Sep 202013

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I found myself dissatisfied with just having the bow for ranged combat in the game, so I started research into a few more items to help out with that (and ideally not make them overpowered in the process.) :)

Here goes!

This mod requires Forge (latest) and Minecraft 1.7.10.

Note: The mod is now open source and can be found here on github.

A showcase by Devicey, showing off b100 for 1.7.10.



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Bow with Quiver

This one seem fairly obvious. You carry stacks of arrows around with you in your inventory, ready for combat.
But we all know just how precious inventory space is, especially when you’re cave diving.
So why not take a bit of leather and sew something together?


Like a regular bow, except with leather inbetween the gaps.

Like a regular bow, except with leather inbetween the gaps.

This quivered bow behaves like a regular bow, except it can hold 4 stacks worth of arrows without taking up any additional space.

8 arrows, tied together with a bit of string.

8 arrows, tied together with a bit of string.

Do it 4 times to fully load the quiver. 256 arrows = 4 stacks.

Do it 4 times to fully load the quiver. 256 arrows = 4 stacks.

Advancements in technology have led to the ability to reload the quiver either with up to 8 arrow bundles at a time.



Compact Crossbow

Bows are all nice and good for regular use, but what if you really need something with a bit more oomph, for those critical life or death moments?
A drawing mechanism can be added to a bow with some more wood and metal scraps, providing a good deal more pull strength and thus damage.


Quite strong, but can be time consuming to reload for the casual user. More research is required here.

Quite strong, but can be time consuming to reload for the casual user. More research is required here.

As an added bonus, this crossbow comes by default with Knockback II, which is a lucky side effect of how the string is intertwined.



Blaze Crossbow

The field team has returned from the Nether with sufficient materials to let me make a improvement to the crossbow.
Research has yielded the blaze crossbow, which has been reinforced and insulated to be able to withstand the blazing heat it fires.


Blaze Crossbow

4 piles of blaze powder and 4 iron bars, reinforcing the compact crossbow.
Fires blaze rods.



Double Crossbow

With increases in piston technology a upgrade for the compact crossbow has been developed. This adds a self-tauting mechanism that makes use of the force of the bolt and a second rail, allowing for a total of two bolts to be fired, before needing to reload.


A sticky piston and a repeater do the dirty work.

A sticky piston and a repeater do the dirty work.

It’s reloaded in the same way that the regular crossbow is.




Following the line of crossbow technology further down, I was wondering: How can we load more arrows into this?
The result of this thought is a half automated crossbow that can hold an arrow bundle.


We're using the second rail of the Double Crossbow for a arrow feeder instead.

We’re using the second rail of the Double Crossbow for an arrow feeder instead.

The feeder can be loaded with one arrow bundle (worth 8 bolts), which, when cocked, pushes a bolt onto the firing rail, ready for launch.
The damage per bolt is lower, but the firing rate should drastically increase with this.



Good news! Through idle musings on how to improve existing weapons I have come up with a way to make the auto-crossbow fully automatic.



The method was relatively simple. The push from the feeder itself can be used to ratchet the string back into the firing position after a shot.
This only required a small change in design, feeding the arrows in from the bottom instead of the side, but I think this is overall for the better.

I also added a second feeder, for weight balance, effectively doubling the arrow capacity.



Arrow Mortar

Y’know? That is not enough arrows. We need more arrows! Cue the Arrow Mortar:


Three pistons are required to provide enough power.

Three pistons are required to provide enough power.

It took a bit of effort to provide enough oomph, but with a longer barrel and three pistons we now have the push to launch entire arrow bundles, which scatter on impact.

Up to 8 arrow bundles can be loaded into this.




 Expanding on the design of the Arrow Mortar, why not do the same with rockets? Here goes:


Only a minor design change was required for the Dragon Mortar.

Only a minor design change was required for the Dragon Mortar.

With very similar behavior and loading capability the Dragon Mortar is the fireworks alternative to the Arrow Mortar.

Loading is done with up to 8 Rocket Bundles, as expected.




Here’s a interesting one: While rummaging through old gear I remembered that fireworks are a thing. Maybe some of those could be put to use for more aggressive purposes?
After some experimenting on the workbench I came up with this.



I call it the Dragonbox. It’s a crank-powered firing mechanism for firework rockets.
The damage and range isn’t all that impressive, but it can be fired quite fast and reliably set things on fire. (Said things being people, mobs and TNT.)

Just a reminder: 1 Gunpowder + 1 Paper = Firework Rocket.

Just a reminder: 1 Gunpowder + 1 Paper = Firework Rocket.

Tie them all up so they fit into the device...

Tie them all up so they fit into the device…

...and then load her up.

…and then load her up.

 A total of 64 rockets fits into the Dragonbox. After a few tests I found that the device is sufficiently safe to use.
The frame seems to be able to withstand the heat from the rapid launching with only minimal deformation.




Y’know what? Let’s be silly again, for just a moment. In a bout of madness I put up four Dragonboxes on a weapon rack and noticed that they could be modified to make one weapon.


Four Dragonboxes, a double reloading mechanism for the rockets and bam.

Four Dragonboxes, a double reloading mechanism for the rockets and bam.

So I modified the design of the Dragonboxes to fit into one, way too heavy, four-barreled device capable of carrying the same amount of rockets but fire four at a time.
The damage output is somewhat inconsistent and if I made a mistake in the construction it’ll blow up on first use, but I’m still putting it up here, since it’s kinda fun to shoot when it works.


Powder Knuckle

More research into the combat appliance of gunpowder has been done and this is the first result.


Highly unsafe for use. 18 damage on impact + splash.

Highly unsafe for use. Deals by default 19 damage on impact + splash.

This is the Powder Knuckle. Making use of the explosive properties of gunpowder I crafted what amounts to a glove.
It discharges its explosive load upon impact, making it dangerous to both the user and the target. Slightly more so to the latter.
Wearing armor is recommended until I can figure out how to make this safer.

The glove can hold 8 pieces of gunpowder.

The glove can hold 8 pieces of gunpowder.

After some optimizations this item can also now be used against the terrain, if you so desire, making it a possible breach weapon.



Modified Powder Knuckle

Playing around with obsidian and the previous Powder Knuckle model has lead to a more mining focused application of the same item.


A obsidian cap, molten into place with iron gives the charges shape.

A obsidian cap, molten into place with iron gives the charges shape.

Reloading is unchanged from the base model and still done with raw gunpowder.

A curious side effect: While the damage output is a bit lower, the focused force of the blast has lead to a Silk Touch-like effect, which vaguely amuses me.



Flint Duster

Did you know that flint, when ground into dust, makes a extremely coarse powder that can be used to break softer blocks?
A device that shoots out a concentrated stream of it would make for a excellent mining tool. To wit:


Flint Duster

A full quartz casing ensures that none of the dust escapes over time, making this device possible.
With the typical double-piston design and a tank for the flint dust this creates a ranged mining tool that pretty much instantly drops whatever it hits.

Mind, though: It’s not strong enough to get through the tougher blocks, like various ores, but maybe that can be remedied in the future.

Flint, held in a simple wooden box.

Flint, held in a simple wooden box.

Reloading is done by filling the ground flint into the fuel slot. I made this process easier by designing the holding boxes so they snap right onto the opening.


Ender Bow

Thinking about how to make the powder knuckle safer caused me to remember the weirder effects of ender pearls, and by extension ender eyes.
Specifically their ability to project items across large distances, making it useful for some predictability calculations. To wit:


A scope made out of ender eyes.

A scope made out of ender eyes.

The Ender Scope is made out of two ender eyes and attached to a regular bow, allowing the the wielder to see the predicted trajectory of his arrows, through it.
The eyes have quite fascinating properties, into which I need to look further. Staring through them too long seems to cause a increased amount of “white noise”, or scheme-like appearances.
I’m not sure what this means yet.

Just a reminder on how to make ender eyes.

Just a reminder on how to make ender eyes.



Ender Rifle

Coming back to the ender bow, or more specifically, the ender scope, after technological advancements with the other materials (pistons, repeaters, obsidian, etc) were made, has lead to this item here.
The Ender Rifle fires iron ingots via a double-piston spring-loader, giving it quite some range and force, which combined with the ender scope makes for a good long-range weapon.


Ender Rifle

The trip-wire hook springs the double-piston, while the obsidian provides a stable enough frame for the resulting force.

The ender eyes will let you see a lot further, but test subjects using this rifle have reported increased headaches, visions of doom and “white noise” when staring through it for prolonged amounts of time.
Research into this effect has not yielded anything specific yet. Use with caution.

You can feed 1 or 8 iron bars into it to reload the rifle.

You can feed 1 or 8 iron bars into it to reload the rifle.

Friction heating from traveling means that the projectile will deal more damage the longer it travels, up to a maximum.




The research team recently returned with more materials from the nether, among them quartz crystals.
Messing around with them for a bit gave me a idea for how to improve the Ender Rifle’s scope.
In the same vein I did some experiments with silk-touched blocks, like ice.
Merging ice with iron projectiles causes the target to experience frost shock (Slowness and Nausea) in addition to regular damage.
Here’s the complete package:


Frost Lancer

A upgrade to the Ender Rifle.

The Frost Lancer is the big brother of the Ender Rifle. It’s heavier, stronger and unfortunately slower.
The extra set of pistons extends its power quite considerably, but not as much as I’d have hoped.

As a curious side note: The scope seems to …change its behavior when modified with quartz crystals.
The quartz apparently acts as a protective layer between the user and the ender eyes.
So far there have been no reports of doom or white noise, which is encouraging, however the testificates reported a general sense of stemmed off unease when around this weapon.

In the same move a clip for easier reloading was designed.

In the same move a clip for easier reloading was designed.

The Ice/Iron mixture, or Cold Iron, as I’d like to call it, is fairly fragile, requiring a special binding agent in the form of a slime coating to stay undamaged.
The upside of this is that these clips can be stacked 16 high and get loaded directly into the Frost Lancer.
The downside is that this results in a reduced ammo capacity of a mere 4 shots and the damage being somewhat hard to predict.



Coin Tosser

After doing some mining again I came across gold ore, and it occured to me just how useless this crap is. So why not make use of this in some other way?
As a result of messing around with a piston I managed to make this:


Coin Tosser

Throws out gold nuggets, 9 at a time.

This thing scatters gold nuggets all over the place, for quite some area coverage.


Advancements in ammunition research mean that reloading is now done via gold magazines (filled with gold nuggets),
instead of feeding gold ingots directly into the weapon.


Modified Coin Tosser

Upon request I had a look into making one of the older weapons, the Coin Tosser, more efficient and update it to newer advances in technology.


Modified Coin Tosser

Retrofit with double-piston technology.

The modified Coin Tosser fires out a more compact blast of gold, 4 nuggets at a time. This makes it both more ammo conservative and accurate, but lowers its maximum burst damage.

Reloading is unchanged from the unmodified device and benefits from the same advancements in research.



Rocket Launcher

This is a advancement of the Dragonbox. Instead of holding a whole stack of small rockets it just holds one giant one.


Rocket Launcher

This is pretty much just a frame for the rocket to sit in. I have yet to actually make this safe, so make sure you don’t hold your head too close to it when it launches.
The rocket is big enough to damage terrain.

The rocket is being build into the frame each time. I have yet to make this more convenient, but the prototype seems to work.

The rocket is being build into the frame each time.
I have yet to make this more convenient, but the prototype seems to work.



Improved Rocket Launcher

After long nights of testing the properties of obsidian a breakthrough for the rocket launcher has finally been achieved.
This upgrade can fire pre-made rockets without losing any effectiveness.


Improved Rocket Launcher

Obsidian helps in reinforcing the frame and giving it a guiding rail.

Big rockets can then be made at a workstation and carried in stacks of 16.

TNT is wrapped into a aerodynamic hull with a fuse attached.

TNT is wrapped into a aerodynamic hull with a fuse attached.

Subsequently you can then load the launcher in the field with them.

Just shove that sucker right in there.

Just shove that sucker right in there.

Make sure that you place the fuse in the proper ignition slot on the launcher.



Lapis Coil

Playing around with ways to make the coin tosser more effective I stumbled upon a way to get more ammunition from a block.
Gold itself is too weak, but lapis on the other hand is proving to be quite excellent.
It’s both easy to chip off of the block and very toxic. Plus, it has little other uses.
Adding two repeaters to this design resulted in a rapid-firing lapis shooter.


Similar to the Coin Tosser in design.

Similar to the Coin Tosser in design.

Reloading is done for efficiency’s sake with whole lapis blocks, resulting in 25 shots per block instead of a mere 9 for each individual lapis piece. The damage is overall fairly low, but it causes Weakness, Nausea and Hunger.


Advancements in ammunition research mean that reloading is now done via lapis magazines (filled with lapis blocks),
instead of feeding lapis blocks directly into the weapon.



Obsidian Spear Rifle

A thought occured to me: Pistons provide spring power to propell projectiles. Gunpowder does the same. What happens if you combine the two?
The result of this thought is the Obsidian Spear Rifle:



The combined power requires a structurally sound device.

In fact, the propelling power is so strong that only obsidian is tough enough to not completely shatter upon firing. (Merely break into spear-like shards, which I consider a nice bonus.)
The interesting side effect is not only the decent damage but also the Wither effect, bypassing regular armor. Unfortunately this comes with a bit of a cooldown after each shot.

I have yet to make the reloading mechanism more efficient, but for now this will do.


Note: The reloading mechanism has been greatly improved, by making use of Obsidian Magazines. This also improves the weapon’s ammo capacity to 16.



Obsidian Splinter Pistol

Over the course of the past couple weeks I researched ways to improve the Obsidian Spear Rifle in a way that doesn’t involve eating your soul every time you fire it.
Specifically I was looking for methods to reduce the cooldown, but my attempts with silktouched ice were unsuccessful.
In the end I went with a reduction route, making the rifle smaller and faster instead.


Removing the piston from the design also removed a lot of the weight.

Build without a piston.

The piston of the OSR design proved to be too heavy and heat-prone, so I ultimately removed it.
The loss in power and range is unfortunate, but ultimately acceptable for the gain in firing speed.
I also simplified the overall construction and added a loading rail on the bottom that holds both the obsidian and the gunpowder.

I now know how to better split the obsidian blocks. Practically that means each block translates to 2 shots, for a total of 6 for 3 blocks.
The process still isn’t as optimal as I’d like it to be, but obsidian continually proves to be the most difficult material to work with, so only rough cuts can be made for now.


Note: The reloading mechanism has been greatly improved, by making use of Obsidian Magazines. This also improves the weapon’s ammo capacity to 16.



Obsidian Wither Rifle

The research team brought me something special yesterday: A Nether Star. Initial tests with it have proven quite… potent.
Taking the base frame of the Obsidian Spear Rifle for its stability, this weapon has been made:


A diamond is used as a focus, together with a containing second layer of obsidian.

A diamond is used as a focus, together with a containing second layer of obsidian.

This device is still loading obsidian blocks and gunpowder, but is dealing tremendous magical damage.

It is also a profoundly evil weapon. No further research down this line will be pursued in the forseeable future.


Note: The reloading mechanism has been greatly improved, by making use of Obsidian Magazines. This also improves the weapon’s ammo capacity to 16.



Redstone Sprayer

Making use of the recent development of the double-piston tech, new advancements with soft materials have been made.
Cribbing from the design of the Lapis Coil, this weapon forces a block of redstone gradually through a metal mesh, pulverizing it and spraying (highly toxic) dust all over the place.


So toxic, it'll turn the target blind. Maybe the user, too. Be careful.

So toxic, it’ll turn the target blind. Maybe the user, too. Be careful.


Advancements in ammunition research mean that reloading is now done via large redstone magazines (filled with redstone dust),
instead of feeding redstone blocks directly into the weapon.



Nether Bellows

After another trip to the Nether more materials have been brought back. In this case, stacks and stacks of netherrack.
Experimentation with it has shown that it is highly combustible and can be ground into dust.
The application seems obvious: the Nether Bellows spray out streams of burning netherrack dust, coating everything it hits in cleansing fire.


Ignore the tormented whispers.

Ignore the tormented whispers.

Advancements in ammunition research mean that reloading is now done via large redstone magazines (filled with redstone dust),
instead of feeding redstone blocks directly into the weapon.




Snow Cannon

Speaking of soft materials, shoveling snow the other day gave me an idea: Why not compress and shoot snow?
The result is capable of scattering compressed snowballs in the desired direction, freezing whatever it hits.


Compacted and deliciously cold delivered.

Compacted and deliciously cold delivered.

This weapon is based on the by now standardized double-piston tech and has been insulated with wool.
The obsidian framing is giving it just enough stability for our purposes.

Reloading is done by shoving 1 to 8 snow blocks into it (up to a maximum of 32).

Reloading is done by shoving 1 to 8 snow blocks into it (up to a maximum of 32).




Let’s be silly here for a moment. The vast fields of potatoes I look at every morning are a pretty clear indication of what needs to be done here.The Potatosser bakes and shoots out potatoes, dealing a surprising amount of damage.



The design is more compact, out of space concerns.

The iron bars and trapdoor act as heat insulators and venting, ensuring that the potatoes get properly flash-cooked.

Reload with a piece of coal/charcoal and up to 7 potatoes at a time.

Reload with a piece of coal/charcoal and up to 7 potatoes at a time.



Being silly again, one night when stumbling through my farm I had a thought: What if I were to make a weapon out of something entirely renewable?
That didn’t quite work out and the result is a bit… weak, but here is it anyway:


The Seedling is 80% biologically degradable.

The Seedling is 80% biologically degradable.

I still had to use a piston and a tripwire hook, but I managed to make a cheap weapon that shoots out melon seeds. A total of 18 seeds can be fired before the entire thing breaks, roughly. (But at least the tripwire hook and piston will remain undamaged by this). The design doesn’t allow for reloading, so two melons are crafted right into the weapon.

I’m not entirely sure what to make of this so far. More research will be required.



Thorn Spitter

This line of research has started to be less silly and more practical. Experimentation with naturally growing ammunition has shown that the thorns of cacti are quite dangerous when applied in raw amounts. Let me demonstrate:


It may not be renewable, but Thorn Bundles can be fed into this via a centrally placed hopper feed.

It may not be renewable, but Thorn Bundles can be loaded into this via a centrally placed hopper feed.

The hopper provides the dual double-piston setup with strips of Thorn Bundles, allowing for the rapid firing of small bursts of thorns.
The weight is not without note, but thorns are very lightweight, countering this potential issue.


Advancements in ammunition research mean that reloading is now done via thorn magazines (filled with cacti),
instead of packing up thorn bundles and feeding them directly into the weapon.

Frankly I am surprised how the fire rate has increased with the mere addition of more pistons.
Compacting it all was a challenge, but I will definitely have to do more research in that direction.
This has potential.



This is an experiment for a thought of sorts. “Hurt them, even if you’re not nearby.”
The PTT places charged thorn packages when fired, which explode into shrapnel when someone comes near them.



The design should be pretty familiar. It makes use of the tried and true double-piston tech to toss out a bunch of thorn packages.
It’s surprisingly economic for what it does. The thorns break into smaller splitters when they explode. (Caused by vibration when stepping near them.)

They only last for 5 minutes or so, after which they shatter on their own, but that should still be plenty to lay some traps.

As a bonus, it uses Thorn Magazines, which are renewable.



Recently I was approached by the local testificates, who wanted something to defend themselves and their village against zombies with.
So rummaging around for cheap things I could use to give them a bit of stopping power on the fly, I found that they have bags upon bags of seeds lying around.
So why not make use of those? To wit:



This is the Seed Sweeper. It’s a simple design, based on the Coin Tosser, but modified to scatter seeds instead.
Not as dangerous or far reaching as the other weaponry, but quite cheap and certainly better than the Seedling.

