Jul 262016

I finally had the time and muse to update a couple of my mods to 1.10. Nothing fancy at the moment.

Gentle Harvest – Build 8 (Link)
– Updated to 1.10.*
– Added compatibility for beetroot. So that should be harvestable now too. (For some reason they’re using a different age property than every other crop.)

Trust Is Nice, But… – Build 7 (Link)
– Updated to 1.10.*

World Drop – Build 15 (Link)
– Updated to 1.10.*

Potion Packs – Build 6 (Link)
– Updated to 1.10.*

Territorial Dealings – Build 17 (Link)
– Updated to 1.10.* and made some preparations for an internal overhaul.

Now to ponder how to change Territorial Dealings and update Potion Packs to 1.10 as well… gotta use the muse while she’s here.

Edit: Added Territorial Dealings b17

Apr 122016

Another mod for 1.9, created during Werk. Woo~

Trust Is Nice, But… is new for 1.9 (If the link doesn’t work yet, wait an hour or so. Curse likely has yet to sync it across their network)
– Initial Release

The mod logs various block activity to file on the server. For example blocks broken, placed, containers opened, explosions going off… the basics.
I’m still pondering how to make that information accessible ingame via a tool, on a “tell me what happened at this block positition” level.

Go and try it out! (And tell me if anything breaks horribly. D: )

Mar 242016

Minecraft 1.9 and Forge for it are out and heavily being worked on. So the path to updating and recrafting my mods has begun, whenever the mood strikes! (Often during werk, no doubt, in addition to VideoGaiden. Why do I keep myself so busy?)

World Drop updated to 1.9
– Updated to 1.9
– Velocity should now be explicitly maintained as well. (As opposed to just assuming it was, like previous.)
– Clearing a small 1×3 space on arrival now, if the blocks are common materials (like dirt, stone or netherrack). This should ensure that you don’t suffocate immediately.


Gentle Harvest is new for 1.9
It’s a standalone mod that automatically replants crops when you punch them out. Be a little more gentle, Steve, hmkay?
– Initial Release

So that’s a thing. :) (Now back to drawing more comics!)

Nov 272015

Some final touches, I guess?

The Mod page can be found here.

Build 101d can be directly downloaded here or from Curse here. (I make some minor monies via ads if you use the Curse link.)

– Fixed the block break event being accidentally send for the client when hitting things with projectiles.
– Possibly fixed the Seedling not breaking upon running out of ammo.

Oct 232015

A minor adjustment, based on a request on Curse (which refuses to work for me by this point).

The mod can be found here. (I should really separate that stuff out. Tch.)

A direct download link is here. (If you feel particularly impatient. But please avoid linking to the file directly, hmkay?)

– Moved the drop configs to their own folder (“config/worlddrop/”) inside of the config folder. They were cluttering that thing up if you make a lot of worlds.
  Make sure to move your configs after you’ve run the game once.

Oct 222015

Some leftover fixes I still had lying around, plus one or two additions. I suspect this will be the last QuiverBow build before the 1.9 rewrite.
We’ve gained quite a bit of cruft over time and many coding lessons were learned.
I am highly curious about dat native dual wielding. :)

The Mod page can be found here.

Build 101 can be directly downloaded here. (Locally, because Curse has decided to make their site non-functional for me.)
Build 101b can be directly downloaded here.

Known Caveat: Due to server/client divide shenanigans the mod currently crashes on server side. Minecraft, why…?

Update: That crash should be fixed now, with 101b.


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Sep 052015

Changed a little bit here and a bit there and if we’re all lucky nothing broke. Good way to wake up with. :)

The mod page.

The download link, for the impatient.

– Did a medium sized code overhaul and optimization. This should not affect existing drops, if I did everything right.
– Entities the player is riding should transfer as well now (And entities THEY are riding, all the way down.)

Edit: Build 7 is up, being a hotfix. Same download location.
– Fixed a logic error with transdimensional mount transportation. (Transfering the player first would dismount them, meaning that there was no mount to transport by the time I checked.)