Oct 042017

DomochevskyOi thar, ‘chevsky here.

A commenter, Hector, made one of these newfangled Discords thingamajigs for WWSF. It can be found here.

I have no idea what that’s about just yet, but I’m curious. You should probably maybe go there.

If that’s what you kids are into these days, I mean.

Back to werk in the money mines with me!

Jul 302017

DomochevskyHi there, your favourite Domochevsky here.

Did you know that Scribbler has started a new and shiny quest over on them 4chans? It’s called Cinderella Sanction Quest, and features Changeling(s) (the setting and characters therefrom)!

In it you “take the role of the Warlock Knight as she strives to grow beyond her past in a time of unprecedented change.”, according to him. Pretty interesting read so far. Art will likely follow as time passes.

This is the first thread, to get started reading.

The current thread can be found here.

And finally, this is the archive, for completion. It also contains links to previous short stories in that setting, if you want to be up on who some of these people are.

Jul 142017

DomochevskyYo, ‘chevsky here.

Job training/Ausbildung is completed after two years, and a job is lined up and ready (with some of the same people I play 5e and boardgames with about every tuesday) for the start of next month. Feeling pretty positive about all of this. :D

I’m still in “recovery” mode, with about two weeks of vacation (read: unemployment) time left before things get serious again. So right now I’m trying to remember how to art quick and silly things again on a regular basis and ramp my way up to more advanced art (possibly also of the adult kind). It’s a slow process. According to the archives I barely did any art the first half of the year so far. Maybe I can rectify that for the second half.


Oh hey, Molly how ar-

-got it. Moving on.

My coding muse to continue on the Project VideoGaiden overhaul is also slowly building up again. I’ve got a couple of ideas for mechanics, gameplay and style waiting to be tried out. Lesse how that goes~

Jun 262017

The third and currently last one in the party. Fairly uncomplicated, origin-wise. Refreshi-

…ah. Right.

A gentleman of impeccable taste, as he’d proclaim himself. Was given a batman cape as flight option, wielding a dagger and a sword.

Also someone with no “clothing” on his sheet.

Waitaminute! A shirt but no pants counts as “no clothing”…?

That bastard just wanted to put on a sock and brag about nonexisting things! >:O

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Jun 252017

Speaking of complicated origins… this one was not subject to DM-fiat. The player just has a thing for playing dark dwarfs. ;P

Half drow, half dwarf, I am told. Full orphan, grown up in a monastery. Well read. Lots of lightning/thunder damage.

Currently not in possession of pants. (Turns out that “clothing” is not on his sheet.)