The seed jar.

The ammunition container. A jar.

I added a giant jar they had sitting on a shelf somewhere as ammo feeder to the bottom, which should give this thing a bit of endurance, too.

The testificates seemed happy with it, so there’s that.



Going by the motto of “bigger is better” and “more is dakka” I went a bit… wild, let’s say, and started an experiment in figuring out just how fast firing I can make a weapon.
By extension this also turned into an experiment in how many pistons I can use for a single device.
The Sugar Engine is the result of that experiment, for better or for worse:



The Sugar Engine is assembled in a multi-step process, since it is by itself too big for the crafting table.
So here are the construction steps:

Step 1: Make a body that can feed ammunition from a clip into all four (Yes, you read right) barrels at a sufficiently fast pace.
That in itself was fairly easy to solve with a set of fast redstone clocks. A obsidian core seems to be just barely enough to hold this all together and not overweight it.


Step 2: Construct a barrel that is capable of taking an external power source (from the body) for its pistons and accelerates a specifically shaped projectile through it.

Step 2.5: Make four of these.


Step 3: Assemble them. All in all 9 pistons have been build into this, to create what sounds like a machine straight out of the nether.


In order to feed this thing I had to develop a new reloading scheme and ammunition type.
Specifically a large clip is constructed which holds the sugar cane-reinforced sticks.

Said, uh… let’s call them sugar rods, said sugar rods have been fit to the barrels and piston shapes, meaning
despite not being sharpened they can deal quite some damage, just out sheer merit of being plentiful and fast.

Plus, they’re quite cheap to make, which is just what I need here. This thing chews through ammunition like there’s no tomorrow.


You can easily fill said sugar canes and sticks into the clip by having the former two and then using the clip itself, to slot them in.

The Sugar Engine takes a bit to spin up and get to working speed, but the firing rate of this monster is unmatched.
Unfortunately it is not very accurate due to the large amount of vibrations created by the constant piston movement.
So far this seems to be a quite limiting factor, besides its weight.



Fen Fire

Stepping away from damage dealing devices for a moment, someone requested a way to light caves up at a distance.
As a result I started experimentation with glowstone.


This is a launching device for cooked glowstone dust balls.

This is a launching device for cooked glowstone dust balls.

The Fen Fire is capable of splattering glowstone wads onto stone, cobblestone and dirt walls, sticking to them via a set of chemical reactions that I have yet to fully explore.
Other surfaces seem to resist the sticky effect for now, however.
Update: I managed to improve the chemical process and harden the glowstone load midflight. Now it has enough traction to stick to pretty much any surface with air contact.

Reloading is done with up to 8 blocks of glowstone, for a total of 32 shots.

Reloading is done with up to 8 blocks of glowstone, for a total of 32 shots.



Y’know, messing around with mortars got me thinking. We can lob heavy objects around to deal damage, yes, but what about lobbing things around to create paths?
Check this out:


Made with a hopper as barrel extension.

Made with a hopper as barrel extension.

This is the Aqua Accelerator. It’s capable of throwing a whole bucket of water at a decent range.
This has proven to be a quite useful tool for creating water chutes up to high places.



Silken Spinner

Of course now that we are up on high places; how do we get down?
With this:


With only a minor modification to the Aqua Accelerator this device can shoot out sticky cobwebs.

With only a minor modification to the Aqua Accelerator this device can shoot out sticky cobwebs.

I developed a technique to reconstruct cobwebs with string, allowing for the shooting of what are essentially nets.
They have proven quite excellent at both catching your fall and immobilizing enemies (at least for a while).

5 pieces of string form a basic cobweb.

5 pieces of string form a basic cobweb.

Reloading is done by bunching the cobwebs up into balls and loading up to 8 of them into the device.



Soul Cairn

I don’t know how they did it, but the research team returned from the End. Those of them that were still coherent brought this peculiar rock with them.
For now we have dubbed it “End Stone”. Its odd properties have proven quite interesting so far. To wit:


A barrel made of End Stone empowers the weirdness going on inside.

A barrel made of End Stone empowers the weirdness going on inside.

I can’t figure out how this is done yet, but when a blast of air is pushed through a barrel made out of this stuff it …changes.
A creature hit by this blast dies in a flash and the diamond resting in the chamber seems to be filled with its life force, creating a mob egg.

This appears to require a single diamond per egg.

More research has to be done here.



Remember End Stone? The rocks brought back from the End. I have been experimenting more with it and its curious properties. Here is what I’ve found:



This stuff seems to be attracted to all life. So much so, that it tries to redirect ender pearls right towards them when given the slightest provocation to teleport.
Even a small spark seems to already provoke it.
So the obvious next step was to create a container and line the inside walls with it and an ender pearl magazine to go with it.
However, that by itself is not immediately of use. You can’t really hurt anyone with this. Not unless you add something else.


It took a bit of testing, but I think I’ve now found a material that actually answers the damage question.
The ender pearls can be encased in quartz, which shatter on arrival inside the target, dealing tremendous damage and bypassing regular armor.
This also has the interesting side effect of not leaving any obvious traces of who shot the target.

This stuff is both fascinating and terrifying at the same time.

More research will be required.


Lightning Red

Messing around more with nether quartz has turned out to be quite successful. It turns out that infusing it with redstone in a certain shape encourages the creation of lightning.


Two guiding rails hold a redstone charge between them when fired.

Two guiding rails hold a redstone charge between them when fired.

The rails are made out of nether quartz and guide a concentrated redstone bolt along their length towards the target.
In fact, the charge is strong enough to punch through multiple targets and even terrain on its path before dissipating.

This weapon’s redstone consumption is tremendous. So far I’ve only managed to get 2 shots out of each redstone block, for a total of 16 shots.

Update: Ammunition research has taken place here as well. The Lightning Red is now using redstone magazines instead of feeding blocks directly into the weapon.



So… remember the Obsidian Wither Rifle? Or more specifically, the Nether Star I used for its creation.
I have a confession make here: I couldn’t let it go. I sent another research team of 10 heavily equipped interns to retrieve a second Nether Star.
I had a plan that had to be tested.

And they succeeded!

…he succeeded.

It had to be possible to create a weapon out of this that wasn’t powered by raw evil!
I spend days turning it over in my head and I think I finally found a way to harness its power safely:



The beacon is the key.

The answer was surprisingly simple: A beacon! They were fully capable of using a Nether Star’s power without corrupting the user.
In fact, they even did the opposite and buffed anyone within range, with its light shining into the sky.

The result was obvious: A beam weapon with unlimited energy.

The Sunray is drawing its power from sunlight. It recharges after each shot.
This was done via daylight sensors, built into the top of the obsidian frame.
The beacon itself had to be heavily modified to increase its focus intensity.

As a price of this, however, the beacon has lost all buffing power. Not that it matters.
I don’t think it can run out of power at this point, assuming it gets enough light.

More research may be required.



So… that intern of mine. Who returned with a Nether Star.
He has proven to be …capable. Very capable.

He brought another Nether Star back. I don’t know how he did it. I equipped him well, but still. On his own?
I didn’t catch his name before, but I’ll have to ask him when he recovers.

If he recovers.

No, he will recover. I will make sure of that:



This is the Ray of Hope. Sappy name, I know.
There’s a point to it, though. This is not a weapon. It’s a tool of regeneration; of healing.
Beacons have always been capable of healing or strengthening all living things around them, so why not focus this ability into a beam of restorative power?


The cauldron that acts as tank inside the obsidian hull gets filled with regeneration potions. The heat of the beacon when it fires evaporates the potion and carries the mist along with it, regenerating the target’s health.

This is the kind of device I may have been looking for, to counter balance the first Nether Star construction.
The Obsidian Wither Rifle.

This almost makes it worth it to aquire more. Beacons are powerful devices.

What else could be done with them?



A major breakthrough!
…excuse me, I got excited here. I discovered something recently: Ender chests.
No, I didn’t discover the chests themselves, but more what they can be used for:


I was messing around with ender chests, which is another “ender” device that both eludes and fascinates me.

It turns out that you can lay a set of powered rails through every slot of an ender chest and they will connect to each other in order.
This line can be powered by a single redstone signal traveling along them.

I have no idea how ender chests do what they do, but this property is fascinating.
That creates a 27 block distance to accelerate… something. Like an iron ingot. Nothing too big.


Cramming the rails into a single crafting bench was its own challenge.

The results are impressive. Devastating, really.
Both for the user and more so for the target. The super-accelerated projectile deals massive damage!
On top of that the iron ingot leaves the barrel fast enough to cause an explosion when it hits the air and another one where ever it impacts.

Be very careful with this. This is in no way a combat-viable device. It’s more a novelty at this point.


Another problem: The ERA burns out after just a single shot and needs to be repaired.

More research is required.

Update: More research has been done! The Emerald Muzzle Upgrade can be attached to the ERA, smoothig out a lot of its muzzle shockwave.
Experience has shown that emerald as a material is quite receptive to vibration, absorbing it.
This combines well with nether quartz which has shown similar properties in absorbing and directing energy.


Full blocks are required to absorb the generated force.



So. I have been thinking. The loss of research assistants is inacceptable.
I need to send them out to aquire more materials, but at the same time I can’t just callously throw their lifes away.
I do feel that they start to resent me, in a way.

So as a result I’ve been spend more time in the lab, figuring out ways to decrease the danger for them.
Here’s one such way:



This is the Arms Assistant.
Originally it was supposed to accompany my living assistants on their travels, but research on mobility is still incomplete.
For now they just stand around. They make for excellent stationary encampments, though.
They are outfitted with a single weapon rail, to hold and operate pretty much any existing firearm.
A wither skull lies at the center of this contraption. Its aggressiveness is… useful, to say the least.
The ender eyes enhance the targeting mechanism. They always seem to be searching for… something.
I can’t quite tell. They can be focused, however.


In order to keep their aggression in check I have implemented a limiter into the wither skull. It can be given a writable book.
Anyone written into that book will not be targeted.
Given complaints from the local testificates about their lifestock “disappearing” shortly after testing these guys I also added some more generic limiters.
Things like writing “sheep”, “villager” or “cow” into the book. You get the idea.

In total the Arms Assistant has 4 slots to store ammunition (one less if it is given a book), giving it some longevity.
In the field it can be repaired quickly by using iron blocks.

Do note, however, that it will only allow the owner (the one who deployed it) to mess with it.
I’m not entirely sure yet if this is a property of the wither skull or some design mistake I made.
Either way, it does enhance the security of these devices. I just need to make sure I assign an assistant handler of sorts to each of them.

All in all this should take the heat off of my living assistants significantly.
Who knows, maybe once I figure out how to get these guys to run around on command I can even send them into the Nether on their own.

I think the mood in the lab has increased significantly since their introduction.

Update: Rapid progress on the Arms Assistant’s design has been made.


First up: The armor upgrade has been enhanced and is now applied to the packed up AA, instead of in the field.
This was more of a preparation design than a real necessity, admitedly.


Next: The leg design has been completed. The existing AA can be upgraded to make use of it and become mobile.
It seems to be a bit “twitchy”, but is reasonably reliable for now.
The handler can write “FOLLOW” or “STAY” into a written book and hand that to them for them to do exactly that.
Especially the latter should be good for compensating recoil.
Without any specific instructions it just seems to wander around at random without any particular goal.


Thirdly, I added a storage upgrade to their design, letting them carry twice the amount of items.
The high ammunition consumption of the next upgrade has kinda made this necessary.


The fourth upgrade: In trying to figure how to enhance this thing I had the idea of adding a second weapon rail to it.
The results are… impressive. Twice as impressive, in fact. And twice as hungry.

Additionally they can also now be instructed to “TARGET FRIENDLY” and “INJURED ONLY”, both written into the book that was handed to them.
Use at your own risk.

Can’t sleep. Must improve.



Update: Will improve.


The fifth upgrade: The testificates have asked for a way to more… directly control the Arms Assistant. Something that doesn’t put them directly in front of their rails.
Fine, I suppose. It goes against the AA’s purpose to be steered, but fair enough.
Subsequently I added a saddle upgrade and modified the construct to disconnect the wither skull from the movement controls when someone is sitting in the seat.
That should keep it dormant until needed. It can still sense things around it however. Aggression seems to lie in its… well, not blood. Soul? No, something else.
Something equally inherent to its very being. Point being: It will aim where the rider is aiming and fire when they fire a weapon in their first hotbar slot.

Maybe that will satisfy these people.

Oh yes, one more thing: It can now be instructed to “STAGGER FIRE”, causing it to wait until the first rail is down to half its cooldown before firing the second rail. That should help with the fire rate of the heavier gear.

UPDATE: Progress is coming along nicely. Here are the most recent developments made:



This is the armor plating upgrade. I pretty much nailed all the armor plating and alloying I could onto the Arms Assistant.
This does make it a lot slower to move around, but increases its Knockback resistance to 50% and gives it 3 points worth of Damage Reduction.

I think this also marks the end of just how much armor I can put on this thing. There is absolutely no space left for more.
I may have to think about making a bigger model…

Before that, though, I added something smaller but probably even more necessary:



The communications upgrade. By making use of the tech inside of a jukebox this lets the AA communicate some basic information, which has been sorely missing so far.
With the command “TELL AMMO” (applied in the usual way) it will inform the handler when it has run out of ammunition.
“TELL HEALTH” will cause it to inform the owner when it has taken 70% damage or more.
“TELL DEATH” gives a final emergency signal when it was destroyed.

There is also another appliance to this upgrade:


This is the Targeting Helper.
When wielding this, all Arms Assistants with the communications upgrade that are instructed to  follow “REMOTE FIRE” will aim where you aim and fire when you do.
This should make it easier to coordinate them.
To help with that they can also be instructed to “HOLD FIRE”, to not attack anything outside of firing with the Targeting Helper.

Lastly, to help with safety I have added the “SAFETY RANGE” command, to ensure that they don’t blow themselves up in their eagerness.
Maybe it’ll help.



  • STAY” – Try to stay at your current position. (Also compensates for kickback.) Requires the Mobility Upgrade.
  • FOLLOW” – Follows the owner around. Requires the Mobility Upgrade.
  • STAGGER FIRE” – Causes it to wait with firing its second rail until the first rail is halfway done with its cooldown. Does nothing without the Second Rail Upgrade.
  • TARGET FRIENDLY” – Aims and fires only at targets marked in the command book and their internal “friendly” list. (The owner and other AAs.)
  • “BLACKLIST” – Aim and fire only at targets explicitly mentioned in the command book.
  • INJURED ONLY” – Aims and fires only at injured targets.
  • SAFETY RANGE” – Do not fire the ERA or fireworks rocket launchers inside of their explosion ranges.
  • HOLD FIRE” – Do not fire at anything, outside of manual control.
  • REMOTE FIRE” – Aim and fire when the Targeting Helper is used by the owner. Also used when riding an AA to fire its rails. Requires the Communications Upgrade.
  • TELL AMMO” – Informs the owner when ammunition has been used up for any given weapon rail. Requires the Communications Upgrade.
  • TELL HEALTH” – Informs the owner when the AA’s health goes below 30%. Requires the Communications Upgrade.
  • TELL DEATH” – Informs the owner when the AA gets destroyed. Requires the Communications Upgrade.
  • “TARGET FLYING” – Fires only at targets whose feet aren’t firmly planted on the ground. Carefoul around ladders.




Videos – Showcases and Reviews

A showcase by Devicey, showing off b100 for 1.7.10.


Download Links



  • pre1. Get the latest Forge Installer
  • pre2. Use said Installer, it will guide you through. Then select the Forge profile in the launcher
  • pre3. Let the game run once, so it can set itself up properly. (make sure to quit the game afterwards)
  • 1. Get the latest QuiverBow file. Then add the zip unaltered to the mods folder, which can by default be found under “C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods”
  • 2. Start the game, yo. You’re good to go.


Modpack Permissions

Using this mod in modpacks is granted by default, assuming the usual crediting policies. (Name drop and link.)
I do like hearing about packs that use it, so drop me a line when you do so. :)



