEnt: I’m sorry I wanted to have fun. Keep races off for all I care.

LanguidLiquid: No one’s saying that, okay? It’s just. It’s weird, okay?

SonicSorrow: We have samurai bears in every single product. I think we lost the ability to bitch about ‘weird’ ages ago.

SonicSorrow: Races are on. Anything else?

Merhousemaid: Nope, I think we’re good.

SonicSorrow: Awesome. I’ll leave the stream up, maybe our department will get advertising bonuses.

Query: Way to say it out loud, Sasha.

WhattheHex: Are you going to be like this for the whole fucking game, Marie?



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Nov 162014



WhattheHex: Are we sure this chat is secure?

Merhousemaid: Would you quit your whining?

Merhousemaid: It’s secure. And even if it wasn’t secure, Class 4 is busy with that stream that’s taken over our god damn servers.

MechaEnt: No kidding. Sixth Day…haven’t seen that since the GenGame incident.

Query: They executed that team, you know.

WhattheHex: Nobody wants to hear your conspiracy bullshit, Marie.

Query: Go to hell Jack.

LanguidLiquid: Are we doing this thing or not?

SonicSorrow: Server’s just about ready, guys. Game’s installed and generating the world.

Merhousemaid: GenGame 2: Gen Harder. Never thought I’d see the day.

MechaEnt: I’m really excited about this one! Maybe it won’t go under the way the original did, what with the servers being taken down.

Query: And hacked apart with axes.

Query: Microwaved.

Query: And then shredded, ground up, and smelted.

WhattheHex: Are you fucking serious, Marie?

SonicSorrow: I actually helped run the smelters. So, yeah, she is.

WhattheHex: Sweet zombies, that’s scary.

SonicSorrow: It’s loaded! Log in everyone!

Merhousemaid: How do we pick teams?

MechaEnt: I want Jack!

LanguidLiquid: Everyone wants Jack on their team, no fair.

Query: I don’t.

WhattheHex: Fuck off, Marie.

Merhousemaid: Why don’t we let the stream decide? Class 4 isn’t really paying attention to the commands just yet. It’d be harmless.

MechaEnt: Sure, that’s fair.




[ stream enabled. Now uploading chat logs]

WhattheHex: Oh great job Sasha, now they can read our shit.

SonicSorrow: Jack, I love and value your friendship, but could you please, like, shut the fuck up?

SonicSorrow: Hey, streamers! Two teams of three, who goes where?


> Tourney at the GenOffice – Races Enabled

Nov 162014

Good 24-hour light cycle to you, readers. You may call me SpectralScribbler, or Spectral, or Scribs. You may be wondering why I’ve acquired your attention here today, and I’m quite eager to tell you.

I am the ghostwriter for GenCrawl Gaiden.

Before you ask, I will neither be fielding nor answering questions about Gaiden. Instead, I’d like to announce a parallel story occurring within the same timeframe – Tourney at the GenOffice! Following in the tradition of GenGame, six players participate in a MOBA-like game for HONOR and SERIOUS BRAGGING RIGHTS.

The new story will be mostly prose, with some limited art from the esteemed Domochevsky to add atmosphere at times. While Tourney won’t be reader-input in the way Gaiden or GenGame are/were, opportunities for readers to influence the plot will be present, and you have a place within the world of the narrative.

I really look forward to sharing this with all of you!

Happy Gaming,

– SpectralScribbler