Jul 062014

DomochevskyHey there, ‘chevsky here.

A quick item of note: Art will be delayed a couple days more, due to me putting a motorcycle on my ankle. I didn’t break anything, but I need to prop that foot up for a while and wrap it in ice, meaning I can’t reach my tablet or get into any sort of arting position. :/

Jul 012014

DomochevskyHey there.

Recuperation is going relatively well currently (still struggling with sleep). I didn’t have time to take care of commission things just yet (Sorry, Gicko! D: ) due to school, but I had at least a moment and the muse for some basic coding.

So I added this:

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Jun 262014

DomochevskyHey there,

I’m currently in a heavy coding muse, making use of what little time I have to tinker with things, among them my little coding thing here, which I for now call Project VideoGaiden. :)

The main thing I acomplished this time was creating a basic entity animation system, which basically just consists of switching between frames every x ticks, but it works surprisingly well.

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Jun 102014

DomochevskyHey there,

I had a moment of time and the muse to do something colorful so I made this: :)


Ender Tourism is flourishing.

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That one was quite refreshing to do and gave me some ideas for followups. :O

Oh yeah, as far as regular content goes: If everything goes well the next Vermillion Academy update should happen tomorrow.
Basic sketching is all done on that one and colors need to be applied now.