Change Log


  • Build 3 – Initial Release (20.09.2013)
  • Build 5 – Added the Powder Knuckle MKI and Ender Bow MKI (21.09.2013)
  • Build 6 – Fixed the Ender Scope malfunctioning. Pesky buggers, those. Also added a proper config file, so you can change IDs if need be. This will cause a ID mismatch on first startup, however, as those are reassigned. (22.09.2013)
  • Build 7 – Various adjustments and optimizations here and there. Nothing specific to name (22.09.2013)
  • Build 9 – Added the Compact Crossbow MKII and did internal optimizations and bugfixes. The mod uses less IDs now and future groundwork has been laid out for easier additions. The quiver bow itself can also now be reloaded at any amount, not just multiples of 64. (22.09.2013)
  • Build 12 – Added the Coin Tosser and Firework Rocket Launcher. Plus some more internal optimizations and potentially fixed bugs and introduced a couple new ones. Even less IDs should be used now. (01.10.2013)
  • Build 13 – Added Flint&Steel to the recipe of the Rocket Launcher and Dragonbox, after I got informed that something needs to start those sick fires. Added ability to punch rockets back, similar to ghast fireballs. Increased damage of Coin Tosser to 2 per nugget (from 1). As an added bonus I made weapon properties configurable (except ammo). You might wanna delete your config file for this stuff to properly grip. (quiverchevsky.cfg) (08.10.2013)
  • Build 17 – Fix: The Powder Knuckle does not turn into the Fireworks Rocket Launcher anymore when used empty
    – Change: While I fixed the Knuckle I also made some internal adjustments for less headachy damage dealings, meaning that animals now drop cooked meat when hit with it and the blue “+X Weapon Damage” text does not appear anymore. (That thing was a bit redundant anyway.)
    – Change: The Crossbow MKII now shoots rods, the Dragonbox fires fireworks and the Firework Rocket Launcher launches firework rockets. :)
    – Change: As a side effect of that the damage of the former two is now set directly instead of via speed and base damage calculations. Make sure to delete/adjust your quiverchevsky.cfg beforehand for this to grip, otherwise you’ll only be doing a quarter damage.
    – Change: The Ender Bow’s predictive arrow now shoots by default once every 10 ticks. This can be further adjusted in the config file, if need be. It also now zooms when aiming. (14.10.2013)
  • Build 18 – Fix: The mod will now not try anymore to find client-side info on the server. >_> (25.10.2013)
  • Build 19 – Change: Individual recipes can now be disabled. (They can still be gotten via creative mode) / Fix: The blaze crossbow should now show its proper damage instead of 4 times more. (15.11.2013)
  • Build 20 – Fixed coin tosser recipe spilling over into the dragonbox when reload and made dragonbox display the proper damage in its description. (10.12.2013)
  • Build 21 – Added the Lapis Coil. (10.12.2013)
  • Build 24 – Added the Obsidian Spear Rifle and did various minor adjustments and optimizations to some of the other weaponry. (20.12.2013)
  • Build 26 – – Fix: The Dragonbox now ignites TNT again with its fire. (That function got secretly lost with the change to custom projectiles. >_>)
    – Fix: Weapons can now be reloaded, even if disabled. (That way you can hand them out in creative mode or special chests and be useable.)
    – Change: The Coin Tosser now displays the number of actual shots you have with it (8), not all the nuggets (72). Easier to grasp that way. :)
  • Build 31 – ohgodsomanychanges. Did a whole bunch of internal refactoring and optimizations here and here, to various things and items. You should delete your config file. IDs are now dynamically assigned based on what’s free. (That makes it a good idea to load this mod last. Mods are loaded alphabetically.) This update also comes with 3 upgrades in the form of the Double Crossbow, Improved Rocket Launcher and the top of the line Ender Rifle.
  • Build 33 – Updated to 1.7.2! :O
    Also renamed a bunch of items for overall consistency. (05.02.2014)
  • Build 35 – Added Redstone Sprayer. Fixed double crossbow recipe (sticky piston, not piston. Tch.). Probably fixed crash when trying to apply potion effects (like poison for the lapis coil) to things that are not living beings (ie, ghast fireballs).
  • Build 36 – Fixed Bow with Quiver not shooting (had a != instead of a == in the code. Silly me. >_> )
    Fixed the Ender Bow’s predictive projectile hitting the shooter in the face when in survival mode.
    Probably fixed zoom on the Ender Rifle and Ender Bow. (Remember how I said that this was likely a Forge bug? Nah, just me being dumb.)
    Did some minor internal optimizations.
  • Build 38 – Raised effect duration of the Redstone Sprayer from 50 to 120 ticks by adjusting the redstone mixture, for that added bit of chemical warfare.
    Cooldown sounds have been added to various weapons.
    Added effect duration to the tooltip of the Redstone Sprayer.
    Added the Snow Cannon, Nether Bellows and Potatosser.
  • Build 41 – Made a couple internal optimizations, as usual.
    – All recipes requiring wooden planks now take all kinds; not just oak planks.
    – All weapons should now be reloadable with up to 8 ammo stacks, if applicable (instead of 1 or 8).
    – Added and adjusted missing config lines for the quivered bow itself and fiddled with a couple tooltips for overall consistency.
    – Added “empty” icons for some of the weapons, where applicable.
    – Added the Seedling, Modified Powder Knuckle, Modified Coin Tosser and Fen Fire.
    – Added snazzy imagery (including the header) to this page. :)
  • Build 43 – Actually using the cooldown icon for the Obsidian Spear Rifle again. (That kinda fell off at some point and this weapon really needs a visual indicator.)
    – Reworked cooldown sounds. Now it only makes noise once at the end, not during the entire cooldown duration. Also removed cooldown sounds for some of the shorter things entirely
    – Added another recipe for the Compact Crossbow (regular bow + 3 wooden planks) for general convenience. Same for the Ender Bow (regular undamaged bow + ender eyes + iron).
    – Made the default mixture of the Dragonbox rockets less aggressive but more volatile, which reduces their burning time from 20s to 10s and increasing their default damage to 6. Maybe now I won’t constantly burn my house down.
    – Added the Auto-Crossbow, the Obsidian Wither Rifle, the Thorn Spitter, the Soul Cairn and the Arrow Mortar.
  • Build 44 – Fixed Magma Cubes, Zombie Pigmen and Cave Spiders not dropping their proper eggs with the Soul Cairn.
    – Fixed Witches not dying in a single shot from the Soul Cairn. (These buggers are resistant to magic damage, turns out.)
  • Build 45 – Worked around the Ender Rifle getting stuck at your current zoom level when tossing the weapon, by disallowing said tossing while zoomed in.
    – Fixed the Modified Coin Tosser eating up twice the amount of ammo it actually should. It now shoots 3 nuggets, for 3 shots per ingot. No idea wbat happened there.
    – Fixed a problem where the Modified Powder Knuckle tried to drop blocks that didn’t exist. (ie, lit redstone lamps)
    – Fixed the Fen Fire reloading recipes spilling over into another weapon.
    – Added firing effects to some of the weapons, just to see how it looks.
    – Changed the mixture of the Dragonbox’s rockets some more, to give them more stopping power via minor knockback.
    – Added the Aqua Accelerator, Silken Spinner and Dragon Mortar.
    – Modified the Fen Fire to throw a light instead of lighting up what it hits. That should vastly increase its compatibility with other blocks and general usefulness.
    (But does invalidate the old lit blocks. You should get rid of those.)
    In the same go I also added a optional timer after which the light burns out. Can be set via config.
    – Did a bunch of internal optimizations on the entity and rendering branches of my code. I’ve been neglecting those.
    This should make backporting easier, too.
  • Build 49 – Fixed horses not dieing to the Soul Cairn. Resilient animals, that.
    – Fixed the predictive arrow of the Ender Bow not properly showing.
    – Adjusted the Fen Fire description to reflect its changed behavior.
    – Fixed the Fen Fire light block dropping itself.
    – The Seedling now plants melon seeds, when shot onto farmland.
    – The Snow Cannon now (unreliably) turns water into ice when traveling through it. This is not a precise thing, unfortunately, due to how water is handled in the game.
    – Protection plugin integration may be a thing now, for weaponry that places blocks. Can someone test that?
    – The Aqua Accelerator can now be reloaded by using it on water.
    – The explosion radius of the Dragon Box/Mortar is now configurable.
    – Changed the Ender Bow so the projectile only shows for the shooter, not everyone.
    – Did a couple internal optimizations here and there.
    – Known issue: The Potatosser only accepts potatos and coal (not charcoal) for reloading right now. No idea what is up with that. Might be a Forge thing.
  • Build 50 – Made all items publically accessible, code-wise, in case other mods want to do things with them (ie, in recipes or mobs)
    – The Fen Fire can now drop lights under water and onto leaves as well.
    – Added the Frost Lancer.
    – Related: I redid the zoom function for the Ender Rifle. Should be more stable and reliable. If they unexpectedly break and you get stuck zoomed in or out, just wiggle your FOV slider and tell me about it.
    – Added the Obsidian Splinter Gun.
    – Added the Lightning Red.
    – Did various internal adjustments here and there, as usual.
  • Build 51 – Changed the beam behavior of the Lightning Red. It should now have a proper PZEEEW.
    – Made a breakthrough with obsidian cutting, effectively doubling the ammo capacity of the Obsidian Splinter Pistol (from 6 to 12)
    – Added the  Four-Headed Dragon Box.
    – Added the Flint Duster.
    – Fixed shot projectiles disappearing prematurely.
    – Fixed the Blaze Crossbow’s rods not sticking in terrain.
    – Changed pretty much all weapons to be able to break glass now. Seemed only logical :)
  • Build 52 – Made a slight adjustment to glass breaking. (Now a single glass block won’t stop a projectile entirely, at least for the high-power weapons.)
    – Made more squishy things breakable by being shot in the same process. (Among them: pumpkins.)
    – Fixed the Flint Duster being able to break bedrock. (Turns out it has a harvest level of 0; protecting itself from mining via block hardness instead.)
  • Build 53 – Some minor adjustments here and there to item descriptions (Should be just a little more informative and consistent now.)
    – Made all weapons usable by mobs, in preparation for another mod I build. :D
  • Build 54 – Fixed the Lapis Coil not working
  • Build 55 – Fixed a crash caused by the arrow mortar
    – Adjusted the Lapis Coil effect durations. They should now stack.
  • Build 56 – Added flower pots to the list of things that can be broken
    – Removed beacons from the list of things that can be broken (They’re made out of glass. Tch.)
    – Unified the appliance of potion effects on hit. Their durations should stack now. (Most notably the redstone sprayer becomes a lot rougher on the target.)
    – Fixed the Ender Rifle not firing (Turns out it wasn’t plugged into anything behind the scenes after the QuiverMob adjustments. >_> )
    – Fixed the Frost Lancer being droppable when zoomed in
  • Build 57 – Fixed the mortars giving out the wrong shooting entity when killing someone.
    – Fixed the Redstone Sprayer’s stuff going through terrain.
    – Fixed and adjusted various item descriptions some more.
    – Fixed the reloading recipes of the Powder Knuckles (No idea when that broke, or if it was ever fully working. >_>)
    – Removed obsolete Fen Fire blocks.
    – Not using the deprecated function getWorldVec3Pool() anymore. (This should make it compatible with 1.7.10, if we’re lucky.)
    – Decreased the effectiveness of the Redstone Sprayer by about 85%. The stackable effect duration made it quite OP.
    – Decreased the effectiveness of the Snow Cannon by roughly 60% for the same reason.
    – Made some minor adjustment to the config file (Speed and Explosion values are now proper point values.)
  • Build 60 (Experimental)
    – Overhauled everything and their mother. Among that is separating the combo item weaponry into their own weapons. That should get rid of various legacy issues.
    – Make sure to look out for all new bugs in this version specifically
    – Changed the zoom function of the Ender Rifle and Frost Lancer again, to ideally be that little bit more reliable. Losing my patience with this
    – Fixed the Thorn Spitter ignoring its damage config
    – Fixed the Ender Rifle ignoring its knockback config
    – Decreased Lapis Coil load by half (200 down to 100 shots). That thing was excessive
    – Decreased Potatosser load by half (28 down to 14). Same here
    – Added config option to disable/enable glass breaking
    – I’m gradually phasing in weapon models. Do not be afraid.
    – Added the Sugar Engine
    – Added the Sunray
  • Build 61 (Experimental)
    – Rewrote and shifted a bunch of stuff around, which ideally fixes most if not all of b60’s issues. Fingers crossed.
    – Make sure to look out for ALL NEW bugs in this version, too, especially crafting and reloading recipes.
    – Also optimized things here and there
    – Various weapon icons have been removed in preparation for the shift to weapon models
    – Adjusted a bunch of weapon properties, especially dynamic damage ranges (X to Y DMG, instead of fixed Z DMG)
    – Looks like the FOV settings changed for 1.7.10, causing all weapons with zoom to malfunction. That should be fixed now.
  • Build 70
    – Added a config option to switch between models and icons for weapons
    – Fixed the Seedling crafting into something empty
    – Fixed a critical server/client-side error
  • Build 71
    – Fixed the Sunray being indefinitely empty when crafted
    – Fixed the file not being properly formatted
    – Fixed the Flint Duster not getting ammo like it should (Only 4 per box? Tsk.)
    – Added models for all remaining weapons (except melee and the bows)
    – Changed the Sunray model (Made it a bit beefier)
  • Build 72
    – Made compatible with QuiverMob b5
  • Build 73
    – Fixed the Ender Bow’s predictive projectile being about 30% slower than regular arrows
    – Fixed the Nether Bellow’s ammo consumption not being accurate
  • Build 74
    – Fixed the Modified Powder Knuckle causing an NPE crash by exploding and trying to drop non-regular blocks (like repeaters). This is quite an old bug.
  • Build 75
    – Changed explosives to respect the mobGriefing gamerule. (This also lets QuiverMobs respect it by extension.)
  • Build 76
    – Scaled explosion protection via mobGriefing back a bit. Powder knuckles are not affected by this anymore. (Mobs can’t use them anyway.)
    – Fixed the powder knuckles using twice as much gunpowder as they should
    – Fixed the Lightning Red and Sunray ignoring their maximum beam time
  • Build 77
    – Added config option to remove disabled weapons from the creative menu as well (By default they’re on there, but uncraftable if disabled.)
  • Build 78
    – Changed some weapon function visibility, for use with Ancient Warfare 2 NPCs
  • Build 79
    – Made some more adjustments, fixing burst fire not working for (quiver)mobs
    – Improved Sugar Engine accuracy by 40% (turns out I wasn’t aligning the pistons correctly. They created too much vibration as a result.)
    – Added the Seed Sweeper
    – Added the Ray of Hope
    – Modernized the Obsidian Splinter Pistol, Spear Rifle and Wither Rifle. They now use magazines.
    This also has the advantage of increasing their ammo capacity, in addition to making reloading easier.
  • Build 81
    – Hotfix: Expanded the weapons array. Turns out that I now have more weapons and devices than I made room for initially. (40+)
    – Also found out that the dev environment isn’t caps sensitive, but regular Minecraft is, when it comes to textures. :|
  • Build 82
    – Made the weapon models in third person about 25% smaller
    – Increased the default projectile speed of all crossbows by about 25% (Put some more perceived oomph behind them)
    – Increased the default projectile speed of the Nether Bellows by about 50% (Might make it easier not to burn yourself with them)
    – Increased the default damage of the Auto-Crossbow to be closer to that of the regular crossbows
  • Build 83
    – Added the Ender Rail Accelerator
    – Weapons should now keep their custom names when reloading
  • Build 84
    – Fixed the ERA not burning out if it goes off in your pocket
    – Did various internal code overhauls to clean things up and prepare a bunch of weapons to use magazines (Be on the lookout for all new bugs. >_> )
    – Related, the Coin Tosser and Modified Coin Tosser now use Gold Magazines. (Which are filled with gold nuggets.)
    – The Thorn Spitter also now uses Thorn Magazines (Filled with cacti.)
  • Build 85
    – Hotfix: Recipes were broken; now they’re (hopefully) not. Looks like I missed some checks and details here and there, causing those recipes to break all the things. >_>
    – On the plus side: My understand of how Minecraft operates has been expanded by another critical part.
  • Build 86
    – Reloading with magazines was seemingly asking for full weapons to reload, instead of empty ones. That has been fixed
    – Also fixed being able to put full weapons into the reloading process, causing the already loaded magazine to be eaten
  • Build 87
    – Changed internally how weapons, ammunition and projectiles are named and registered, for some future (re)proofing.
    Turns out that having a running number can break things if you slide something into their middle …same as with IDs in 1.6.4.
    So at some point I inadvertedly reverted back to an ID system of my own making without noticing. :|
    As an unfortunate side effect this will likely delete all existing gear due to name/reg mismatching when you load this up. Be prepared!
    – Fixed the Nether Bellows not melting snow like it should. No idea when that broke.
    – Fixed the Lapis Coil not inflicting Weakness. No idea when that broke either.
    – Modified the Lapis Coil to use Lapis Magazines.
    – Modified the Lightning Red to use Redstone Magazines.
    – Modified the Redstone Sprayer to use Large Redstone Magazines.
    – Modified the Nether Bellows to use Large Netherrack Magazines. This also obsoletes the need for coal as adhesive material.
    I removed Netherrack Bundles as extension of that. (No need for them anymore.)
    – Fixed another bug in the ERA recipe. ._.  (I had a “Less Or Equal” instead of a “Greater Than” in there.)
    – Added the Emerald Muzzle Upgrade recipe to the Ender Rail Accelerator. That should ease the shockwave on firing.
    By extension this also means that I can now start adding upgrades to existing weapons if apropriate. :)
  • Build 90
    – Fixed the Dragon and Arrow Mortars not adhering to their cooldown
    – Fixed the Ray Of Hope accidentally being called Weapon Base by default (You’ll need to manually fix that in your config if you already have one. Just delete the relevant line.)
    – Also fixed the Dragon Mortar not consuming ammo
    – Modified the Nether Bellows slightly to also burn down plants, instead of being stopped by it
    – Added the Arms Assistant
  • Build 91
    – Made a whole bunch of adjustments and enhancements to the Arms Assistant
    -> This includes a better targeting module (it’s now be able to see through glass and can fire with more accuracy at longer ranges)
    -> By extension I limited their firing range via config to 32 blocks. You can disable this at your own peril
    -> It does not yet lead targets, so circle strafing continues to work for now
    -> They can also now hold onto any item. Whether or not they can use it is an entirely different question.
    -> Added a storage upgrade, which lets them hold 8 instead of 4 items
    -> Added the ability to replace empty magazines by using a new magazine on them, to make reloading them easier
    -> Only happens if there’s no space to add more items
    -> Completed their leg design, making them capable of basic movement if upgraded
    -> The AA can be instructed to “STAY” (Will try to compensate for recoil) or “FOLLOW” (the owner) via the written book
    -> They can also now be instructed to “TARGET FRIENDLY” and “INJURED ONLY”. Use at your own risk
    -> Speaking of risk: A second weapon rail has been added to enhance their fire power
    -> Added the Arrow and Dragon Mortars to the list of items that can be reloaded
    -> Fixed it using up items from players in creative mode
    – Fixed the Auto-Crossbow not unchambering after firing
  • Build 92
    – Fixed the Arms Assistant starting out with the second rail already attached. (Forgot to remove a debug line there.)
    – Fixed the FrostLancer/EnderRifle zoom getting stuck when trying to give those to the AA on the second rail. Let’s hope that this bug now goes the way of Herobrine
  • Build 93
    – Fixed the AA not remembering how to use the contents of its first rail.
    – Fixed the Four-Headed Dragonbox only reloading 2 rockets per bundle, instead of 8
    – Fixed the Snow Cannon eating 4 blocks of snow with every shot, instead of just 1
    – Fixed the Seed Sweeper model still having a jar on it, even when empty
    – Fixed reloading with magazines not working. (That snuck in in the last build, I think.)
    – Fixed the Arms Assistant not accepting replacing empty magazines with fresh ones. Tch.
    – Fixed the AA not properly deducting ammo from certain slots and ammo types. (Didn’t update a bounds check to make use of the changed item storage.)
    – Added a config option to the rocket launchers and the ERA to not damage terrain when in player hand
    – Changed the Obsidian Splinter Pistol to split every splint in half (Something that was lost when it was changed to using magazines),
    giving it effectively double the ammunition again. (Dropping the magazine does mean some loss, though. Can’t put back together what was split.)
    – Added the Riding Upgrade to the Arms Assistant. You can now upgrade it with a saddle and ride it around (assuming it’s mobile; It’s gonna be a short ride without that.)
    By extension it will also fire its weapons if you attack with the QuiverBow weapon in the first slot of your hotbar
    – Added the “STAGGER FIRE” command, which can be written into the book. It’ll cause the AA to wait until the first rail is done with half its cooldown before firing the second rail.
    That should help with not wasting two shots on the same target
  • Build 94
    – Allowed the AA to reload the Potatosser (Doesn’t require coal for now.)
    – Fixed the AA only loading up one arrow on the Double Crossbow
    – Added the Communication Upgrade to the Arms Assistant. (This lets it communicate with the owner and be aimed with the Targeting Helper.)
    -> Added the Arms Assistant Targeting Helper. It’s a handheld device that lets you manually aim AAs. Using this required the Communication Upgrade.
    -> Added the “REMOTE FIRE” command. This will cause the AA to aim and shoot where you are pointing the Targeting Helper
    -> Added the “HOLD FIRE” command to the AA. They will not shoot unless told to do so via the Targeting Helper.
    -> Added the “TELL AMMO” command to the AA. Only relevant with the Communication Upgrade. It’ll tell the owner when it has run out of ammunition.
    -> Added the “TELL HEALTH” command, same conditions as above. It tells the owner when this thing’s health is below 30%.
    -> Added the “TELL DEATH” command, also the same as above. Tells the owner when an AA was destroyed.
    – Added the Heavy Plating upgrade to the AA. This provides 50% knockback resistance and 3 damage reduction vs anything blockable, at the cost of 50% speed
    – Added the “SAFETY RANGE” command, (communications-unrelated). This will cause the AA to at least try to not get hurt by its own explosives.
    – Changed the ability to fire the AAs weapons while riding them and tied it to the Targeting Helper instead.
    – The AA will also now no longer attack players in creative mode. (No point in doing so.)
    – I also hooked into some forge events for block breaking, so protection plugins can actually do something about it.
    – Adjusted the Ray of Hope reloading recipe to not create 1,8k recipe permutations. Makes it a little easier on NEI. :P
  • Build 95
    – Fixed packing up the Arms Assistant not saving the armor plating and communication upgrades.
    – Adjusted the AA slightly, to not crawl at a snail’s pace when told to STAY and being fully loaded up on armor and plating.
    – Put a limit of 5 blocks on how many blocks the OWR’s projectiles can punch through before running out of speed. Previously they were just going until they hit something unbreakable or alive.
  • Build 96
    – Added config option to decide if any given weapon can be used by QuiverMobs individually
    – Added “BLACKLIST” command to the Arms Assistant, to let them shoot ONLY at things named in the book
    – Fixed QuiverMobs rapidly firing with the rocket launchers. (Turns out I wasn’t setting a proper cooldown, since they’re one-shot weapons in player hands. Which these bastards don’t care about.)
    – QuiverMobs should also now respect the mobGriefing gamerule when shooting at glass and other breakable things
  • Build 97
    – Hopefully fixed the LAST zoom-related bug now. (It’d zoom you in if someone next to you used the Ender Rifle’s/Frost Lancer’s scope. Turns out clients tick all players they know about, as little sense as that makes.)
  • Build 98
    – Allowed the AA to reload the Soul Cairn
    – Fixed the Potatosser not accepting charcoal (I had to use the ore dictionary wildcard value for itemstacks. Silly stuff.)
    – Fixed a server crash by not using MathHelper.truncateDoubleToInt() for the Arms Assistant. Turns out that function is client-side only for some reason.
    – Added the Hidden Ender Pistol (HEP)
    – Added the Improved Auto-Crossbow
    – Added the Proximity Thorn Thrower (PTT)
    – Did a couple code optimizations here and there, preparing for a major internal overhaul. (Assuming I ever aquire the time/muse for that.)
    – Also adjusted a model array to be absolutely client-only, so BiomeTweaker doesn’t try to crawl into it and crash. (Curse the damn confusing client/server divide or lack thereof…)
  • Build 99
    – Fixed the empty Improved Auto-Crossbow icon not having the proper capitalization.
    – Fixed the Proximity Thorn Thrower and Improved Auto-Crossbow models not looking for the right texture size.
  • Build 100
    – Fixed hostile mobs and bosses not being targetable by the Arms Assistant’s black-/whitelist
    – Adjusted the default cooldown speed for the Improved Auto-Crossbow from 4 to 8 ticks. 4 was a bit TOO fast for arrows. (They tend to bounce off.)
    – Changed the sprites for the Bow with Quiver and the Ender Bow, so they don’t look like the vanilla bow anymore
  • Build 101
    – Fixed the Seedling being crafted with 0 ammunition.
    – Added the “TARGET FLYING” command for the Arms Assistant. Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground.
    – Adjusted the tooltip of the Thorn Spitter to reflect its ammo usage. (A thorn magazine, not 8 thorn bundles)
    – Added some more explosion protection for Dragonbox rockets and the powder knuckles. They can now be set via config whether they damage terrain or not.
    – Added some general block breaking protection for the remaining weapons that break things. They now send a proper BlockBreak event (which can be disabled in the config for pvp purposes).
    – Fixed the Four-headed Dragonbox looking like it’s cooling down despite being empty.
    – Visually speaking you should now hold your weapon up when you fire it. Hopefully.
    – Added a config option for the (Modified) Coin- and Potatosser to not drop anything on missed shots
    – The Nether Bellows now won’t create fire if doFireTick is turned off.
  • Build 101d
    – Fixed a server/client NPE crash. Hrm.
    – Fixed a potential recipe crash (I was accidentally trying to access crafting inventory slot 10, which some mods don’t harden against.)
    – Fixed the block break event being accidentally send for the client when hitting things with projectiles.
    – Possibly fixed the Seedling not breaking upon running out of ammo.



