Apr 122016

Another mod for 1.9, created during Werk. Woo~

Trust Is Nice, But… is new for 1.9 (If the link doesn’t work yet, wait an hour or so. Curse likely has yet to sync it across their network)
– Initial Release

The mod logs various block activity to file on the server. For example blocks broken, placed, containers opened, explosions going off… the basics.
I’m still pondering how to make that information accessible ingame via a tool, on a “tell me what happened at this block positition” level.

Go and try it out! (And tell me if anything breaks horribly. D: )

Apr 092016

DomochevskyYo, ‘chevsky here.

This is a quick update to inform you that Maven’s time has become more limited. She’s got herself a new job managing a movie theater. Crazy stuff.
I have been informed that about 11 pages are already done, though, so the next one can’t be that far off. :)

Additionally, Scribbler is about done dealing with the heavy things and planning on the next Gallows Humor update will begin tomorrow. Lesse how fast I can art things afterwards.

Meanwhile I’m also progressing on Project VideoGaiden, making steady, if unsexy progress. Plus, I’m working on an experimental art project, to see how that might fare.

So, stay tuned for what’s gonna happen on the site, once it happens! o/

Mar 292016

Domochevsky Yo, ‘chevsky here.

A quick note: The next Gallows Humor update will be delayed for a week or so. Or rather, we will not start evaluating commands and working on it until then.
Spectral Scribbler will be out of town, dealing with a death in the family, and thus unavailable.

Internet bro hugs have already been given. :/

Mar 242016

It takes you a moment, but then it hits you. Joe, the Stardust Crusaders, that pose… you understand this reference. Well you weren’t going to let this dork out-dork you! Before you know it your hand’s already in front of your face and your body is lowering into position, you adopt one of the better poses you’ve ever done, doing your best to ignore Whitney’s rampant giggling and clapping.

“You get it!” Joe seemed positively giddy, shifting through far more poses than he had to. “We have been practicing these for ages waiting for somebody to actually get it! Some of the other guys were kinda reluctant, but dammit when your name is Joeseph Johannes and you’re making an esports team you’re gonna make the name a Jojo’s reference!”

…his name cannot possibly be Joeseph Johannes. That would just be far too stupid. “…that’s not seriously your name, is it?” Your pose relaxes as you blurt out the question. Behind you, Whitney awkwardly struggles to parrot Joe’s movements. Bless her heart, but she’s trying. She gives you a little pout, and you realize you’re frowning. She must think you’re upset or unhappy…

“My parents really like alliteration.” Joe gives his answer without missing a beat, a dorky grin still plastered on his face as he finally stops posing at you. “I gotta admit, it makes me laugh sometimes.” Your classmate makes a sweeping gesture towards the – thankfully – empty parking lot. You’re pretty sure if a whole bunch of people saw you in a pose-off you’d die of embarrassment. “C’mon, places to go.”

Joe starts leading you along, heading through the parking lot towards a small pathway along the river’s edge. “We’re nestled in one of the quieter parts of town.” He explained while vaulting over a closed, waist-high gate. You decide to walk around it, clearing the obstacle with significantly less grief than Whitney and her attempt to climb it. “I kinda like keeping it that way, the busier parts of town can just be… stupid. People who don’t know how to drive, groups of people taking up the entire sidewalk, that kind of thing. It’s quieter this way.”

“I didn’t really take you as the type to prefer quiet, Joe.” Your eyes are on Joe as he looks over his shoulder at you. You can’t shake the feeling that he really wants to start walking backwards again.  Given that there are bridges ahead and someone not paying attention could easily walk into the river, you’re thankful he’s decided against it. Nothing funny could come out of him fumbling here, there’s schadenfreude and then there’s cruelty.

“Well, books and covers, right?” Joe shrugged nonchalantly. “I like my peace and quiet sometimes. There’s a time and place for noise, crowds and general excitement. I mean when I’m in the kitchen or with my friends, I expect it.” You feel the bridge shift under your feet as you step onto it, and Joe finally succumbs to temptation and fully turns around. Well, it was nice knowing him. “You can’t always be on. You gotta find that off switch and shut down sometimes, relax and enjoy the world around you at your own pace without everyone getting in your way!”

“You’ll introduce us to your friends sometime, right?” Whitney’s voice was soft and eager. She really wanted to make friends, didn’t she? You had never really focused on it that much, you were alone a lot, but you weren’t lonely…

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Mar 242016

Minecraft 1.9 and Forge for it are out and heavily being worked on. So the path to updating and recrafting my mods has begun, whenever the mood strikes! (Often during werk, no doubt, in addition to VideoGaiden. Why do I keep myself so busy?)

World Drop updated to 1.9
– Updated to 1.9
– Velocity should now be explicitly maintained as well. (As opposed to just assuming it was, like previous.)
– Clearing a small 1×3 space on arrival now, if the blocks are common materials (like dirt, stone or netherrack). This should ensure that you don’t suffocate immediately.


Gentle Harvest is new for 1.9
It’s a standalone mod that automatically replants crops when you punch them out. Be a little more gentle, Steve, hmkay?
– Initial Release

So that’s a thing. :) (Now back to drawing more comics!)