Jul 192016

Gallows Humor – 8.3

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> Take the Traitor’s advice; sleep tonight, and do a war council with (Angel/Mary/Both) in the morning.
> Hit Mark tonight and press him for what he knows.
> Go for the boss. He’ll be having dinner tonight. Public, with bodyguards, to say nothing of it being on the decent side of town, but surprise is a hell of a thing.

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Jun 262016


Um… h-hello.

I’m currently in the middle of overhauling critical chunks of code in VideoGaiden that touch on pretty much every system in the entire game, with an ever increasing number of cascading errors. (I’m at about 1200 errors and 90 warnings right now.) There is lots of ripping out of old code and replacing it with new and hopefully better code going on.

To mentally recover somewhat I decided to draw something instead. So this happened. I keep meaning to do cross-overs with George and other characters… it’s a curious thing. Complex feelings on my part in regards to all the characters we have amassed and lost over the years.

Jun 142016


So! A lot of time has passed and I have been werking away at this on and off and here and there. There’s no real “big” feature in here (EDIT: Hello there, pastchevsky. You are a liar.), but at some point I should “offload” all the small changes anyway. Otherwise it’ll be another century until I post something about it. >_>

Let’s go through my list here…

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Jun 082016


“One of the first in GenCorp’s ground-breaking RTS/BDGG-like/AAG/SemiIdler game’s lineup, the Mechanist featured an ever increasing array of machinery and mechanical creatures to do her bidding.”

Mechanically speaking, the Mechanist was a Crowd and Minion Controller with no armor nor much in the way of durability itself. Mechanists were initially quite weak with only a limited selection of predefined minions, but quickly became popular in the community when the second expansion, Mechanized Madness And Mayhem, was brought to market. MM&M granted the Mechanist, among other classes, overwhelming minion power and versatility, going so far as to offer them extensible custom building options as early as mid-game.

Strategy guide writers and players look for a cheap win alike capitalized upon this versatility quickly, and it wasn’t rare to see a full team of Mechanists filling out all required team roles via their minions. It became a common joke among the community that every Mechanist, as their last act, built a recliner 10 minutes into a game and then won leaning back.