Jun 232015

Sarah quietly left the tavern, her mind swimming with worry.  She left the guys to work out their plan.  The more they talked it over, the more they liked the idea.  Their perceived victory over the ghost wolves (along with a few drinks) had given them the courage to dare to take them on again.  Her weak objections to not risk themselves again got brushed aside.  The more they talked about it, the more feasible it sounded.  And once that ball got rolling, there wasn’t anything for Sarah to do but to leave them be and try and figure out what to do.

Walking down the street, she found her feet heading towards a familiar cadence of metal hitting metal emanating from a shop down the street.  Knocking on the side of the open air workshop, she was greeted by the harsh stink of metal, smoke, and leather that made up the smithy that Sarah entered.  Over at the anvil, a the blacksmith looked up from her hammering, wiping the sweat off her face as she set down her tools with a smile.

“Sarah!  I heard you made it back in one piece, but it’s good to see you!  How are you feeling?”

“I’m doing just fine, Martha.”  Sarah said before she was engulfed in a bear hug.  “I just wanted to talk to you for a bit, if you’ve got the time.”

“I’ve always got time for you!”  Martha replied, taking off her smithing apron and hanging it on a nail.  “Come on inside out of the cold.  The forge is warm, but there’s no sense standing out in the wind now, is there?”

Sarah nodded and followed her into the shop proper.  Martha undid her bun and let her hair down, motioning for Sarah to sit down.  “So… don’t keep me waiting!  The guys were up all night telling tales of what happened.  But you know how they are.  This is one of their fish stories, isn’t it?  Did you really get attacked by ghost wolves?”

“It’s true!”  Sarah exclaimed.  “They were all around me!  They weren’t normal wolves at all!  They glowed, and you could see through them!”

Martha nodded and took a sip.  “I told you I should have gone with you.  That forest isn’t safe!”

“Yeah… but you were up to your elbows in orders.  I couldn’t have done that.  I thought… that is was just more fish stories, you know?  Someone sees a sleeping bear, and they come home and say they were attacked by a vicious bear the size of a mountain who breathed fire and roared lightning!”

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Jun 222015

The WILD WHISKEY WOODS were one of the many zones available on this map – in this case, a forest wracked by a war between BRAVELY BREWING BEAVERS and their FOES MOST VILLAINOUS AND FOUL, the PRESTIGIOUS PROHIBITIONIST PENGUINS. MechaEnt had been here for nearly an hour, fighting back against the PENGUIN threat and their attempts to burn the trees whose sap was pure, unadulterated whiskey.

She’d sampled one cup. The debuffs from being DRUNK OFF HER NUT had been more than enough to discourage a repeat performance.

DrWutson: You’re doing great so far. Two quests knocked out, which is more than I expected.

MechaEnt: Am I that bad?

DrWutson: No, I just expected them to pick a fight a bit faster. You’re getting more XP questing than fighting right now. Turn in when you can and move on.

LanguidLiquid: I found Jack. I’m gonna engage.

Merhousemaid: Everything’s clear so far in this castle. It’s a bit obvious for me, though. I might just trash the place for the RESOURCES.

DrWutson: Not too bad an idea. Stay moving, folks.

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Jun 152015

At long last, the first chapter of Gencrawl Gaiden is concluded! I have to say, I don’t think either Domo or I were expecting this to turn out the way it has when he initially asked me to come on board to help write just the enemies (needless to say, I’ve been doing much more than that), but I’m glad to have had this chance and it’s been a helluva ride so far. We’re taking a small break between the end of DAY TWO and the beginning of DAY THREE to get our heads together, make some preparations, give me the chance to catch Tourney up, and some other things. In the meantime, we wanted to invite you, THE ALL-POWERFUL READERS, to offer your feedback, ask questions, and generally, y’know, chat. Take it away, D.

Man, Day 2 has taken slightly over a year to complete. Originally I started GC Gaiden to have something I could finish. Somethng small, compact, on a fixed time schedule. Something with a story and strong characters.  We’re still on a schedule, but I HOPE that Day 3 won’t take another year. ;P

Ideally we succeeded at the other things set out here, however.

So knowing what we know how… whadda ya think? How do you feel about what has happened so far? The characters? The story? The mechanics?
Now is an excellent time for questions as well. Not to mention that this is ALSO a good time to catch up on other content now, if you haven’t already. :)
Tourney at the GenOffice and short stories on the frontside and Shatterlands on the backside are all pretty good. These should tide you over before Day 3 begins.