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  877 Responses to “[Minecraft Forge] QuiverBow”

  1. Domochevsky

    So that was a fun change of pace. :)

    • I like that your mods are flavor consistent. It’s not “hey guys i programmed a new thing into minecraft that shoots TNT from my eyes”. It’s “dude i stuck leather on my bow AND IT MADE A QUIVER”.

      5/5 would hire designer again

  2. Domochevsky

    Updated with build 5! o/

    • Field Testers NOTES:
      1. Make a warning label on the Powder Knuckle to not use when falling. Apparently the same thing that makes you hit harder when falling makes the explosion even more powerful. Killed two cows and nearly killed myself.
      2. My Ender Bow kit must be malfunctioning. It keeps showing me hitting myself in the eye.

  3. Domochevsky

    Build 6 is up, for some fixin’! o/

  4. Domochevsky

    Build 7 is up!

  5. Domochevsky

    Build 9 is up and a new item got added.

  6. Domochevsky

    Build 12 is up and two new items got added. I’m starting to get a pretty good handle on this.

  7. Domochevsky

    Build 13 is up. No new items, just adjustments. You should delete your config file for this one to properly apply itself.

  8. Domochevsky

    Build 17 is up, with a fix and some changes.

  9. May I use this mod in a modpack that I am developing? You will have all of the benefits that I posted on the Utility mods thread, I don’t feel like re-typing it all.

  10. Domochevsky

    Build 21 is up, with the Lapis Coil added.

  11. Hi :-) nice mod and job love to use it but :-)
    3 question….

    1. any chance to get it compatible with EnchantingPlus-1.16.5 and extendedEnchant164 ? would be nice if we can(my friend and me on our server) enchant all u nice weapons ;-)

    2. can we have a Option to load other Ores then Gold? copper ? or a cfg file option? :-)

    3. reload with recraft is a no go to us:-/ any chance add a option in cfg to have a alternative load methoid with delay in tick(seconds) and to define it?

    i hope u can add this to this great mod

    • Domochevsky

      Hey, nice to hear. :)

      Hm… 1 kinda clashes with 3 here, as all enchantments get removed since you are recrafting the weapon upon reload (hence why I made them non-enchantable in general). I’m not sure what other method to reload them would be viable currently. Holding the right mouse down for a bit feels a tad clunky.

      Hm… I wonder if I can add a small inventory of sorts to the weapons, actually. I’ll have to look into that.

      As for 2… that’ll require some way to define the IDs of allowed ammunition via cfg file, since I can’t know beforehand what ores are available. Certainly possible to do. :)

      • Hi,
        danke für die schnelle Antwort :-)
        OreConverter mods nutzen einfach class prefixes
        ” S:classprefixes=ore,ingot,dust,block” vlt hilft ja das?

        Das mit dem nicht bewegen können meine ich als Alternative zum recraften… den das ist wirklich sehr nervtötend :D

        verzaubern wäre echt klasse den jeder kann es noch ein tick für sich selbst angenehmer machen :-)

        Grüße aus Nürnberg

  12. sry i from german and not so god in english :-(

  13. a idea… if i reload Compact Crossbow i cant move?

    • Domochevsky

      You can’t do that already currently, since you are messing around in your inventory. :)

  14. Domochevsky

    Build 33 is out, which contains the update to 1.7.2! o/

  15. I’m not sure if it’s your fault, but I got a pair of crashes with the 1.7.2 version. Maybe you could check how this works… I was playing with AtomicStriker’s Battle Towers and your mod, and I hit one of the Tower golem boss bullets with the Lapis Coil. Instant crash!

    From what I see, your code tries to cast the entity that the bullet hit (the golem’s fireball) into the base class of all living entities (maybe for the poisoning effect?) and fails. Not sure if It’s only with Battletower’s golem boss balls, or if it could happen with other similar entities (ghast fireballs, or something like that).

    java.lang.ClassCastException: atomicstryker.battletowers.common.AS_EntityGolemFireball cannot be cast to net.minecraft.entity.EntityLivingBase
    at com.domochevsky.quiverbow.Entity_Lapis.onImpact(
    at com.domochevsky.quiverbow.Entity_Lapis.func_70071_h_(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.func_71190_q(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.func_71217_p(
    at net.minecraft.server.integrated.IntegratedServer.func_71217_p(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer$

    A detailed walkthrough of the error, its code path and all known details is as follows:

    — Head —
    at com.domochevsky.quiverbow.Entity_Lapis.onImpact(
    at com.domochevsky.quiverbow.Entity_Lapis.func_70071_h_(

    — Entity being ticked —
    Entity Type: quiverchevsky.LapisProjectile (com.domochevsky.quiverbow.Entity_Lapis)
    Entity ID: 30869
    Entity Name:
    Entity’s Exact location: -81,74, 26,81, 302,45
    Entity’s Block location: World: (-82,26,302), Chunk: (at 14,1,14 in -6,18; contains blocks -96,0,288 to -81,255,303), Region: (-1,0; contains chunks -32,0 to -1,31, blocks -512,0,0 to -1,255,511)
    Entity’s Momentum: 2,30, -1,74, 2,40

    — Affected level —
    Level name: New World
    All players: 1 total; [EntityPlayerMP[‘DanNetwalker’/1292, l=’New World’, x=-83,95, y=27,00, z=299,91]]
    Chunk stats: ServerChunkCache: 748 Drop: 0
    Level seed: -1245072370889657502
    Level generator: ID 00 – default, ver 1. Features enabled: true
    Level generator options:
    Level spawn location: World: (-184,64,248), Chunk: (at 8,4,8 in -12,15; contains blocks -192,0,240 to -177,255,255), Region: (-1,0; contains chunks -32,0 to -1,31, blocks -512,0,0 to -1,255,511)
    Level time: 8785 game time, 8785 day time
    Level dimension: 0
    Level storage version: 0x04ABD – Anvil
    Level weather: Rain time: 95195 (now: false), thunder time: 59083 (now: false)
    Level game mode: Game mode: survival (ID 0). Hardcore: false. Cheats: false
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.func_71190_q(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.func_71217_p(
    at net.minecraft.server.integrated.IntegratedServer.func_71217_p(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer$

    • Domochevsky

      Hm… interesting. Lemme look into that one and get back to you.

      Edit: Build 35 is out, which should ideally fix this issue. :)

      • Ern… requesting build 36. The “ender arrows” that marks where it’s aiming the ender bow are shooted backwards. I mean, they fly back, not forward. I’m using MCPC Plus, could it make any difference?

      • Hmm, now it’s working correctly, and can’t duplicate it. Forget about it, I’ll tell you if I can replicate it

      • Domochevsky

        Hm, mind checking if it’s happening in either creative or survival mode? That may be a old bug resurfacing. (But I thought I fixed that in b36.)

      • It was my fault, I think. I wasn’t using the latest version.

        Btw, can I get permission to use this in a modpack for my server? Right now it’s whitelisted, but I plan in making it open to the public.

        Main world player vs enemy with NPC quests, a second world for mining (monthly rotated), and a third world for Factions Player vs Player with enviromental dangers (Extra Hard Mode). I think your mod will really rise the bar in weaponry withough killing the game mood. I’ve been testing it for some time and I think the gang is going to love it, should you let us use it. You would get credits in the mod description page, and link back to the page you want. What do you say?

      • Domochevsky

        Hm, seems like a decent idea. Sure, you shall have your permission, just make sure it stays up to date and links back here. :)
        (So I got at least a chance to let people make use of the Curse link.)

      • Sure! I’ll try and keep an updated mod review, too. I’m not a youtube big fish, but a hundred views a day and close to three thousand subs has to do some noise, and you have some good stuff in here to show off.

        (The ender rifle is cool stuff, and the potatosser is one of the most hilarious things I’ve played with in Minecraft to the date, suddenly I feel the urge of planting a pair of farms just to keep up with the ammo needs! xDD)

      • Domochevsky

        Trying to make the neglected things useful here. :D

  16. awesome mod bro :D , but can you make build 38 version for 1.6.4?

  17. Ok I’m not sure about this but Google Chrome says your download pages are not safe and the download’s site certificate was apparantly issued by So can anyone spot 1 big issue here? Possibly your site isn’t safe. Tell me please IS it safe? The only reason I’m downloading this now is because TheDiamondMinecart used it and nothing happened.

    • Oh yeah I forgot to add this. My systems operating system is Windows 7 if that helps.

      • Domochevsky

        Yeah. It’s safe, I’m using my own SSL certificate, just for having a secure pipe to the site when desired. Your browser goes “Hold on, bucko… I don’t know these guys” and tells you about it, as is proper.

        I accidentally set the download link for build 38 to https instead of http. I fixed that, so now your browser shouldn’t protest anymore. :)

  18. Domochevsky

    Build 41 is out!

    (A backport to 1.6.4 is still being looked into.)

  19. could you add a pumpkin launcher or a flower gun? :)

    BECAUSE i like the “make something cool out of useless stuff” concept. :D

    • Domochevsky

      Flower gun… wanna sprout some people? :D

      • Yep xD (Bin Deutsch also nicht wundern wenn mein Englisch schlecht ist ^-^)

      • Domochevsky

        Eh, halt ich für gut genug. Schlimmer find ich ja wenn man sich als erste Aktion konstant für sein englisch entschuldigt. :D

        Ich bin mir aktuell nur nicht sicher was genau man mit den Blumen machen könnte.

      • Vieleicht Schwäche und Vergiftung (obwohl das was für nen Caktus Lancher wäre) :)

      • *Launcher

  20. Hab übrigens noch mehr Ideen ^–^

    • Domochevsky

      Na denn ma raus damit. Inspiration is immer gut. (Muss nur intern konsistent und hoffentlich balanciert sein.) :)

      • Ein Diamond Tosser

        Ein Porkchop Beam

        Eine Bone Pistol

        Ein Leaf Shooter

        Ein Music Disc Thrower

        Eine Water Pistol

        Eine Geupgradete Version von der Obsidian Spear Rifle
        Eine Carrot MAC 10 im Reichstag :)

        Das ist doch ERSTMAL GENUG zum rumbasteln ne? :)

        Aber wenn du wieder Ideen brauchst raus damit :D

  21. Schönen Abend noch Domochevsky ^__^ (hab morgen schule und danach kommt man so nach hause: (O———–O)
    beziehungsweiße steht so auf) :D

  22. Moin ^-^ (muss gleich los wollte noch guten morgen wünschen)

    • Domochevsky

      Yo, mach nix kaputt. :)

      • Hallu bin gerade nachhause gekommen :D (ich poste gleich in etwa 25 Minuten noch ein paar Waffen
        Ideen hoffe sie gefallen dir ^-^)

      • Hoffe auch das dir die ersten Waffen Ideen auch gefallen :D

      • Domochevsky

        Ich hab die gestern mal durchsortiert. Die meisten davon sind soweit nicht verwertbar, aber aus ein oder zwei kann man eventuell was machen mit mehr Nachdenken. :)

        (Bone und Water Pistol, hm?)

        Derweil, was soll die Aufwertung der OSR genau sein? Einfach “upgrade” is’n bisschen wenig. :)

        (Aber irgendwas muss ich damit irgendwann schon noch machen. Der cooldown is ziemlich intensiv. Den runtersetzen im Austausch für etwas Anderes mit nem gewissen Plus.)

      • Hast recht ich stimme dir jetzt nach genauerer Überlegung zu :/
        Aber Guck dir mal noch die weiteren an die ich unten gepostet hab :D
        Dass mit der OSR kannst du dir ja noch überlegen :)
        Mit dem cooldown der OSR wär ne Modiefied version gut :)
        Ist aber schön zu sehen dass ich dir ein bisschen helfen konnte.
        Schönen Abend noch und sortier am besten noch die anderen aus
        die findest du weiter unten. :)

        PS: Immer wenn mir mal was gutes für Ideen Einfällt Poste ich es hier :)

        Gut dann heißt es jetzt Abendessen,glotzen und sich auf Morgen (mhhh Schule bis halb 4 “hust hust”) vorzubereiten. Schönen Abend noch bis Morgen :)

  23. Hier mehr Waffen Ideen :D :

    Eine Coal Cannon

    Eine Slime Slingshoot

    Ein Lava Coil

    Ein Hayball Blaster

    Ein Mushroom Tosser (weil pilze und so :) )

    Ein Sand Sprayer

    Eine Nether Sniper

    Ein Endereye Shooter

    Ein Cactus Launcher
    Eine Ghast Cannon

    Hoffe alle Ideen sprechen dich irgenwie an oder geben dir Inspiration ^-^

    • Domochevsky

      hm… der Cactus Launcher ist eventuell brauchbar. Die Nadeln sind gefährlich wenn man genug anbringt. :)
      (Eventuell sogar giftig.)

  24. Moin ^-^

    Gib mir mal bescheid welche Ideen dich von allen angesprochen haben
    dann kann ich auch nochmal über stats und so nachdenken und hier posten.
    Ich geb mir auch mühe nicht zu OP stats zu posten. :D

    Muss jetzt los tschüss ^-^

    • Domochevsky

      Soweit ich das sehe hab ich erstmal die Verwendung für Knochen im Auge (wird ja sonst nur zum Pflanzen gebraucht). Soweit bin ich mir aber erstmal nicht sicher was genau ich damit machen kann. (Vieleicht sowas wie ne Splittergranate on impact. In dem Bereich fehlt’s mir noch. Bisher hatte ich reguläre Pfeile im Sinn, für die ich auch noch gern eine weitere Verwendung hätte als nur für die Armbrüste.)

      Wasser lass ich erstmal außen vor, da das mehr ein Werkzeug ist, weniger eine Waffe.

      Kaktus Nadeln sind eventuell eine gute Idee, aber auch da muss ich erst noch rausfinden wie genau diese zu verwenden sind. Noch eine shotgun wäre etwas simpel, daher muss da was spezielles her. Rapid fire könnte ich eventuell nochmal angehen, da dort ja aktuell nur die Lapis Coil und der Seedling sitzen. Aber auch da muss noch irgend ein Gimmik her das das interessant macht.

      Ein upgrade/sidegrade zur OSR ist mir auch noch nicht so ganz klar, wäre aber durchaus nützlich.

      • ICH HABS!
        Für Pfeile wäre doch eine Arrow Cannon was (8 Pfeile zu gleichen zeit werden abgefeuert aber ein cool-
        down von 5-10 Sekunden wäre angebracht :D) oder eine Blowgun aus 4 Sugarcane :)

        Für die Bone Pistol wäre cool wenn sie Knochenmehl abfeuert und dann könnte man noch
        einen Efekt wie Blindness hinzufügen :)

        So ab jetzt kommentiere ich auch auf dem Minecraft Forum Thread als gvt123 :)

  25. Hallo wie gehts? :)

    • Domochevsky

      Hm? Hast du kein Zuhause? :D

      (So viel zu zeichnen heute… ich komm mal wieder zu nix. >_> )

      • xD
        Kann ich verstehen. :)
        Meine Fresse ich sollte echt mal wieder mehr machen. xD
        Schönen Abend noch. :)

      • Domochevsky

        Achja, wo ich dich gerade so seh: Du könntest mir einen Gefallen tun und deine Gedanken im Minecraftforum-Thread ausleben stattdessen (Das brainstorming in englisch dort fortsetzen, quasi).

        Dadurch sehen das dort mehr Leute und werden auf den Mod aufmerksam. Eventuell kommentieren sie dann sogar mit, was ideal wäre. :)

      • Mach ich! Finde ehe das der mod mehr Aufmerksamkeit verdient. ^-^

  26. Schönen Abend noch!
    Falls du Karneval feierst dann noch frohe Feiertage! ^-^

  27. Domochevsky

    And Build 43 is up.
    (As usual, make sure to notify me of any bugs or brokenness.)

  28. You should have a bayonnete weapon.

    • Domochevsky

      Bayonette weapon… something that can shoot but still provide melee damage?

      • that would be cool :D

        he has a nice idea :)

      • Maybe as an upgrade for the coin tossers or the obsidian spear rifle?
        Kind of like what you do with the crossbow, that you have to choose one of the two paths.

  29. Bug report!

    Take an ender rifle.
    Sneak to zoom in.
    Toss the rifle with Q, or lost it (use a super crafting frame’s ender frame – a glorified trash bin that deletes what object you do right click with. Vision keeps zoomed, but no rifle to unzoom.

    ( OMG, the potatosser is pure magic! You can send breakfast to the castle’s tower guard from a quarter hundred metters, or finish off with the hunger on the world and a zombie infestation at the same time! xDDD )

    • Domochevsky

      Huh. Are you using the latest build (b44)? I thought I fixed that ages ago.

