Nov 142015


It’s for your own good, George. >_>

(My art muscles are weak… need to go on a training montage!)

Nov 092015

DomochevskySo, the new tablet arrived. The Ugee M1000L.
Aaaaand it’s even worse than the previous one. Less stuff works with more input delay. Including no pressure sensitivity. D:

So right now I’m pondering going back to Wacom in some manner (since they apparently have the only drivers that are compatible with things. Likely due to being the market leader. Everyone makes sure their stuff works with them) and am in contact with the support of the previous tablet (HUION 1060 PLUS, the one with the sexy images. I liked that one, short of that critical flaw.) to see if that can be fixed or made compatible.

Meanwhile this tablet is on its  way back to the manufacturer.

Sigh. Let’s continue our text adventure until then.

Update: The sexy tablet has returned, due to that having the least issues, except for pressure sensitivity not working in openCanvas.
Huion (tablet maker) support seems to be vaguely on the case. Portal Graphics (openCanvas maker) support has yet to react, but has a history of being fairly responsive in the past.

If need be I’ll do this with hard lines! o/ (…after my cold-induced delirium has passed, that is.)

Update 2: I have pressure sensitivity in openCanvas 6, but not 5.5 (what I’ve been using so far). I am ok with that, all in all. :D

Nov 032015

Is it here and we are back in business! :D

TabletIsBigI need a bigger table. Daaang.

…came with half a glove and 8 GB of internal storage, too. Huh.

Update 3: The tablet appears to not be compatible with my art programs. Any of them. Meaning no pressure sensitivity. So I’m sending it back now, to get a different one. Agh! :S

Oct 242015

DomochevskyHey, ‘chevsky here.

Readers, I have good news and bad news!

The good news: I now know why I never used this USB connector I had lying around for years!
The bad news: That USB connector is effed and fried my usb hub and graphic tablet.

Insert “Fffff~” meme here.

I don’t have the monies to buy a new drawing tablet at the moment, meaning everything with art going on here right now, including the next GCGaiden update, is on hold.
If things go well I will be able to afford a new one in two weeks or so.


PS: Let me use this opportunity to remind you, dear readers, that I have an art shop on the right, for Pay What You Want prices. Now might be a good time to have a gander.

Update: A new tablet has been ordered and should arrive in 5 days or so! The USB-hub/controller is also on its way. \o/

Update 2: The USB controller has arrived and the tablet is scheduled to be here by the 5th.

Oct 232015

A minor adjustment, based on a request on Curse (which refuses to work for me by this point).

The mod can be found here. (I should really separate that stuff out. Tch.)

A direct download link is here. (If you feel particularly impatient. But please avoid linking to the file directly, hmkay?)

– Moved the drop configs to their own folder (“config/worlddrop/”) inside of the config folder. They were cluttering that thing up if you make a lot of worlds.
  Make sure to move your configs after you’ve run the game once.

Oct 222015

Some leftover fixes I still had lying around, plus one or two additions. I suspect this will be the last QuiverBow build before the 1.9 rewrite.
We’ve gained quite a bit of cruft over time and many coding lessons were learned.
I am highly curious about dat native dual wielding. :)

The Mod page can be found here.

Build 101 can be directly downloaded here. (Locally, because Curse has decided to make their site non-functional for me.)
Build 101b can be directly downloaded here.

Known Caveat: Due to server/client divide shenanigans the mod currently crashes on server side. Minecraft, why…?

Update: That crash should be fixed now, with 101b.


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