Jun 082015

Sarah blinked her eyes as she woke up in her own bed, in her own house that she shared with the Alchemist she apprenticed to.  The sun shone in her eyes through the window, and she briefly wondered whether the last few days had been just a dream.  It seemed so surreal.  She sat up to look out the window, and the stabbing pain in her back brought back a flood of memories.  The cougar, the rescue, the discovery, the Sylvan community, and her ‘rescue’ to return back home.  But looking out over the town’s bustling streets, the whole time spent in the forest felt… unreal.  Everything seemed so normal and mundane, like she had never had an adventure.  But it had happened.  It had really happened.  The claw marks on her back attested to that.  She didn’t particularly want to have to go through the healing process all over again, but if Andrew had taken an arrow to help her get back home safely, then this was the least she could do.

Looking over the rooftops from her window, she could see the forest covering the hillside all the way to the mountains beyond.  She hoped Andrew was doing okay, and was healing up soon.  For that matter, she hoped everyone was doing okay.  Somewhere out there was a whole village full of creatures that no one else knew about.  A whole world of the unknown and the unexplored.  She hadn’t been there hardly at all, but she wanted to go back.  How could she not?  There was so many questions that she wanted answered.  So many Sylvans to meet, so many new discoveries to be made about the nature of Magic and Alchemy!  Their very existence hinted at amazing things that could be done, held just out of reach in the fog of ignorance.  Speaking of which, someone knocked at her door.  Calling for them to come in, Sarah smiled as Albert entered, her teacher and partner in the study of magic and science.  So far she had enjoyed her apprenticeship to him, even if she did end up having to do a lot of the paperwork that he didn’t care for.  He claimed that his eyesight had deteriorated with age, but she knew just well that he just got too excited to write down notes when they were in the middle of an experiment.

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Jun 072015

DomochevskyHey there, Domochevsky here.

Good news! We’ve added a forum to the site, which can now be accessed via the right-hand sidebar link. :)

We’ve done that to create a more central place for discussions, theory spinning and feedback than the comment section of each particular update. Things tend to get lost in there over time, unfortunately.
We always like and appreciate feedback, by the very nature of what we’re doing here. Both in the form of commands and in your thoughts on everything going on.
In fact, some of us even drink feedback like lifeblood, I hear. Think of their health! ;P

So go there and let us know what you think!
Bonus: No registration required. We’re handling the forums the same way we’re handling site comments.

(Don’t forget to input commands on updates, as usual, though. We can only make things happen if we get those. If a series updates, and no one is there to acknowledge it, can it really be said to have happened?)

Jun 022015

WhattheHex’s team gathered around the map inside their newly-refurbished temple. Changes to the actual layout had not yet been made – no cash on hand for something they all agreed was currently trivial – but the dark temple hummed with the sounds of machinery and the shrieks of souls being processed into something more useful.

WhattheHex: So we know their base is here, at the X. Chances are they know where ours is too. There’s quite a bit of distance to cross to get to them for this early-game rush.

Query: Part of the reason I’m not sure it’s worth it.

WhattheHex: Ye of little faith. Look.

WhattheHex highlighted three paths through the map, each ending at a zone near the other team’s base.

SonicSorrow: I see where you’re getting at. We’ll cut through as fast as we can, skip the quests on the way, and hit ’em. Combat won’t be avoidable…

WhattheHex: But that’s fine. Thanks to the DOUBLY DAMNED DAIS we built, you can transmit SOULS from your SORROWED STORMLANTERNS directly to the base. Our DEMONIC DOORMAN will feed them into the system and produce resources. I’ve got an upgrade path set up, so the base will improve itself in our absence unless one of us changes it.

Query: Which we might have to, if something changes. Thought occurs to me that we could use a closer respawn. That there, is that a base site?

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May 252015

Hey there, ‘chevsky here. So things took a bit of a drastic turn the last time. However, now that the dust has settled and grass has begun to regrow there’s good news.
Maven will soon return to the site in a slightly changed fashion. I will also restore all content that I took down on her request.

We will not be working together anymore in a direct fashion (We have proven to each other over time that this does not work), however we are fine with working alongside each other.
Practically speaking that means CotF and Vermillion may not be fully cancelled anymore. Just a little bit. ;P

If any questions arise, me and Maven can field them in the comments as necessary.