      *tests* …gendammit. I’ll get back to you on that one, as I try to fix it. :[

      (Meanwhile, yay for that potatosser! Feed the world, one zombie at a time! o/ )

      • Domochevsky

        Ok, I think I got a workaround there, by disallowing dropping the gun when zoomed in. Not sure if that also works against having it pulled out of your hands by magic trash bins or mobs. (They might prevent that particular code from being executed, at which point I’m straight out of ideas.)

      • Hmm… let me phrase what I would try as a fix. I’m sure it’s wrong, but maybe there’s something of use in my idea.

        I’ll suppose there’s a main tick counter out there. Like in quakec’s think counter.
        When a player crouches with the gun in the hand, an nbt value it’s stored for the player. Call it a “next think” timer, being for example main_tick_count + 5 or something like that. When this “next think” timer is lower than what we have stored, if we aren’t crouching and with an ender rifle in hand, we unzoom right there. If we are crouched and with the rifle in hand, we set again that “next think” timer to 10 ticks in the future.

        What do you think, would that work as a good enough failsafe?

      • Domochevsky

        Hm… I can store values on the player, but I need something under my control to execute the timer on, which is by default the item. (onUpdate is being called there once per tick as long as it’s in your inventory. You can see that stop when you put the OSR into a chest while it’s cooling down.)

        The player is not a valid execution platform, though, as I can’t edit his code. :/

      • What about a helper entity? Like an invisible bullet you shoot when you crouch with the weapon in hand, and checks the player each certain time to see if s/he uncrouched.

      • Domochevsky

        That is opening quite a can of worms there, but it might be possible to have a entity spawn and follow the player around, checking for crouching.
        However, the code side of this is beyond me currently. >_>
        (Making sure there’s only one, follow the player around, not be in the way, disappears after x ticks, have the weapon check if there’s already a existing entity when firing… *cogwheels* )

      • Woah! I haven’t said anything.

        Now that’s quite a miss, I have to take a look at some Forge example code before trying that again, obviously I’m missing completly how MC works inside… :P

  30. I just wanted to say, I’m really loving this mod and the thought and creativity put into it! Each weapon’s parts are logical and moderately hard to obtain yet the weapons seem fairly balanced and don’t break the game. I had a few suggestions though for weapon ideas and also a request.

    I use mo creatures with this as well (gives more things to shoot at =D) and I noticed the soul cairn only works on classic minecraft creatures (excluding endermen which makes sense) to drop their eggs. Mo creatures does have spawn eggs so is there a way to check in the code for all entities and use that list for creatures that the soul cairn would work on (of course excluding endermen, dragons, wither…)? This could make it work with other creatures from other mods as well Maybe this could have a toggle in the config for those that dont want it as well.

    Also, could you make the Fen Fire’s light only last for maybe 5 minutes or so? I’m not sure how having it always on and without something to break to turn it off effects server latency. I’d also be good with just having a glowstone block spawn at the target location.

    Weapon Suggestions:
    Water Gun: With all the silly ideas, I dont see why a super soaker couldnt be added. It could be refilled with buckets of water or by right clicking a water source block and it shoots out a water block (doesnt have to be a stream) to the target location. The water would stay for a second and then disappear (if it stays this could be used for potential griefing). Multiple shots could be fired with one bucket. There wouldn’t be any damage to the mob but it’d have a high knockback and if a mob collided with a wall or object then it would be dealt damage. Also, with the other weapons that potentially catch you on fire, it’d be nice to have a buddy at the ready to put you out just in case.

    Potion Slingshot: Just as it sounds, a slingshot that is single loaded with a splash potion. It could be double the distance a potion is thrown and have a slight knockback effect.

    Disc Launcher: Similar to a gun that shoots out a spinning saw blade but it could shoot music discs that would do a decent amount of damage considering their rarity. Could add a crafting recipe for a homemade unplayable disc that does less damage (maybe wood plank center surrounded by glass panes).

    Orbital Targeting Laser: This one is a little out there but what about a weapon that continually pings a target (similar to the ender bow but maybe with just green lines pointing at a target instead of arrows) that after 3 seconds a bolt of lightening strikes the area. It would obviously only work outdoors (no idea how to code this but I think lightening by default only works outdoors) and would have a cooldown. It could use emeralds for ammo (finally a use!) and maybe you’d need eyes of ender, gold blocks, and diamonds to make the “targeting chip”.

    Anyways that’s my wall of text… let me know what you think

    • Domochevsky

      Good to know that you like it. :D

      Let’s take this from the top here…
      Mo Creatures, hm? I’m not aware of any easy way to check for spawn eggs in general. They’re not in a specific category internally, so I’d first have to search for the presence of specifics mobs and then the presence of specifics eggs, which doesn’t work without knowing the internals of MoCreatures or them having an API. :/

      The Fen Fire right now doesn’t produce any server lag at all, since it’s not doing any calculations. It just is a block with light that looks and behaves like the original. :)
      I could add a timer to it, though, that turns it after x ticks back into the regular block, but that would increase server load by a smidgen for every block lit. Not too keen on that, however, so if I do that it’d be with a config file option.

      Water Gun: Something like that is already planned (Together with a Web Gun), but as something that permanently places water, making it a viable option for creating paths. (Griefing can be done more effectively with a rocket launcher :) )
      (Unfortunately I can’t influence the damage mobs take when they collide with something. That is between them and the wall to negotiate.)
      Did you know that the Thorn Spitter has a surprisingly high amount of kickback, just by virtue of hitting the target with 4 projectiles in a row?

      Potion Slingshot: …hm, maybe at some point later. If I do that I’d have to add a certain “something” to it, to make it a viable option. (Like being able to load multiple potions into it, so you don’t have your entire inventory cluttered.) More thought will be required there.

      Disc Launcher: I actually thought about that a while ago, but ultimately discarded it, due to how rare music discs are. Plus, there’d need to be a “something” to this one as well. A simple one-shot damage dealer is not cutting it for that rarity. :)

      Orbital Targeting Laser: Um… slightly out of our range of expertise currently, isn’t it? First we’d have to figure out how to get things into orbit. :D

      Phew. A wall for a wall!

      • Wow what a quick response, thanks for the breakdown! Adding types of creatures the soul cairn works with does sound challenging without knowing the IDs to actually add them… it’d be a long shot but it would be pretty cool if you guys could team up. The Fen Fire I only briefly tested so if you say it doesn’t produce lag I’ll try giving it more of a shot. I might be alone on this but I would appreciate a config setting for the timer, it’d help me internally balance that I can just shoot torches anywhere instead of having to place them.

        Water Gun: Nice! And a Web gun to boot! You could really get creative with something like that.. like maybe shooting the ground before you smash into for a soft landing? And true this probably isn’t the mod you want to have on a server if you are worried about griefing… but I’d prefer the powder knuckle if I was going to do that =D). I built in a snow biome =/, I will need to go on a journey soon for cactuses haha, the snow cannon is nice though

        Potion Slingshot: Could use nether wart as ammo instead and when it hits have a random potion effect happen? Or what about an ammo similar to the netherrack ammo were you can have multiple potions tied to a single type of ammo, and that ammo can stack.

        Disc Launcher: Instead of single shot why not something similar to nerf disc guns where they stack (you could use a dispenser as the magazine and pistons as the launching mechanisms). As far as making it worth it (and again I should learn to mod so I know if this is possible), but could you make a disc cause aggro for all the surrounding monsters in the area? It could play part of the song for ~10 secs and all the monsters around it would move toward it. If you hit an enemy with the disc, they would be stuck with it and aggroed monsters would attack it? Also, I see what you did there =D

        Orbital Targeting Laser: It could be named something different, but I agree now it seems too OP and wouldn’t fit in very well with the other weapons

        Thanks for the consideration! I’ll be sure to update if I come up with any worthwhile ideas

      • I was thinking… is there an easy way to get all the nbt data for a mob, and make a mob from that nbt data? Because you could drop the “get the mob egg” concept and try a “get a spawn gem” or something like that, being the gem a custom mob spawner from the game.

        It would have the same effect. In fact, you would spawn a clone of the mob: you could catch a zombified town dude, a custom mob or an armored zombie, and restore it exactly the same.

      • Domochevsky

        Hmno, you need to know the names of nbt tags to specifically call them. As far as I know there is no “get all of them and tell me their names”. These tags by themselves would also not be enough to figure out what kind of mob that actually is, as that information isn’t stored there.

        (A skeleton doesn’t have a tag that says “hello, my name is Skeleton”. It’s a specific entity that gets spawned when I use the spawn_egg with metadata 51. So I’d still need to know the global ID or names of mobs added by mods, and I don’t even know my own IDs due to them being “local” (so mod makers don’t have to worry about finding free IDs).)

  31. Bug report!

    Install in a server.
    Place redstone block.
    Place lantern touching redstone block, the lantern turns on.
    Use Modified Powder knuckle on the lantern. Get disconnected with “Internal Server Error”.
    On reconnect, the knuckle has done it’s job, blocks are broken in the ground.

    Looks like a client side problem. Any way I can give you more feedback on that?

    • Domochevsky

      Lantern… you mean a redstone lamp?

      • Yeah, redstone lamp. Sorry, lost in translation.
        If the lamp is off, it works perfectly, but if it’s on when you break it… crash!

      • Pretty sure I know where the problem is. Its trying to drop a lit redstone lamp block…

      • Domochevsky

        Hm, I’ll have to check into that. I’ll be back!

        (Gotta set up a test course with all blocks that can potentially change state. So redstone stuff.)

      • java.lang.NullPointerException: Ticking memory connection
        at net.minecraft.item.ItemStack.func_77964_b(
        at com.domochevsky.quiverbow.Weapon_PowderKnuckle_Mod.doMining(
        at com.domochevsky.quiverbow.Weapon_PowderKnuckle_Mod.RightAction(
        at com.domochevsky.quiverbow.Item_AllWeapons.func_77648_a(
        at net.minecraft.item.ItemStack.func_77943_a(
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.func_71190_q(
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.func_71217_p(
        at net.minecraft.server.integrated.IntegratedServer.func_71217_p(
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer$

        Error readout from piston crash.

      • Domochevsky

        Alright, I think I fixed it. Look out for the next build soon. :)

      • Hey, good work both of you! I just arrived home and was going to start the debugger right now… I’ll keep testing things.

        (The “creeper turning into fireworks when hitting with a powder knuckle” is an easter egg of your mod, or it’s another one of the pack? It’s really hilarious!)

      • Domochevsky

        (The… what now? >_> )

      • Domochevsky

        …wow, I have no idea what mod is doing that. Does that work with other weaponry, too? :O

      • Yeah, Dragon Box gets the same result. I think it’s triggered by “fire damage not strong enough to kill in one blow”, and no idea what mod or plugin is making it. If I have to bet, looks like the kind of thing that a bukkit plugin does…

  32. how are you doing? :D
    could you please qoute to my latest minecraftforum comment on your mod? :D
    there new ideas showing of :)

    • Domochevsky

      I exist, for the most part. :)

      Huh, did I not respond to that? Time to fix that!

  33. Domochevsky

    Build 45 is officially up. :)

    • Here I was thinking “should I nerf somehow the siege system in the claim mod? maybe it’s too hard to stop a siege started by more than one player”. And then you come with a spider web thrower, and spider web recipe to match! Oh, you little devil… :DDDDDDD

      Could we get some kind of weapon to “damage” walls, too? Like make the redstone spray to corrode stone bricks blocks to broken stone bricks blocks, those back to cobblestone, cobblestone back to gravel… maybe not one shoot, but an added effect. Or a different weapon, if it’s easier to code.

      • Domochevsky

        What, are the rocket launcher and powder knuckle not enough? :D

      • You never have enough explosives, that’s an universal thruth (I’ll try that rocket mortar in a minute, btw). Besides, I’m not thinking on a “oh, your clan got a nice castle there. Mind if I add a backdoor? *KABOOM*”, but more of a subtle stealthier work…

        I realice this is kind of a border case, since not all servers will work like this, but I’ll tell you in case you get a nice idea out of it. I installed in my server this bukkit plugin called GriefPrevention in the server to make up for both the claim system and war system (any player can “siege” a claim or player, and there’s only two possible outcomes: either they give up or one of the two teams die. During a siege, certain blocks can be broken: cobble, wood, cheap blocks… that makes for clan claims that can be breached if not properly protected, at the same time the server claims are good and safe, and certain “war code” is enforced: no attacking an unharmed (empty inventory) player, no leaving a combat (can’t teleport out of a siege, counts as a death if you disconnect)… nice stuff. To prevent making this too much of a constant war, we tweaked the config so that siege can only be made in one of the “warzones”: Nether, End, Twilight Forest. This way, newcomers doesn’t have to face so much trouble, but that’s another tale.

        In our testing, this “all goes in the battle zones” rules leads to all kind of fun stuff, like traps behind false weak points in base defenses, team members supporting with dragon boxes and rockets during close combat assaults, even team members dedicated to firefighting, since we use “Extra Hard Mode” too. This mod makes cobble and dirt fall like sand, so players end up using wood instead of cobble in the beginning buildings, turning nether bellows into a great siege weapon (with easy access to lots of ammo!).

        In the middle of this, I’ve seen teams realize there’s an easy way to fortify bases: stone bricks. They are reasonably cheap (cheaper than a full obsidian tower), protect from explosions while inside a claim, they even look more natural, more like real life medieval fortress. I’m tweaking the server config to allow to use explosives to breach those blocks (this is a PvP server, after all), but the idea of a sapper weapon (or a configurable option for one of the weapons) that can breach the walls in a cheaper but slower than knucles fashion sounded like a good suggestion. Something you can come, spray or shot against a wall, and if you keep going you will generate a weak point where your enemies doesn’t expect it.

      • What you could do is have it be slimeball and either obsidian, ender pearl, endstone, or ender eye (something end-y) combined to make almost a sticky enderdragon acid charge, like the ones they have in the Xbox edition. It could eat through blocks and go through most blocks at the speed of a punch. So, just spam a wall with these suckers and you have a breach within a short amount of time.

      • Domochevsky

        That sounds pretty dope. :O
        (I may have to check out that server and have a gander.)

        Meanwhile, a weapon that slowly corrodes blocks… difficult. Either blocks get broken or they don’t. The whole “breaking blocks over time with fists” part is still a mistery to me.
        Maybe sticky grenade launchers really ARE a decent idea. Shoot them onto a wall and then have them count down and explode if nobody knocks them off. Or maybe just something that tosses unlit TNT blocks towards the target location, to be ignited with something else (like the Dragon Box).

        Still not subtle, though. :)
        Need to think more about this. *cogwheels*

      • Still working on config details, but I can put you in the whitelist if you want. You may even see someone familiar arround spawn town… ;)

        Hmm, that sticky bomb idea… yeah, why not? It may be even easier. Like, you shoot, the thing gets stuck, players have like five or seven seconds to hit it with anything to break, and if they don’t it just explodes.

        You could do a dragon box like explosion, and make a block replace by hand. Like “find the blocks in a certain radius of the sticky bomb, and swap them like a /setblock”. That could work?

      • Domochevsky

        I can also just do regular explosions. There’s a function for that. :)
        (The Dragon Box is using that, except I set the radius to 0.2 blocks, so it’s not strong enough to break anything.)

        Also, sure, hand me that server IP and add “AgentPaper” to the whitelist. Can’t hurt to check it out at some point in the near future, to see things in action. :)
        (I have yet to do or see any field testing for this mod in a multiplayer environment.)

      • Added to the whitelist, and the server ip it’s in the servers.dat of the modpack; you can get it in

      • Domochevsky

        That address doesn’t resolve to anything. >_>

      • *facepalms* Great, I’m dumb tonight. That was the old domain, it’s now. Sorry!

      • ( I’m uploading the new build of quiver bow now, though. give it ten minures :P )

      • Domochevsky

        Ah, ok, that one works. I’ll check it out at some point. Now I need to make more art. :)

      • Domochevsky

        Whelp, can’t get on the server. It says I’m not whitelisted. Did you reload the whitelist after adding me? <_<

      • Sorry, I was subconsciously discarding the “throw unlit tnt” idea entirelly because it didn’t fit in my scheme, but it’s a great one, too. And combined with the dragon box, it may be a good tool, too. More brutal, even orcish, but I think it may be really fun.

      • Domochevsky

        This also puts a second layer of effort on the attacker, as he has to first shoot the TNT into the desired position and then hit it again with something that can ignite it (which right now are the Dragon Box and Fen Fire).

        Not a direct “fire and forget” sort of device, which is useful for game dynamics. :)

  34. Can you do a bass-cannon type thing with music disks?

    • Domochevsky

      Hm… maybe. Not sure we currently have the technology for that, though. :)
      (Maybe Steve needs to have a closer look at his jukebox first.)

      But the sheer rarity of music disks worries me there.

      • Yes… they are rare. Maybe if they were craftable?

      • Or if a disguise or weapon could trick skeletons into firing at creepers?

      • Remember disk farms are a thing.

      • Domochevsky

        …they are?

      • Just a regular drop farm that lowers skellys and creepers to half a heart and you stand in front to make the skellys shoot the creepers. Lots and lots of disks.

  35. Ooops! Potential griefing alert! How does the water accelerator puts the water block? The thing completelly ignores the grief prevention protection. The block “appears” instead of “being placed”, so the plugin can’t protect against it. I can shoot a water bucket inside an admin claim being a normal player. Even worse, a normal player can’t break the water cube… I haven’t tested it already, but I bet the thing can place a water source block in Nether from what I saw. Wait, Nether, water… anti blaze mortar!? I have to test it right now!!

    Meanwhile… Can you make it work as if the player placed a water bucket, so that permission control mods or plugins works as expected? Or alternatively, give a config option to place a non source block instead (so that the water “evaporates” after the hit… that makes it less OP against nether mobs, actually).

    • Aaaaaw, aqua accelerator not working in nether… can you make it so that a direct hit damages blazes, at least? It’s an iron bucket full of water launched with quite some strength, after all…

      • Domochevsky

        I hardened it against nether usage, but not sure what to do about protection plugins. I’m using setBlock for it. Maybe I need to declare the event for it as well, so the plugin knows about it and can cancel it? I need to read up on that.

        (And yeah, I can make it damage blazes. I got the checks for that already set up. :) )

        Oh yeah, you can’t actually place a non-source block. (Or rather, non-source blocks become automatically source blocks upon placement. I first had regular source blocks, but those didn’t trigger their “let water flow” function.)

        Btw, did you see my mention about the whitelist further up?

      • No, I missed the whitelist thing entirelly, I’ll check it out now.

        And I had this “can’t place a water block” problem making a map maker trick tutorial on sea shore waves (still working on it, I’ll post it soon). It’s a tricky thing… If you place a single non source block of water (/setblock ~ ~ ~ minecraft:water 15), the block will not flow. If you force a block update, the thing just evaporates. But try placing *two* non source water blocks one touching another, at the same height: they will block update each other and will flow as expected. Maybe it’s worth a try

      • Domochevsky

        I had a look at that place now. Gotta say, this “Extra Hard Mode” and “Claim” stuff is kinda annoying. (can’t place water for a farm? Or place any at all before getting a golden shovel?) >_>

        The impersonator and her shop at spawn was a nice touch, though. ;)

      • The spawn town is going to be a “only visit” zone, with some houses to rent, and out of the walls the claim system should work. It could be missconfigured right now, I’ll check.

