Oct 222016

And then I did a little thing that I’m not sure how to qualify.
An art/story prompt idea that rolled around in my head while I was showering, thinking about what to do today.


Kinda feels like a throwback of sorts, to ye olde days. Hm.
Motivating myself to draw something, anything at all, is difficult at the moment.
Same goes for coding on VideoGaiden.

It’s all very “meh”. -_-

Jul 262016

I finally had the time and muse to update a couple of my mods to 1.10. Nothing fancy at the moment.

Gentle Harvest – Build 8 (Link)
– Updated to 1.10.*
– Added compatibility for beetroot. So that should be harvestable now too. (For some reason they’re using a different age property than every other crop.)

Trust Is Nice, But… – Build 7 (Link)
– Updated to 1.10.*

World Drop – Build 15 (Link)
– Updated to 1.10.*

Potion Packs – Build 6 (Link)
– Updated to 1.10.*

Territorial Dealings – Build 17 (Link)
– Updated to 1.10.* and made some preparations for an internal overhaul.

Now to ponder how to change Territorial Dealings and update Potion Packs to 1.10 as well… gotta use the muse while she’s here.

Edit: Added Territorial Dealings b17