Jul 302017

DomochevskyHi there, your favourite Domochevsky here.

Did you know that Scribbler has started a new and shiny quest over on them 4chans? It’s called Cinderella Sanction Quest, and features Changeling(s) (the setting and characters therefrom)!

In it you “take the role of the Warlock Knight as she strives to grow beyond her past in a time of unprecedented change.”, according to him. Pretty interesting read so far. Art will likely follow as time passes.

This is the first thread, to get started reading.

The current thread can be found here.

And finally, this is the archive, for completion. It also contains links to previous short stories in that setting, if you want to be up on who some of these people are.

Jan 182017

Yo, chevsky here.Domochevsky

It has been a while. Werk/School is happening and progressing nicely. Dental issues have been dealt with for the most part. Things are going well, all in all.

So! In an act of madness Scribbler and I have decided to take another shot at this whole “making a webcomic” thing. I want us to have a look back at our past experiences beforehand though, to give you an idea how we got here and to make more sense of the direction we’re gonna take. This might even be useful as a history lesson for those among you who haven’t been around since the beginning.

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Jun 032016

DomochevskyYo, ‘chevsky here.

Two items of note!

  1. The site is now ecrypted with Let’s Encrypt, meaning free SSL for everyone everywhere. Feels nice. :) (We were previously using a self-signed cert, which would throw out a warning on whether or not you trusted us.)
  2. Scribbler is deliberately dealing with life and children for the next couple weeks (that’s a good thing), meaning Gallows Humor is on vacation until next month.
  3. (Surprise addition!) Project VideoGaiden is progressing quietly behind the scenes. There may be another coding post related to that soon. Things are slowly coming together and a testing module is being worked on, to give it all a whirl. More art is being made here as well.

In the foreseeable future: Moar filler art, moar coding, moar …other art. Probably!

Apr 092016

DomochevskyYo, ‘chevsky here.

This is a quick update to inform you that Maven’s time has become more limited. She’s got herself a new job managing a movie theater. Crazy stuff.
I have been informed that about 11 pages are already done, though, so the next one can’t be that far off. :)

Additionally, Scribbler is about done dealing with the heavy things and planning on the next Gallows Humor update will begin tomorrow. Lesse how fast I can art things afterwards.

Meanwhile I’m also progressing on Project VideoGaiden, making steady, if unsexy progress. Plus, I’m working on an experimental art project, to see how that might fare.

So, stay tuned for what’s gonna happen on the site, once it happens! o/

Feb 142016

Spectral ScribblerYou may have noticed the large period of time between the last Gallows Humor update and now. You have my apologies; my work situation has made getting access to Domo difficult (TIME ZOOOONES), and other events in my life have impeded my ability to work on the script. I can only promise that the next update will be happening Soon(tm). The good news is, Domo & I are actively seeking to improve communication/access to communication to try and resolve this problem. The bad news is, that doesn’t help with work being fucked.

In other news, one of the things that’s been keeping me busy was the beginning of the Kickstarter for my first novel, Mourners: Scum of Shatterdown. Some of you may already be familiar with it; others are about to be a bit surprised. If – if – you have an interest, you can find the sample chapters here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/n2s21tn6nf5m224/ScumOfShatterdown_Intro.pdf?dl=0

The Kickstarter itself is here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/197021008/mourners-scum-of-shatterdown

Thank you for your patience, folks. Update Soon(tm).

– Spectral Scribbler



Dec 222015
Spectral Scribbler

It’s time for some bad news, folks.

You may have been able to tell, recently, that I’ve been…frustrated, with Gaiden. The truth is, I’ve been frustrated with it for a very long time. These last two years have been difficult for me, as an author; I have felt both constrained and, frankly, unhappy with the work. A lot of that has to do with the paradigm of the comic itself – indeed, a lot of it has to do with trying to make it a comic and feeling like I’m designing a videogame instead. This, and other things, have caused conflicts between myself and Domochevsky that shouldn’t have happened. Feelings have been hurt, and relationships strained, and that’s no way to treat one’s friends.

So we’re going to cut our losses. We’ve been toying with attempting a Great Revamping of Gaiden, but ultimately that would be months of work in which you, the readership, would be waiting for an update that transformed it into a different experience than the one you’ve been enjoying. As much as it pains me to lose the cast of characters I’ve grown to love, I can’t keep with this. It’s gotten to the point where I feel like I cannot be honest and fair with my readerbase, and that’s not right either.

Gaiden, and its related stories (Tourney and the plot-building elements of WorldGen) are thus ended, as of now. The world of Gen may be picked up again later, but for the moment I’m going to get some distance from it and work in other settings and ideas for awhile. Domo and I are currently planning something else, because we do like working with each other, and because Gaiden’s been a great learning experience for us both.

Thank you all, for reading and participating. Hopefully our next journey together ends a bit better.



DomochevskyHe ain’t wrong, y’know. Our relations when working on Gaiden updates has been strained for a while. I do feel that I’ve been to blame for that, essentially wanting to make a videogame in comic form for the longest time. It doesn’t help that I’ve over the years leading up to this build up a bit of a …trust-issue with authors, if you will. Unfortunate history.

It took me way too long to heal those metaphorical wounds.

I too will miss George and co, but it’s of little use to anyone if this continues in misery, leaving you to wonder why each update is taking so long. We want to make something that we both can be happy with, gelling with our mutual interests and abilities.