        Still tweaking the config of the plugins, trying to make a balanced server, something where players can enjoy both a PvP game in certain areas and a cooperative PvE in others… Even the documentation it’s WIP for now. For example, you really only need to place your first chest to protect during 2 weeks an area of 13×13 blocks centered in the chest (while you find gold for your first shovel), and that’s something that needs to be told to the players. And the need for a gold shovel… maybe I’ll replace it with an NPC decoration object that the shops give you for free, or give one for free when on first connect. There’s a lot of small details that needs more thinking.

        I was sure you would like the impersonator. It’s the best I could make with my limited pixel art skills (complex character! the bandaged left hand is out of what I can do with model textures right now). The workshop was done with as much care as we could. That’s the third version, with a lower floor work area and a small farm “to get the idea for the seedler from”. It’s still missing a better entrance sign, and maybe the blueprints of a pair of weapon prototipes to hang in the workshop walls. And further down the road, some dialog and quests for the NPC, she’s a little shy right now. :P

        Really pleased with the visit, and you are welcome any time.

      • Domochevsky

        Mh, I’d visit again if the “harder Minecraft” thing would be relaxed a bit. It’s a bit annoying to see it constantly go “hey, you can’t place blocks while in the air”, when hanging off of a ledge.

        (Also a easier way to expand claims to engulf farmland, so you can actually put some water down.)

        Meanwhile… I can’t help but notice that the sortiment in the impostor’s workshop is a bit limited. :)

      • Actually that’s one thing going out, since it does the same thing even when flying in creative. I’m growing sick of building things “from the bottom up”. I’ve been busy with more detail on the spawn town, and the webservice that acts as the backbone of the web. Coding the mod in java is hard? Try interconnecting server and web server with webservices in both directions. At least it has a lot of potential (if I can pull this up, expect Steam style achievements comming and a public ranking page! ).

      • Domochevsky

        Ah, good to hear then. Some things only add restrictions, not enjoyment :)

        (I bet coding this mod is pretty easy in relation. Or maybe a different field of expertise?)

  36. Hi! May I please use QuiverBow in a modpack I’m assembling? It’s an Adventure modpack called “The Quest For Awesome.”
    I love how these weapons are somewhat simple – something Steve might have thought up.

  37. Hello how are you? :)
    No School yay! :3
    How are ya doing with updating and bugfixing? Just interests me (please dont spoil new weapons) :D
    I think i just posted that because this page was empty of posts for 3 days (or im bored) :)
    And i have an Idea: Glass Shard Weapon >:)

    • Domochevsky

      Yo. Kinda sick and generally low-powered currently, but have to go to evening school anyway. D:
      I didn’t really have the time/muse to update and fix stuff due to that.

      Glass shards, hm? That might be worth pondering, but what spin to put on it… sounds like shrapnel or somesuch.

      • okay good to know then :D

      • You could use cacti entities as the shard on the ground so that when things walk over them they take damage!

    • Take it easy, no one deserves to rest more than you (how many versions in a month, now? *wow*)

  38. i have an idea,how about cobblestone gun

    • Domochevsky

      Hm, that by itself won’t be enough of a hook to make something unique.

      • ok, um, how about torch gun?

      • Domochevsky

        The Fen Fire already covers that angle. :)

      • Related oftopic: really nice when shooting the new Fen Fire on top of a fence, it fits perfectly. And a great plus that it can hit anything now, I hadn’t notice until now.

      • Domochevsky

        Yeah, the next version also has the fixed item description. :)
        (Right now it still says “only works on dirt/stone/cobble”.)

      • wait, wheres build 45 for 1.6.4?

      • Domochevsky

        Hm, I didn’t make one yet. I suspect I’ll skip 45 and port 46 again.

      • well, i got an idea for weapons, how about a gun that shoot redstone blocks
        The Name Of gun is Electric Red, (or you can give the name for yourself)
        so this weapon shoots the Block Of Redstone, it deals a serious damage
        and shock effect ( sry im not good at english :) )

      • Domochevsky

        The name is pretty dope at least. :D

        (Redstone blocks… hm. The sprayer is already using redstone, but that shouldn’t stop us. But shock effect? Have lightning strike? Apply potion effects that emulate a stun?)

        Oh my, the Lightning Red? Need to think about this… this needs more refinement. Just popping off redstone blocks by themselves to konk people in the head is not enough. I wonder if this is the time to figure out beam weaponry.

      • You want to bring it even one more notch up?

        Make it a redstone block version of the Fen Fire. The block would dissapear some time after, it would generate redstone signal like a placed torch, and it would hit with that shock damage if hitting a live entity/player.

        Even better, try using the lightning damage type/functions, so that it turns the creeper into a electrified one. A resourcefull player could mix it with a soul cairn to get a really big surprise into an enemy base.

      • Domochevsky

        So a mine thrower, eh? Maybe in a separate weapon that might play, as the basic design is quite different.

        (Creepers turn automatically into supercharged ones when hit by lightning, so that would be a automatic side benefit. But you can’t “collect” them, as the supercharging is a nbt tag. You only get regular creeper eggs from cairning them.)

      • Actually I was thinking of a hit weapon, not a mine, with a secondary use as a remote launched redstone torch, to mess with door circuits or traps. My thoughts was more like capture the creeper, assault enemy base, release inside, turn into electryfied, walk away waiting for someone to find the “blue walking mine”.

        But, as a land mine… if the players are shocked too, yeah, could be of use. :P

      • Speaking of hooks… I know it can be done shooting a water bucket, but have you considered something along the lines of ropes+’ grapping hook? You shoot something, and a rope ladders falls by the side of the block where the shoot landed *on* (this forces for a mortar like shoot, harder to climb a castle wall since you have to shoot from lower ground). And look, you haven’t made anything with vines yet! ;)

      • Domochevsky

        That is true… I’ll certainly check into that one. It seems viable. :)

        (But then again, the aqua accelerator is already kinda taking that angle of “getting up places” via water stream. Can be better handled by defending forces, too, by removing the source block.)

  39. Ern, have you noticed some of the ammos have durability bar now?

    It almost hints you the rocket bundle can be spend shoot by shoot… is that an incoming feature, or a bug? Easier the second, but you never know…

    • Domochevsky

      Nah, it has always been like that, due to how MC works. It shows the durability bar whenever the item’s damage value is not 0. I can’t hide that.
      And since I use the same item with different damage values for ammo to be conservative… so only the arrow bundle doesn’t have damage values.

  40. An idea for a new weapon: A clay launcher (whatever name you like) that slows down enemies it attacks and can be upgraded to a brick launcher.

    • i like ur idea :D

    • Domochevsky

      Hm… that my itself won’t be enough, as it doesn’t have a hook beyond “throws out a object and deals damage”, and the “slowing down” angle is taken care of by the Snow Cannon.
      There has to be something else for that to be usable, because I do like the basic thought of throwing bricks. But what to do with them that isn’t just another thrown damage dealer…

      • Maybe they could smash through glass, or set off TNT.

      • FYI, sorry about not knowing about the Snow Launcher. My parents won’t let me get any mods right now.

      • As in “no mods for you until you learn by heart vanilla”? o_O

      • No, as in “You might download something that will be full of viruses.”

      • Oh, is that the problem? Then is a matter of fear, and it can be fixed with education. Most of minecraft download pages are cheesy in one way or another, but if you stick to mod forums you have lots of already tested mods from a trusted source. You even have the mod owners in the forum for support, most of the time…

        Or you could ask for a trusted source modpack, like Those people are in close coordination with mod makers, keep a good quality control and generally make sure no mod doing evil things goes into one of their modpacks. Tekkit launcher mods, on the other hand… I wouldn’t recomend them, their quality control is way worse. Besides, Feed The Beast is the easier and more tested way, just download the launcher and select the modpack. Really easy, the only difficult part is getting the launcher from their official page, and that’s two clicks.

        My point is, get an adult with some common sense to help get a modpack or mods from a web page you can trust (FTB is the easier safe one) and there’s no virus to fear.

  41. Domochevsky: yeah, the shock effect was used for stunning enemies

    DanNetwalker: hmm, would be a good idea, if it shoots a creeper, it will turn to the Electrified one, I like it!

  42. Bug report!

    1) Get a Obsidian Wither Rifle.
    2) Get a cat, chicken, dog. Better a chicken, they don’t look you with those eyes… but I think it’s with all mobs that are not “hostile” mobs.
    3) Shoot’em! Now!
    4) See how the wither effect damages the mob, but not the “bullet impact”. Bulletproof chinkens? Dafuq?

    Maybe has to do with the code to prevent applying effects to entities that shouldn’t get poisoned and such?

    • Domochevsky

      Huh, weird. They should take regular damage, magic damage AND wither. It’d be weird if the first two did nothing. o_O

  43. A weird new idea, along the lines of the Fen Fire and Aqua Accelerator:
    A sort of one-shot weapon called the portable hole, it uses an ender pearl to make a hole through the wall that seals up one you’re through. It does not count as greifing because it just temporarily makes the blocks transparent.

    • Maybe crafted with some picks and end stone?

      • Domochevsky

        Hm… that function is already kinda taken by the Powder Knuckle and Rocket Launcher, being a melee/ranged breach weapon (Except it doesn’t patch up after itself. That’s left for the one doing the breaching.)

        Not sure I could even do that. This will likely run into the same issue the first itteration of the Fen Fire had. (Replacing blocks with my own, meaning I have to device a system to properly restore them.)

        Actually, doesn’t Thaumcraft provide a option like that, too? The portable hole.

      • I meant it to be a sneaky weapon, as opposed to BOOM! EXPLOSION! WALL BREACH! ALERT EVERYONE! Something for assassin, instead of a soldier.

    • hmm… basically, like Thaumcraft’s portable hole, but in another mod?

      I don’t think Steve could figure that kind of trick out… However, technically doesn’t sound too hard. Like, look for the blocks in a 3x3x3 area arround the block where I shoot the thing, /setblock the thing out of existence, wait 10 seconds, place again the blocks that where there. Hmm… maybe I could try that for a first mod.

      • Domochevsky

        Yeah, that’s a bit outside of Steve’s wheelhouse currently. :)

        (As for placing things blocks again… you need something to run your own code on, like a block, and somewhere to store info about the blocks that were there before, including metadata and potential nbt tags and tile entities, plus maybe blocks added by other mods. Possible, but not entirely easy.)

      • I think Thaumcraft does the trick storing each of those dissapearing blocks in a “ender hole block” that replaces it: the full nbt data of the block, it’s metadata and it’s classname is stored inside this special block nbt data, and each of those “hole blocks” turns into a small “time bomb” that ticks it’s count down to zero, then replaces itself with it’s stored block and triggers a block update. Even having that part of the problem under control, you still have to make the hole render itself as it should, an empty space (Thaumcraft’s even has a starfield texture in the border touching solid blocks). That’s one hell of a trick and really probes the kind of coder behind Thaumcraft!

      • Ok, forget about dissapearing blocks. Why not “launch” Steve to the other side?

        You can check what block are you right clicking with a weapon. How about you look for a two height “non solid blocks” hole at the other side, then teleport steve there if you find one? Anything that doesn’t cast as a standar block, then you can teleport the guy inside.

        Make it spend two ender pearls, one for steve and another to place the “bullet” in the other side. It would make a nice assasin tool, and it can be countered fairly easy… lava on the other side of the wall? a pit in between two sides of an outer castle wall? Trapped zombies from a mob farm? water filled wall? Lot’s of defense and offense possibilities…

      • It would be quite hard for the mod to detect how thick wall is, and even if it does, the easy way would be to teleport you until you hit air. But then defenses like water filled walls would not work.

      • Not so hard, actually. I’m pretty sure there’s a property in all blocks that can be read to tell wether they are solid or not, even if they let light to pass or not if that fails. When you right click in a block’s face, you already have a block with coordenates and a direction (the one on the other side of the block. You just have to check the next block, and the next, and the next, until you find one that’s “not solid” and have one “not solid” block under.

        Too hard to tell if they are transparent or not? Look for a predefined list of blocks. How about, let’s see… “air”, “water”, “water source”, “lava”, “lava source”, “torch”, “redstone torch”, “redstone dust”, “door”, “iron door” and the pressure plates? Maybe vines and the handfull of flowers too, but that’s it, not so hard to check. Give me this block class name, is it in the list? no? then next block… putting a max deep search limit to prevent the thing to search to the infinite and it’s pretty much ready to wrap up.

      • Domochevsky

        Hm… something like that may be possible. Kinda sensible inworld, too, given the properties of ender pearls. (And expensive, as those are not easy to come by.)

      • A way to nerf it even more is that you pay half a heart for every block you go through, instead of it having a maximum range. Then, teleport too far and you end up dead, embedded inside a wall.
        Is this idea really ending up in the mod?

      • Now we are cooking! That impose a natural limit (19 blocks withough dying), and remarks the risky nature of the tool. Yeah, why not!

      • Plus,it makes sure you know where you’re going, instead of using it as a cave finder.

      • just a missing detail. Domochesky, if you end up coding something like this… make sure it can’t get through bedrock. There’s always a good reason not to cross bedrock…

  44. I found a flaw (or not) in this idea. If you have extra hearts (beyond 10) via a mod, or the absorption effect, will the “natural limit” still be 19 blocks, or will it extend further?

    • Not a flaw at all. Keep damaging one half a heart for each block you go deeper. Should you have more hearts because of having more health, then good to you, you can dig deeper. But you still have a limit.

      Hell, if domochevsky doesn’t code it, I may even try myself. Doesn’t sound as hard…

      • What about the Resistance effect? Would it protect you from Walljumper (WIP Name) damage?

      • Why should? It’s a magic type of damage, after all. I would just count how many blocks has to get through and apply damage in a linear fashion. No need for strange calculation, if you fail it’s a telefrag after all.

  45. Domochevsky

    Build 49 is up, standing there as maintenance/fix/enhancement build and the last one to have a backport for 1.6.4.
    (No new weaponry. Didn’t have the time to properly prototype the ones on my list.)

    • Hey, good to hear from you, Domochevsky!

      I was holding up the mod review update in case of extra weaponry… what do you think, there’s more new stuff in the next week or so, or should I start planning out the vídeo?

      • Domochevsky

        Hm, it’s unlikely that I’ll manage to do that by next week, what with all the other things I got on my plate, so just go ahead. :)

  46. hello do you trance all weapon in 1.6.4?
    who like idea to do gauss(rus)/coilgun(eng) in to the mod?
    wiki: (Please don’t paste entire wiki entries. >_> – EDITCHEVSKY)

    Like please this sooo god idea! and recipe is don’t be so do easy)

    • Domochevsky

      “trance”? (The backport of b49 has all the current weapons.)

      As for that gauss gun… I’m not entirely sure how to work that. Do we have the technology ingame to do something like that? Magnets? Electricity/Redstone? What else? Also, what would it do, apart from dealing damage at range? What’s the “hook”, so to speak? :)

      • sorry but i don’t have all weapon i have a :
        bow with quiver
        arrow mortar
        dragon mortar
        ender bow
        coilgun is
        electro-static magnets
        it accelerate cartridge to 3000mph
        db-diamond block
        r rr r
        db e o
        r rr r
        or you recipe
        cartridge is ender pearl
        sorry but my English is not so good(i’m rus)

      • and it sniper weapon :D

      • heldmaschine, you have a complete list of the weapons in this page. Check them, you will see that railgun thing is something already covered by the ender rifle.

        No, really, making a weapon is quite a lot of work, at least they should make a bigger difference than something that can be changed client side with a resource pack (I see no other difference, appart from item sprite and sound).

      • Domochevsky

        Mostly this, yes. The damage and zoom can be adjusted via config file and the icon changed. The Obsidian Wither Rifle also behaving similarly, except without the sniper option. :)

        (But why do you only have a few of those weapons?)

      • May I bet? May I? Let me gaaaamble a little, come one.

        I’m looking into my cristal ball. I’m focusing… yes, I see it now… I see he has some of the weapons.

        He has some of the weapons *in game*, he’s trying the crafting recipes from NEI withough looking at the documentation! For $deity shake, read the manual! xDD

      • Domochevsky

        Oh right, NEI… still not fixed, eh? Tsk, tsk. >_>

  47. Uff, I am getting a crash error. I am using this with an FTB modpack (Monster), so it’s probably a conflict, but I have tried changing IDs to free ones multiple times but that doesn’t seem to fix the problem. I really can’t understand this report. I would be glad if someone helped me out here. Thanks in advance!
    Crash error

    • Domochevsky

      Hm, lemme take a dive into that one and see what I can come up with….


      You are using the b49 Backport for 1.6.4.
      java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 32058 < - did you set the ID of one of the QB items to something higher than 32k? That's pretty damn high to be unable to find ANY free IDs. (It starts counting them up from 14k on first init if there is no config.) at com.domochevsky.quiverbow.Item_AllWeapons.init( < - this line is where the item gets its ID assigned, which gels with the array bounding exception. (ie, the number is too high in the config.) Ideally it'll help if you delete the quiverchevsky.cfg config file and let it count up IDs again until it finds free ones.

      • Alright, gona try that now.

      • That seems to have fixed my issue, thanks alot!

      • Domochevsky

        The Alot be praised. :D

      • You shall be alot from now on.
        Also, could you make something to split a butt-load of bonemeal around? i have a gigantic wheat field, and bonemealing it manually is a pain, and waiting for it is everything but manly.

      • Domochevsky

        A bonemeal sprayer, hm? I could adapt the Redstone Sprayer tech for that purpose. :)

        (Depending on which part is taking care of the “growth” mechanic. If it’s the crops instead of the bonemeal then that might be a bit more difficult.)

  48. Really amazing work. I kind of love you a little bit.

    The presentation, artwork and thought behind this are perfect.

    Well done.

  49. Great mod, really amazing!

    I found a incompatibility with the mod Rope+, if you could take a look it would be awesome!

    Anyway, your mod is awesome!

    • Domochevsky

      Thanks. :)

      (But what would I be looking at with Rope+? What part is incompatible?)

  50. So, how is build 50 coming? I can’t wait to see what other cool weapons you came up with…

    • Domochevsky

      Build 50 is likely gonna take a bit longer, due to the other stuff I got on my plate (and more importantly, not quite having the muse for it), but it still IS on my plate. :)

      • Great. Is there a list of currently planned features?

      • Domochevsky

        There is, but it’s currently a internal list of little order or formatting. Not sure if that’s useful in a public manner.

      • Sorry if this adds more to your plate, but how about a early game spear like lobbing weapon? It could have increased damage on passive mobs, but be fairly wimpy when used for defense. Or passive mobs could drop more loot from it…. or something. just a way to get a bit more meat from all my animals.

  51. I just downloaded this mod and installed it, but when i craft the quiver and bow none of my arrows shoot. I have it loaded up with 32 arrows, it draws back right before firing but when i release the button, no arrow flies. (other mods i have installed, Smart Moving, Treecapitator and minecraft comes alive.)

    • Domochevsky

      Huh, the last time that happened was with build 33, which is long outdated by this point. Are you using the latest b49?
      Some download sites still offer b33 due to them hosting the file (without permission) on their own servers.

      • hmmmm, it might be, i did download it from… I’ll look into it further and report back.

      • Domochevsky

        Skydaz… yeah, you definitely got b33 then. They’re one of those I specifically asked to update the version they got, if they had to host it on their own server, in their comment section.

        They didn’t answer, closing the comment section instead. (You can probably even see my comment there still.) >_>

        Get b49 from here instead. It contains twice as many weapons, too. :)

      • You were indeed right my good sir. I grabbed the 49 build uninstalled the mod from skydaz and replaced it with the 49, everything is working out again. thanks for pointing me in the right direction. :)

  52. Domochevsky

    Gentlemen. Build 50 is out. :)

  53. Domochevsky

    And while we’re at it: Build 51 is out, adding two more devices and fixing/changing a few things.

