Apr 162014

In Episode 16 of From Ashes we find the storage locations for those theoretical vault dwellers.
Special: There are no silverfish in this episode. :O

Apr 152014

In Episode 15 of From Ashes we dive deeper into the Futuren Co vault and try to go up as we go down.

Apr 142014

In Episode 14 of From Ashes we dive into Dungeon 2. There’s lava and creepers. :|

Apr 082014

In Episode 13 of From Ashes we tool up a bit, get some new hardware and find the best cave on the entire island.

Also: Silverfish.

Death Count Show


In Episode 5 of The Pit we dive deeper in, making a jump we didn’t expect and find food!

I’ve got a good feeling about this.

Apr 082014

MavenHey folks, Maven here. I just wanted to reassure you that the Jedi project is not dead, and we’ll be back as soon as we finish breaking in our new artist. In the meantime though I’mma tease you with some sketch concepts. Click for full view!

Here’s some of what new artist Fortidogi’s got to offer:

NewBrennerFace  NoelleBustNewSyra

And down here we have an adorable fan drawing by our colorist KT!


I hope you all are as excited as I am! See you soon!

Apr 072014

In Episode 12 of From Ashes we have a brief climb up some mountains, before returning to explore some more caves.

Also: Traps.

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In Episode 4 of The Pit we are really hungry.

Also: More robots. They’re not edible.

Apr 062014

In Episode 11 of From Ashes we skip a little, due to having lost footage after that explosion last time. (My game crashed when it all blew up.)

This time: Silverfish, pirates and silverfish!

Death Count Show


In Episode 3 of The Pit we ohgodwhy D:

Also: We find a pistol!