May 252015

Hey there, ‘chevsky here. So things took a bit of a drastic turn the last time. However, now that the dust has settled and grass has begun to regrow there’s good news.
Maven will soon return to the site in a slightly changed fashion. I will also restore all content that I took down on her request.

We will not be working together anymore in a direct fashion (We have proven to each other over time that this does not work), however we are fine with working alongside each other.
Practically speaking that means CotF and Vermillion may not be fully cancelled anymore. Just a little bit. ;P

If any questions arise, me and Maven can field them in the comments as necessary.

May 252015

Sarah lost track of what happened after that.  After the implications of the horse sank in, everything dissolved into something of a chaotic mess as everyone started talking at once.  Andrew started throwing ideas around like snowballs after a fresh snow, Cory tried to be the voice of reason, but was mostly ignored, and Cynthia seemed to be in five different places at once, feeding off the chaos and confusion and chattering non-stop the entire time.  Somehow, they reached a consensus to go see Alan.  Probably because no one could make heads or tails of what was going on either.  All Sarah knew is that she was being dragged by the hand down a trail towards a small clearing in the trees where someone had built a den into the hillside.  Rose bushes flanked the great wooden doorway, and Sarah thought she caught a glimpse of a fenced-in garden full of flowers around the side.  Andrew burst through the door with the rest of them to follow soon afterward.  Then the chaos began anew, this time with a startled Alan as its focus.

“Okay, calm down everyone.” Alan said, rising from his seat behind his desk, as he tried to dissolve the panic.  “Everyone?  What’s going – can you please stop talking all at – I can’t understand what you’re trying to… urgh…”  Alan’s attention flitted between everyone there, trying to process the situation.  He growled and gritted his teeth, one hand massaging his temples to try and stop the headache that he felt coming.

“QUIET!”  Alan roared, slamming his fists onto his desk, knocking over some knickknacks in the process, his body tense and eyes narrowed.  His outburst achieved the silence he desired, and taking a deep breath he began putting his desk back in order.  “Okay, one of you, and only one of you, tell me what’s got you in such a panic?”

Andrew stepped forward, ears flattened back on his head in worry.  “Alan, we’ve got a problem…”

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May 232015

I present: An artistic rendition of Thomas having climbed on top of a mountain.



Nothing suggestive about this, Thomas.  Continue.

May 212015

The stream cuts off in a haze of static. In seconds, it fades back into view; the screen looks in at the investigation being conducted by Class Four. Jane North drags a limp man away from a computer console; the man curses steadily, looking visibly pained. The time stamp indicates that the events are occurring live.

“What happened?” Jane asks, her tone harsh from worry.

“Black ice, ma’am,” the man manages, through gritted teeth. “I got stupid, didn’t check a file before I downloaded it for examination. I’ll be fine in a minute.”

“Was that the file?” Jane asks, gesturing at a message on the screen.

“No,” the man says with a shake of his head; his whole body shivers. “That went up when the ice went off.”

The view flicks to a new camera, and zooms in on the monitor.

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May 142015

And then there’s this thing George’s mom does for fun and practice while she isn’t around. :)



…cleaning up all those shell casings was quite a scramble when George came home unexpectedly early one day. ;P

Artistically speaking this was quite refreshing. :D

May 122015

DomochevskyYo, ‘chevsky here.

Something of importance: Maven has departed the site. She will no longer be a member of Team Gen, and all comics she has worked on will be taken down on her request. The same goes for the alternate art, involving her characters, short stories and commissions.

Subsequently The Vermillion Academy and Circle of the Force are cancelled.

If you want to contact Maven herself, you can find her on gamesurge, in the #giantitp IRC channel (me too, incidentally) or hit her up via email.

May 122015

Sarah nodded and Cory set to work, examining Sarah’s back and gingerly removing the bandages.  Andrew sat down beside her and smiled.  “So, for today I thought of a few things we could do.  For starters, we can see if you thought up anything you wanted to ask.  Might as well, get them out of the way, right?”

“Well, there were a few things I’m still puzzled about” Sarah mused, looking over her shoulder trying to get a good look at Cory.  “You’re the medic around here… Cory, was it?  You might be the best person to ask about this.”  Cory paused in his work and looked up at Sarah expectantly.  Sarah fidgeted a bit, trying to find the proper words.  “Well, this is kind of awkward, but… what exactly ARE Sylvans?”

Cory set down his bandages and moved over to sit next to Sarah, adjusting his robe to do so.  “Pardon me, but I’m not certain what you mean.  We’re… Sylvans.  We’re what you see before you.”  Sarah shook her head, and attempted to clarify.  “No, no.  I mean, physically.  As a group, you’re a bunch of human-animal hybrids.  But are you more human or more animal?  What are you based off of?”

Cory closed his eyes, taking a deep breath before speaking.  “We are what we are, and we’re happy with that.  Yes, we do share a general basic form with humans, but we’re not humans with ‘animal bits’ added on, thank you very much.  There’s a good deal of the the wild in us you will find, in mind and body.  And that’s not a bad thing.”

Sarah bowed her head slightly.  “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to insinuate that.  But the human aspect implies some hand in your creation as a species, no?”

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