    • Apparently so is 52, is it a small bug fix?

      • Domochevsky

        A critical one, yeah. >_>

        The changelog
        – Made a slight adjustment to glass breaking. (Now a single glass block won’t stop a projectile entirely, at least for the high-power weapons.)
        – Made more squishy things breakable by being shot in the same process. (Among them: pumpkins.)
        – Fixed the Flint Duster being able to break bedrock. (Turns out it has a harvest level of 0; protecting itself from mining via the fact that it’s bedrock instead. So not at all.)

      • Breakable bedrock? Oh, wow, that’s a big fail by good old Notch! I don’t think he expected anyone else making code for Minecraft back then… is that flint excavator thing related to what I asked you? Can’t wait to give it a try.

        Nice to see an update the day I come back. Updating the modpack right now and preparing a new video somewhere this week or the next.

      • Domochevsky

        T-to be fair, I can’t quite remember. >_>
        (But it’s what I had in my notes for quite a while now, so odds are high that it is indeed.)

  54. Hey cann you make this build for 1.6.4

  55. Hey wasnt Online a loooooooooooong time ago.
    So i see theres a new update ;)

  56. Wow, lots of bug fixes of the last few days, good work man.

  57. WOOOOOOPS! Sorry, I wroke it again…

    Dragon mortar, direct hit right into a chicken. I was in creative, wasn’t the first shoot. Let me check if any mod swapped the normal chicken for their own version and I tell you in another comment.

    —- Minecraft Crash Report —-
    // Sorry :(

    Time: 28/06/14 17:34
    Description: Ticking entity

    java.lang.ClassCastException: com.domochevsky.quiverbow.Entity_Thrown cannot be cast to net.minecraft.entity.EntityLivingBase
    at com.domochevsky.quiverbow.Entity_Projectile.getThrower(
    at com.domochevsky.quiverbow.Entity_Projectile.doSmallRocket(
    at com.domochevsky.quiverbow.Entity_Projectile.onImpact(
    at com.domochevsky.quiverbow.Entity_Projectile.func_70071_h_(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.func_71190_q(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.func_71217_p(
    at net.minecraft.server.integrated.IntegratedServer.func_71217_p(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer$

    A detailed walkthrough of the error, its code path and all known details is as follows:

    — Head —
    at com.domochevsky.quiverbow.Entity_Projectile.getThrower(
    at com.domochevsky.quiverbow.Entity_Projectile.doSmallRocket(
    at com.domochevsky.quiverbow.Entity_Projectile.onImpact(
    at com.domochevsky.quiverbow.Entity_Projectile.func_70071_h_(

    — Entity being ticked —
    Entity Type: quiverchevsky.ProjectileEntity (com.domochevsky.quiverbow.Entity_Projectile)
    Entity ID: 32378
    Entity Name:
    Entity’s Exact location: -27,23, 64,93, 239,08
    Entity’s Block location: World: (-28,64,239), Chunk: (at 4,4,15 in -2,14; contains blocks -32,0,224 to -17,255,239), Region: (-1,0; contains chunks -32,0 to -1,31, blocks -512,0,0 to -1,255,511)
    Entity’s Momentum: -0,72, -0,19, 0,01

    • Ok, same effect against a 100% certified vanilla mob.

      I suspect it’s one of the rockets applying the fire effect to another rocket. May you check that, Domochevsky?

      • Ok, forget it, I’m dumb as fuck. I was two or three versions behind… with the latest version the bug doesn’t appear

      • Domochevsky

        *phew* Thought I had somehow not fixed that successfully as I kept reading along your comment chain… :)

      • I had just woke up from a really long night and had half the brain in standby. Took me three times to notice 53 instead of 55… sorry for the scare!

  58. I found a bug with forge version 1112,the Ender Rifle doesn’t work at all.
    (i can’t update my forge because it bugs with other mods)

    • Domochevsky

      ? What QB build are you using?

      • I have the same issue, and i have build 55

      • did a bit more research- found that the ender rifle bug goes back as far as build 52- love the mod though!

      • Domochevsky

        Hum… what exactly is the bug here? Does it not fire and not zoom? And is it only that one, none of the other weapons?
        (That sounds like a forge bug with that older version.)

      • It zooms, uses ammo, and the recoil is present, but no projectile fires- the bug is present in builds 55-52. so far it is the only weapon that has this error- frost lancer works fine- (i really need this fix- ender rifle is my main PVP weapon, until i can get to the nether)

      • Domochevsky

        That’s… hm. I don’t even know where to start looking for that bug. I got no idea how to reproduce that. o_O

        Are you the only person experiencing this on your server? Are you still hitting a target, even though no projectile is visible?

        Edit: Ah, sheeet… found and fixed it.

  59. Remember that bug with the ender rifle where you could throw it out and stay zoomed in? Seems that it has reappeared with the frost lancer. I was in creative mode, Btw.

  60. Domochevsky

    Build 56 is out, fixing stuff.

  61. Hi,

    I am updating my current modpack on the Astocky Team Launcher for 1.6.4 to 1.7.2 and I really think a couple of your mods would fit the pack well. I was hoping to get your permission to add Quiver Bow, Growth Tonic and Armour Smelter to the pack. Please check out the URL if you are interested in looking at the current version.

    Andrew aka astocky

    • Domochevsky

      Hmsure. Permission is given by default, assuming you give proper credit to every mod and author in that pack. Which you seem to do. So go ahead. :)

  62. could you make a gun ht shoots glass?

    • Domochevsky

      Glass… theoretically, yeah, but I’d need to think about what specifically to do with it. :)

      (Maybe as containment for laser/sunlight ammo… that would fit nicely into a plan I got.)

      • Or it could be another type of shotgun that doesnt do as much damage as the coin tosser but causes bleeding?

      • Domochevsky

        Hm, possible, but there is no bleeding effect in MC itself. Only poison and wither cause damage over time.

      • Ok then maybe change the particle colours but still cause wither?

      • Ok, this may be a garden…
        How easy is to make another potion effect? Is it just copy-past-change name classes in, or is it harder?

        If it’s easy, just copy the poison effect, change the name, increase the ticks between damages and/or reduce damage, change the duration.

        But I wouldn’t put it in the “shotgun”, the gold pellets are more like a blunt hit, more maleable. Obsidian shards, however… maybe that could make for another obsidian rifle update, alternative to the wither version. A bleeder obsidian rifle. Or a random effect to apply sometimes…

  63. Ern… am I the only one with sociopathic skeleton hunters in their spawn eggs? They fight each other withough previous attack! Maybe they are lone hunters, or they get spawned as angry against anyone xDD

    Good work, the only flaw I can say about them is they shoot all the weapons like they where a bow (single shoot, wait, single shoot…). Could they get to check their weapon for a “burst counter” or something like that? Something like “fire bullets, 4 ticks between bullets, 14 ticks cooldown” or similar. For the more machine gun like weapons (redstone sprayer, lapis coil).

    • Domochevsky

      I haven’t seen that sort of behavior before, so that might be something entirely on your end. o_O

      As for the weapon firing rate… I’m still researching into that and the AI that makes that happen.

      • Well, one of our server players is a really creative modafukah… Botania’s Heisei Dream flowers (aka “the traitor’s roses”) hidden one block under the backyard’s ground. I spawned the test mobs over a hidden field of flowers designed to turn mobs against each other. I don’t know why they take so many precautions. Like an admin where to spawn a heavy weapons skeleton in their backy… oh, wait.

        Well, good news! Quiver’s mob is 100% compatible with Botania! YAAAY!!
        I’m throwing myself out of that window now. Comming back later… ¬_¬

      • Domochevsky

        Y-yay…! \o/

        (What weird moddery. Botania, hm?)

  64. Have you tested the mod with 1.7.10 yet. I tried to see if it was compatible and got a CTD; so it would seem it is not. Let me know if you want any crash logs.

  65. Hello, I would like to request permission to use your Quiverbow mod in my PvP modpack. Is there anything specific that you require for me to obtain your permission? I did not notice any Modpack requirements listed on your Minecraft Forum post.

  66. I got a few ideas
    Eight headed dragon box shoots 8 dragon box missiles
    Arrow storm shoots a burst of 16 arrows
    Snow mortar like the arrow mortar but instead with snowballs

    • Domochevsky

      Hm, makes sense. Those are all relatively natural extensions of what we already got. :)

      ( I think a 8-headed Dragon Box is gonna be too heavy to lug around. D: )

      • What ones are u planning for your update

      • Domochevsky

        Hm, the next update is currently paused, since I got a bunch of other things on my plate. After that I’ll have to see again what’s on my list and work through that.

        (Ideally I’m also keeping an eye on balancing, for that matter. Turns out that shotgunning arrows is completely OP, due to the combined damage of all those arrows.)

      • potion weapons be a good idea do u agree
        and probably a toxin sprayer

      • Domochevsky

        Your spelling hurts me. :)

        That being said, potion-based weapons are certainly something to be explored. I just need to figure out what exactly.

        As for a toxin sprayer… that already exists in the form of the Redstone Sprayer.

  67. With 1.8 adding underwater temples and hostiles, what are your thoughts on an effective underwater weapon, such as a spear gun, or perhaps an upgrade to the Obsidian Spear Rifle, to make it more effective under water?

    Additionally (for your Shell Armor mod), a scuba helmet could prove to be a nice addition – perhaps using redstone dust to energize the water and extract oxygen (if you didn’t want to have air tanks, for example).

    • Domochevsky

      Hm… good question. I’ll definitely have to do something there. I’m just not sure yet what specifically.

      A scuba helmet sort of deal is absolutely on my list of things to do for that mod. Maybe I can fuel it with grass, to extract the oxygen out of that while under water? Or, actually… craft it with a tree sapling, so you got a tank with an oxygen producing plant on your back, fueled by bone meal. :O

      • If spear guns aren’t enticing enough, how about a torpedo? ;)

        Sapling and bonemeal is a brilliant idea – much more quirky than the typical mod.

      • Torpedo, as a speciallized version of the rocket launcher? Hmm… maybe. On the condition that the thing just falls to the ground and explodes if you try to shoot it out of water by accident! xDD

  68. Hi, when i tried out the ender bow once the arrow fired my game glitched and now everything is incredibly zoomed in. Please help. My game is fucked up now and it’s unplayable. Please help!

    • Domochevsky

      …weird, what version are you using? That shouldn’t happen since… ages ago. o_O
      (You can fix that by wiggling the FOV slider in your options a little.)

      • im using1 .7.10 but ill try tht fov slider thing and get back to you if it works or not

      • it worked thanks so much man :D

  69. Hello Domochevsky.I have your quiver bow mod for 1.7.2 and it’s amazing except when I tryed to use the ender bow item it zoomed in sooooo much it gave my game a game breaking glitch.It’s allways zoomed in and all I can see is my hotbar and my hand.I have tried to fix it but nothing works.I just need to know how to fix or I will have to buy a new minecraft account. Please please help.

    • Domochevsky

      Always zoomed in… dangit. How’d you manage to do that? Did it happen with the latest build?

      In any case, just wiggle your FOV slider to fix it. Your MC account has nothing to do with this technical issue. :)

  70. Thank you and sorry if I was impatient.It was in the latest build witch I think is 1.7.10 so maybe for the next update you shoud fix that ender bow glitch.By the way the lightning red gun is super op I love it!!!!!!!! Thank you

    • Domochevsky

      Hm, I’d love to fix that, but if I can’t reproduce the issue then that’s not happening. :S

      (Ha, OP, hm? It’s definitely quite high powered. Eats through redstone like a mofo, though.)

  71. Hi Domochevsky. I plan on using your quiverbow mod in an upcoming modpack I have been developing with some friends. I do plan to release it publicly. I just wanted to let you know of this. I have seen the other comments where you have given permission for it to be used so long as they gave a link back this page and will do the same unless you say otherwise. If you have any problems with these actions I will happily accommodate.

  72. Domochevsky

    ‘s cool. :)

  73. i used the ender bow now i cant see anything?

  74. Domochevsky.
    I am Posting here to attempt to inform you of my intent to add your Mod Quiverbow to a pack I am putting together called Harmonic Ascension, or HA! for short. The logical expansion of vanilla minecraft mechanics is both simple to use in play, and awesome in application. It is our intention to include it in our testing pack, and if it meshes well in play testing, add it to the finished pack.
    If you approve (or I suppose disapprove), or have any questions, comments or concerns, please don’t hesitate to let me know either here, or at my personal email.


    • Domochevsky

      Sounds cool. You know what to do in regards to crediting, so have fun shooting creepers. :D

    • Domochevsky

      Hangonaminute…! Harmonic Ascension… Resonant Rise…. *cogwheels*

      …I just got that connection. Collusion? :O

      • It was at the time, we were hitting bumps on the project, and have since parted ways over a difference of opinion on how people should be treated.

      • Domochevsky

        Huh, weird stuff.

      • yeah, lets avoid the drama.

  75. Crash Report

    So shot an openblocks luggage with a quiverbow crossbow arrow, and apparently the soul generated and produced this.

    • Domochevsky

      Hm… nothing I can do about that, I think. My classes aren’t even in that stacktrace.

      java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: net/minecraft/client/Minecraft
      at lumien.randomthings.Entity.EntitySoul.func_70067_L(
      Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: Attempted to load class bao for invalid side SERVER

      You should take this to the maker of that luggage mod. :) (Lumien of “random things”? Looks like that mod tried to load something server-side that only exists on client-side.)

      • Already took it to everyone. Standard practice for bug reporting, even when we can make pretty good guesses about what’s happening from the crash report.

  76. I have a server side crash for you with QuiverBow build 60:

    MC: 1.7.10
    Forge: 1231
    QuiverBow: build 60 (experimental)

    Server Crash Log:

    Build 60 Does work fine in the client this only happens with the server.
    b57 is working fine on both ;).

    Also I am wondering if I could request permission to include this mod in the Resonant-Rise 3 mod pack when it goes public?

    GodNero – RR3 Pack Dev

    • Domochevsky

      Hm… interesting. *adds it to the list*

      As for your mod pack: sure. You know what to do in regards to crediting mod authors. …just make sure to use b57 for now, not the experimental b60. ;)

      (RR3, eh? What changed there from RR2? I do vaguely remember QB being denied for RR2 when it was brought up.)

      • Most of the changes are who is doing the Dev work, in this Case I am heading up RR3 development, though I still turn to the others for their opinions when and where possible. Sadly even though I am asking for permissions now doesn’t mean that something comes up later that will make us remove it later, that said I have a plan for QuiverBows that should make it be a welcome fit with the way we are restructuring the modpack.

        In regards to Mod creators and proper credting, ATL helps us to ensure that we have that sorted, but if there is anything else in particular that ATL dosen’t or won’t cover please don’t hesitate to let me or the others know.

        If you IRC you can find me Lurking in #rr on (I am one of the OPs there) or the forums, you can PM myself or the rest of the Dev team. ;)

      • Domochevsky

        ATL… remind me, what does that stand for?

        (I do indeed IRC. In fact, I think I may have been in that channel at some point ages ago, when QB in RR2 was on the table. Might be a good time to go there again and check out what you people have thought up for RR3.)

      • ATL – ATLauncher… the AT I honestly haven’t a clue. At any rate here is the our YogscastCompletePack page that ATLauncher sets up after we publish a public version as an example of the information on mods, developers, and their respective sites given.

        Sorry would have given you RR2’s but Yogs was the first on the list and still a pack that we maintain.

        Oh and as for the ICR, I usually drop the “God” part and just go by Nero easier to type and much less pretentious.

      • Note to self, helps if you actually post the link you say your going to post.

      • Domochevsky

        I was wondering about that part, yes. :D

        …man, there’s a lot of stuff in that pack. oO

  77. I have to ask for it. Can we get some way to deploy these awesome weapons in block form? Say like a dispenser?

    • Domochevsky

      In block form… you mean triggerable by a redstone signal, shooting out in one of the four directions? I got something similar to that on my list, as it were, but that might still take a while. Things be complicated. :)

  78. Tester reports:

    Ender bow guide arrows fall faster than normal arrows, making it not very useful.

    Nether bellows flames seem to go no distance, making it hard not to burn yourself.

    Four-headed dragon box seems to send the fourth rocket a much longer distance, riding on the explosion of the other three.

    Four-headed dragon box is very good for rocket jumping, may not be intended.

    Four-headed dragon box is very addictive to play with in creative mode, may want to add a long fall boot type of thing to make it useful or fun way to travel in survival.

    • Domochevsky

      1. Hm, the enderbow predictive projectiles… oh, I see. Yeah, they’re about 30% slower than regular arrows due to an oversight of mine (another one of those oddities in MC…). Will be fixed in the next version, thanks. >_>

      2. No distance? Weird. Did you delete your config before upgrading? The speed may have changed since the last build. Can’t reproduce that currently. (I presume you are using b72.)

      3. Huh, interesting detail that. I’m ok with that. :)

      4. Inorite? Entirely unintended, but I’m down with that as well. :D

      5. I may have to add something like that to Shell Armor, yeah. (But then again, there are some high profile mods that add something like that themselves, so maybe not.)

  79. Good Timezone!

    I am respectfully requesting permission to use your mod in my private modpack, BreakfastBuffet. I do plan on applying for it to be a public pack at some point, it’s just not quite to that point yet. I, and my players on my servers, have spent quite a bit of time testing this pack and adding/removing mods, changing configs, etc… to make it just how we like it. If you approve, i will of course link back to this website for others to visit here. I use the ATLauncher to distribute my private pack, which ensures we properly credit all mod authors by name and website, not that i wouldn’t do otherwise.

    Here is a link to my modpack:

    I look forward to hearing back from you!

    • Domochevsky

      Sure, go ahead with that.

      (What a curious name. “Get up, eat breakfast, kill, kill, kill, lunch, kill …” :D )

      • We were rebranding our server group, and we did it on a saturday morning when we were hungry, so BreakfastCraft became a thing! then my private pack was made for my server group, so BreakfastBuffet just seemed to fit perfectly! hahaha.

        Thanks for the permissions!

  80. Any chance we could get ammo as opposed to crafting the ammo back? Or just make that a small addition.

    • Domochevsky

      Whadda ya mean?

      • Like, Possibly a config file where you wouldn’t have to craft the guns with the ammo to reload. Maybe a clip system or just taking the ammo from your inventory to fire.

      • Domochevsky

        Nah, crafting is the Way of Steve. That’s unlikely to change. :)
        (For what it’s worth, 3 weapons are already using clips of sorts, and in creative mode you don’t use ammo at all.)

      • Really? Which ones?

      • Domochevsky

        The Auto-Crossbow uses 1 arrow bundle for 8 shots, the Frost Lancer uses 1 cold iron clip for 4 shots and the Sugar Engine uses 1 stick/cane bar for a maximum of 200 shots. They all got in common that one reloading action will fill them up fully and that they can fire multiple shots before requiring reload.

  81. Would it be possible to change the text to white so i can see it better because i struggled to find the version i wanted

    • Domochevsky

      What text specifically? White text on a white background would likely not help much.

  82. If it’s all right, I would like permission to use QuiverBow in my pack “Quester’s Rest.” This pack has not been released to the public yet, but I will seek public release via Feed The Beast after all permissions needed have been granted or denied.

    My pack “Quester’s Rest” will feature several RPG and dimensional mods such as Shadow World, The Mists of RioV, and Twilight Forest, but will also contain mods like Thermal Expansion, Thaumcraft, and Carpenter’s Blocks that appeal to a larger audience. I seek to customize the pack by including custom mob drops (from Lycanite’s Mobs), custom dungeon chest drops (from Too Much Loot & Battle Towers), and custom structures (from Ruins). I will also use Hardcore Questing Mode in order to add more than 200 custom quests to the game.

