Sep 142014

And then I drew something in a bout of madness.

This took 6 hours. Did it in one shot, at the cost of doing anything else today. It felt kinda nice. :O



(Clik to enlarge)

…man, that was exhausting.

Sep 122014

A witch, in her native time and city, having a little stroll. This was done for Maven. You may remember her from her previous incarnation. (Demelza, not Maven. :P )


Demelza_1920s(Click to embiggen)


Pretty fun to do. Now back to comic stuff! o/

Sep 022014

DomochevskyHey, ‘chevsky here.

One item of note: Gaiden and other things that I’m involved with around here will be delayed for a couple days more, most likely, due to me having had a wisdom tooth extraction yesterday. (Otherwise Gaiden would’ve already been up. >_> )

“Erschwerte Extraktion” is what the dentist wrote on the results page. Fuck everything.

Aug 222014

MavenHey guys. I know what you’re all wondering; where the hell have you been, Maven? What the hell happened to Circle of the Force? Did you fall in a hole and fucking die?

…Well yes. I have clinical depression and it’s fucking destroyed me. Are you aware of Hyperbole and a Half? Go read it if you’re not. Especially the bits about depression. Holy fuck. It killed Robin Williams, guys. This blight on our nation needs to end.

Circle of the Force is still being developed. Now that Domo’s going to school, we’ve had a hell of a time getting thing going. We’ve had some problems with artist turnover, and we’ve gone through a lot of staff changes. Fortunately, I think all of that is over now. We’re working with a fun new artist named Zadea – a name you may recognize as she was already on staff – and frankly I couldn’t be happier with the art. Gal’s got art for days, and her talent only seems to get better and better. Expect the opportunity to buy commissions from her soon!

As a teaser, concept art from Z is included below! She is absolutely eager to know what all of you think!

Click to Expand

Now with correct hairstyle!

Click to Expand

Now with kneehighs!

Aug 202014

DomochevskyI’m just gonna show off some progress I made with lighting here. Nevermind me. :)





This is the result of the latest development. Lighting now fans out properly and stops at walls (creeping slightly around it with dim lighting).
So now I can define what lighting each entity produces and an offset for how far in front of it the center of its light is.
(Here it’s 1, to have the center be underneath the head of the streetlamp.)

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