    I look forward to your consideration.

    • Domochevsky

      Sure. Permission to use my mods in packs is granted by default, under the assumption that you credit the author (me) and link to my site, in the usual fashion. :)

      • As it stands now, Quester’s Rest will not be released. After consideration, I have decided to begin anew with a new pack called Devious Mechanics. This pack will still contain the quests, structures, and custom loot, but it will be based around balancing OreSpawn (no small task, right? =D) against popular tech mods such as Thermal Expansion and Applied Energistics 2. The pack will rely on MineTweaker, among others, for balance.

        May I have permission to use QuiverBow in this pack instead?

      • Domochevsky

        Ah, bummer that. The amount of modpacks where you do the same things with the same tech mods is unfortunate, but if you can make it work then more power to you. :)

        (That default permission stands, of course.)

  83. I love your mod, and I would like to add a suggestion. I was thinking that you could add a gun that consumes torches as ammunition (I dunno if you would like to add torch bundles, but it would be pretty cool). This gun could also set the targets on fire. It could be low damage and high rate of Fire, or low damage with a relatively long DOT effect. P.S. I like the idea of using mundane items being useful, and I always have plenty of Torches lying around.
    I hope that you take this into consideration and have a pleasant day.

    • Again Matt here, just thinking, what about a potion launcher? You could make a gun that launches potions medium-to-long range distance instead of having to get close range to throw a splash potion(Also thinking that if you actually hit the mob with the potion you could do bonus damage). This would effectively eliminate the chance of splashing yourself. The gun would be able to use various potions as ammo (Also I think potion bundles would be neat!) Such as Weakness, Poison, Harming, or good potions like Regeneration, and Healing.
      If that helped in any, way, shape, or form, that makes me happy. Have a good day

      • Or implement a Torch Rifle that uses Torches as ammunition and Sets the targets on fire,

      • Domochevsky


        Torch Gun
        Lesse… this particular niche seems already filled by the Nether Bellows (the “set targets on fire” bit), and mid range lighting is done by the Fen Fire (which is weak on the “fire” side, admitedly). Torches by themselves are just sticks and (char)coal, which are used by other weapons, and used more effectively better.

        What would this device do, incidentally? Damage targets and set them on fire at mid range? That’s what an arrow with fire enchantments does. So what I’d have to technically do there is make a bow or crossbow that loads burning arrows into them, or modify the existing crossbows to allow loading fire arrows (arrow + torch) into them.

        I suspect we’ve entirely outgrown the need for torches at this point in technology. :)

        Potion Launcher
        I had something like that on my mind for a while now. Figuring out how to use potions in weapon design to encourage their use, but merely launching them further than you can throw them seems… insufficient. I’m divided there.

      • How do you feel about a Sugar Engine Mortar or an Obsidian Splinter Mortar (Perhaps with a wither Mortar)? (Also I’m just spit balling some Random thoughts). Or…
        … A lava Cannon (Fires a Bucket of Lava)
        … A Weapon that causes mobs to attack each other
        … A Weapon that uses Block of TNT that will push back mobs and/or can damage them.
        Have a nice day!

      • Domochevsky

        Sugar Engine Mortar… that thing would be empty 8 times faster, wouldn’t it? (How’d it work, though? Mortars don’t exactly spray ammo in the same way the engine does.) :)

        Lava Lobber: Tempting. *cogwheels* (the science would be the same as with an Aqua Accelerator, I suspect.)

        “A Weapon that causes mobs to attack each other” – No idea how to do that currently, due to how vanilla AI works. Or how the tech behind that would even begin to work. :S

        “A Weapon that uses Block of TNT that will push back mobs and/or can damage them.” – That sounds like a variant of the Powder Knuckle, which already does some solid explosions. Dunno about the “push back” part.

      • A Sugar Engine Mortar would fire out rapid fire Sugar Rods, That would Fragment into smaller Sugar Rods.

        You are really good at Programming, so I suspect that you could easily program a Lava Launcher.

        As for the Gun that turns mobs against each other, (lets call it the Insanity Gun), I do know it’s possible to get hostile mobs to fight each other (Check out the “Brainless Enderman” from the End mod

      • i think lava launcher what work like aqua accelerator will be op not to mention what nightmares for serwers this will be

        sugar engie mortar should be not too hard to make but it lack of some logic because normal sugar engie can give far more dps and cover crowd control function

  84. Yeah, I regretted the Torch Gun Idea as soon as i posted it. Well Thanks for responding.
    Have a nice day. :D

  85. P.S. This is one of the Most AWESOME Mods I’ve ever used. Great job!

  86. I have idea, what about glass bomb launcher (cant think some awesome name) something like dragon box but instead of fire explosion spawn some damaging glass shards what can do some damage ammo should be rocket bundle + glass maybe glass panels only negative thing about that is that dragon mortar cover scattered firework attack now
    this need some update for dragon box too because glass is fragile so maybe add wool or slimeball inside barrel to make sure that glass do not shatter in barrel

    • Domochevsky

      Hm… yeah, this would pretty much already be covered by the Dragon Mortar, or even the regular Arrow Mortar. “Scatter on impact”. I do plan on doing something with glass at some point, but I’m not entirely sure what yet.

  87. Hi, we would like to request permission to use your mod in our modpack, if this is the correct place to do so anyways :) The Trinity Mod pack aims to encompass 3 different aspects of gameplay: War, Magic, and Tech, while attempting to provide a more balanced, progressive experience. We have applied to the ATLauncher for public release over a month ago, but are still waiting for a response. If you would like to know any more information on our pack in order to help make your decision we are more than happy to provide it. Here is a link to our current permissions/ mod list sheet :

    Thank you very much for this great mod, and for your time in considering letting us use it :)

    Editchevsky: Stripped the link out, since you need a google account to see what’s behind it. Bad form, that. >_>

    • Domochevsky

      Sure, permission for that is granted by default. You know how crediting works and all that. :)

      • I do know how crediting works, and thank you very much! I will be sure to include a link back to the mod website and give credit to you where appropriate. :)
        p.s. Sorry about the link, but you actually do not need a Google account to view it, just double checked =) I am new to forum posting lol, so apologies.

  88. Hey Domo, this mod has been a real Blast to play (sorry. couldn’t resist the bad pun in there :-P). I just had a couple suggestions to the mod that might make it even more enjoyable to play.

    First off is the sprites for the quiver bow and the ender bow. I do realize that both weapons are meant to be upgrades to the regular bow. However, when I was playing i starting thinking “Man, these weapons would be amazing with updated sprites on them.” What I’m basically saying is that instead of the Bow with Quiver being just a standard bow cocked to separate it from the Minecraft bow, just add a light orange surrounding the bottom of the weapon to look like it has a quiver tied to it or something to that extent. The Ender can also be given something to separate it from the others, like a sort of scope with green accents on both ends to make it seem more like it has an ender scope. Just an idea, agian.

    Second, the seedling. As an avid watermelon lover i just think making this weapon was genious. It’s cheep to make while also showing zombies a thing or two about farm firepower (although I prefer the Potatosser for that gig :-)) However, one thing about this armament made me a little down-shed; the damage. When I first picked up this weapon, I already knew it was outclassed in every way by other firepower, but really? Only 1 point of damage per shot? My fists do the same amount of damage. Yeah, you could say the weapon is ranged and cheap to make: but does anyone want to use two melons and three sugar cane to not even kill one zombie? All I’m asking is to bring the damage up 1 point. That way zombies die and theres some for seedling offensively.

    Well, that’s really all I had to say, besides have a good day and thanks for one of the most creative ranged weapon mods in existence!!! :-)

    P.S. I know i said this already twice above, but I really am thankful for all the work you’ve put into this mod. It’s things like the mods you’ve made that keep modded Minecraft from being overrun by tech mods and alike. Really, great job on the mods and I hope you like the suggestions I’ve given! God Bless you! B-)

    • Domochevsky

      We appreciate puns around here. ;)

      Lesse… yeah, I should really update the bow textures at some point. They’re somewhat legacy items by this point, still being bows.

      I do wonder what could be done for the Seedling to at least give it enough power to kill a single zombie… hm. (Technology-wise, I mean. Give it an upgrade that gives it a rifle size, with a whole bunch more seeds to fire? Like, stack 6 instead of 2 melons into it. Still outclassed by most other things, but is an upgrade.)

      Also, good to hear that you like it. I don’t get feedback often enough in general. :D

  89. Great glad you liked my suggestions! B-) I just thought I’d to share my thoughts on the mod and what i thought would make it better!! Really all of your mods are very diverse and make for a good play experience, especially when accomponied by. MC+ and such. I would really like to see shell armor and armor smelter updated to 1.7.10 so i could give those a try and see if weapon + armor truly = awesome sauce.Anyways, thanks for the quick feedback and expect more ideas from me on the future ( I could sure go for something that uses up all my flesh, spider eye and bones laying around ;-)). See ya!!!!! B-) %)

    P.S. Sorry if this comes off with some typos. :-P I’m sending this from my phone that recently got cracked on some payment ( Double :-P. )

    • Domochevsky

      Oh yeah, incidentally, Shell Armor and Armor Smelter should work for .10 as well. At least I haven’t seen any complaints yet. (They’re both a bit neglected though, out of time. >_> )

  90. Also, absolutely enjoy the lightning red! Like seriously that thing is amazing:-} Not good on Creepers, but with all the Redstone collected, i don’t really worry about any standard-class mob any more {:-)

  91. P.P.S. I’ve done some testing, and it appears that the Auto-Crossbow doesn’t fire at all. Just a bug I thought you might want to look at :-) Have a good morning!!!

  92. Never mind I learned about the shift-click (man, I’m having an overload of derps today ;-P)

    • Domochevsky

      You’d be surprised just how many people miss that particular feature… (by not reading the item description.) >_>

  93. Yeah sorry about that. Got a little caried away in creative mode, shooting everything in sight. But I’m serious when I say you outdid it with the lightning red. It’s hands down my favorite modded weapon. :-)

    • witch large amout of redstone is good to kill witcher just get safe obsidian bunker where you can reload

  94. Hey it’s me agian!!! Just wanted to add one little suggestion as far as weapons go..

    Well, i know i hinted at this earlier this month, but i really want to see a monster drop weapon(s) of some design. I was thinking of a weapon which uses a kind of “monster role” made with rotten flesh, spider eye and bone. Create a clip that carries the monster rolls 8-12 at a time and can be reloaded on the field. The weapon can be very versatile when you have stacks upon stacks of undead resources filling up every chest ehich lets agree is a problem for many. Agian, just an idea to be put into focus.

    • Domochevsky

      Hm… I’m not entirely sure what to do with that. It sounds like something that should deal poison in some capacity, firing Häggar-type meat haunches of rot and disease. Unfortunately poison in Minecraft is pretty weak, being useless both in speed and killing power. Not quite seeing that dealing much damage either (but at least the bone itself could be sharpened). :S

      So hum… what do.

      • poisoned bone darts in magazine made out of rotten flesh? why not (alslo poison CAN be usefull, it bypass armor)

      • Domochevsky

        Hm… true, it DOES bypass armor. Which is its only useful property. (The undead are still immune to poison, though, so it’s not even good against armored zombies.)

  95. Also thank you for the awesome mods and i hope to see more updates and mod ideas in the future. God Bless you, Domoshevsky!!! :-)

    • Domochevsky

      I’d like to see more updates as well, but given how my time is currently divided… might not happen that soon. :)
      (I do wonder if I shouldn’t make this open source, to give others a chance to add to it, via github.)

  96. I can see the difficulty, making the mod updated and all, but do i think it should be open sourced? I don’t have a clue for that at all. B-P But I do agree that the poison in Minecraft is ineffective for survival and nearly useless agianst the standard dangers of the night. That why i was thinking of a “detonate on impact” sort odf idea. Maybe if you add some gunpowder to the monster roll it could have a “shock and awe” effect where the spider eye in the front acts as a detonator, causing flesh shrapnel and bone shards to go all over the place. That way it can be a more effective “hoard ripper” with a little more direct use than the Sugar Engine or Dragon Box/ Mortar. Maybe then it would be a little bit more useful? I think. \B-)

  97. P.S. Didn’t build 78 only come out less than a week ago? I think that is the fastest updating of a mod out of beta I’ve seen in a long time. Keep it up. ;-) :-))) :-) }B-))

    • Domochevsky

      Yeah, but that wasn’t a new weapon. That’s just a minor modification, for Ancient Warfare 2 compatibility (which has yet to commit that fork back into the main stream >_> ).

  98. How about just something that just uses the bones. My brother and i have been brainatorming and he came up with “Bone and Arrow” Not sure your take on this. Maybe a crossbow? Agian, i’m just spitballing ideas.. (maybe add a flintn the weapon) ?:-<<

    • Domochevsky

      Hm… I have been keeping my eye on bones for a while now, but I have yet to come up with something viable for them. We are somewhat past the “bow” level in weapon design by this point, too. What could bones do that regular sugarcane wrapped sticks can’t… shrapnel? Might fit into another weapon design I have on my list. (A sticky grenade thrower of sorts. Might fit well there.)

  99. … To sharpen he bones :-¿-}

  100. Oh… that might be a good idea. With the whole “shrapnel” concept you could make a pretty cool weapon with a lot of potential uses and alike.

  101. Please tell… :-)

    • Domochevsky

      Hm, not much to tell really, except that it works similarly to the FenFire’s little glowstone nubs. They don’t like it when you get close. :)

  102. Awesome! Now creepers get a little more of a taste of what it feels like to be unexpectantely be blown up from behind :-D But in all seriousness, that is an unbelievably good idea for a timer type weapon. It could also be good for a trap idea I’ve been cocking up in my brain recenrly. :-}

    Anyways, I just came back to a) check if my comment was answered and b) to suggest (yeah, i know) a new weapon idea. This time it comes from the idea for a use for rotten flesh. Now, very recently i was looking for ways of using rotten zombie flesh fpr more than just dog food and alike. Looking deeper into it, I noticed that because flesh is greasy and filled with decaying rot, it might actually be very flamable. Add to that that it also contains enough weight to be lobbed a long distance given enough power from a piston tech of some kind, I predict that when added with netherack you could create a sort of lond distance “flame baller” some way. Agian, just a theory I’ve got and a useful weapon that puts rotten flesh to a better use of some kind. ?:-))

  103. By the way, thank you for being so efficient as comment posting goes. I really apreciate how much time and effort you’re putting in to make both he mod better and making people feelcwell recieved and understood as far as ideas and suggestions/ permission goes! :))

  104. By the way, what time zone are you in ( to know whens a good time to know when to bring up these ideas)? :-)

  105. You’re German? Always wondered if that time clock was accurate B-) By the way, haow l8are your nights (you seem to stay up around midnight normally) …

    • Domochevsky

      My sleep schedule tends to be boned by default, since I run internally on more than 24h, which makes that difficult to coordinate with a regular day. Half the time that makes me nocturnal. >_>

  106. Well at least that means that people in America like me can know that it doesn’t matter if it’s 3.00 our time and 10;00 your time: you get it done! :-)

  107. Recently came with (yeah, agian (gotta get a life ;))) another weapon idea. Well, I was looking at my crops and such , and realized that carrots really aren’t the most useful crop in the field. Why not try to make a projectile out of it?:-) this weapon comes from the “crops are cheap to make good ammo” -type idea. The way i was thinking might be a good way to make the armament effective is instead of using just standard carrots, why not make an upgraded version of the weapon that fires Golden Carrots!!! Thart way the weapon will not be as cheap but add a little “something” to the ammunition to give it more damage. Agian, this is just a comedic weapon and not meant for the “Go and battle the Ender Dragon” type mindseta. :))

    • Domochevsky

      … (gotta get a life ;)) …

      Something wrong with your current one? ;)

      Lesse… golden carrots, hm? Certainly something that hasn’t been used yet and can do some damage (pointy and hard). According to the wiki it takes a carrot and 8 gold nuggets to make one, though, making this more of a gold based weapon. You need 8 times as much gold as you have carrots, which is an inacceptable imbalance for a farmer. :S

      The other question would then also be “what unique feature would be we add to this?”, to which I don’t really have an answer yet.

      • Well, as far as golden carrots go, 8gold nuggets is literally almost one ingot, – a nugget. That being said, I’d imagine that golden carrots are somewhat afforable as one INGOT=1 carrot. But i can understand this concept becuase gold is a somewhat rare material. How about this; golden carrots are definity not as accessible in vanilla Minecraft, so why don’t we make them a reclaimable ammo. Also, why not make a normal “carrot cannon” to begin with? As far as ideas for an added effect for goldenarrots, i have no clue. Let me think on that, concedering the massive amount of time I find myself thinking on this. I’ll look into how a golden carrot is a good idea for a projectile and why it would be a good next move to take in the way of tech.

      • Okay! Just think a way for the weapon to be of some use besides considered damage. Endstone changes the properties of it’s ammo, true? Well, why not make endstone change a golden carrot from something that make night-vision to blindness when a target is struck. This makes it moreofa hit- and. run weapon for when that 1/2heart make you a little on edge. What do you think? B-)

      • Domochevsky

        …hum. I don’t think vanilla mobs are even affected by blindness. >_>
        (The Redstone Sprayer deals it, together with some other effects.)

        Playing into the “Vision” aspect of carrots might be an idea, though, but how… especially with endstone. (Go in observer mode of whever you shoot with this until the effect runs out? That would be tough to code, but certainly unique. Not a weapon, though. And… I guess not all that useful, since your body would still be standing around somewhere, probably.)

      • Okay well, hm.. wait for a sec while I think it out… darn blindness inefficient on mobs… :-£

  108. And agian, I’m typing this on my battered phone, so realize there might be grammar errrror as..

    • Domochevsky

      Does it also prevent you from stacking comments via the “Reply” button on the right under your avatar? ;D

      • Somwtimes. Other times it does, but most of the time he lag that i get by trying to reply, along with me having a less than average-sized phone makes it somewhat difficult to click on little things. B-/

      • Also I don’t remmber sometimes:-P

      • Oh, and since my phone is little, the comments continually shrink ’til they’re literally just one word per line going down like list connected to a line, which is what the textbox is… B-//

      • …or has become… -_-)

  109. P.S. I believe #RemembertheSeedling! 8-)

    • Domochevsky

      Ha, duly noted. I’m still pondering what exactly to do with a potential upgrade there.

      • Oh, I was thinking about this earlier tonight and figured, “y’know, the seedling is basically just gun meant to fire melon seeds and be biodegradable. Why not take just take away the bio-degradable aspect and just seeds? Here’s my thought; why not make a weapon that looks more like that of a standard rifle, but fires seeds (normal seeds) via a clip that’s reloaded in the crafting bench (Steve got a thing for his work table ;-)) the clip carries 64 seeds each, and the weapon can be loaded with 1clip at a time. The added effect of this weapon is that since the seeds are so light-weight, theres no reason for a piston to do the dirty-work. Instead, two to three pistons are used to push are through the barrel like a blowpipe, causing rapid fire action like a machine gun, rather then something like the Sugar Engine, which is a gatling gun. Now, i know sugar rods could be used as a much more effective ammo for such a device, but maybe seeds could be used due to be both light-weight and plentiful? Let me see what you think of this whole thing. Agian, I’m just trying to make the Seedling more recognizable and the farmer more defended from hostiles of the night… and pwlests ( but I think staying in 1.7.10 is a better option for now, since mod authers are staying in that area for the moment ;-)) !

      • BTW, I meant air instead of are and pests(rabbits) instead of pwlests. :-)

      • Domochevsky

        Hm, funny that you mention that. I’ve actually solved that particular issue today. (Still need to make the model, though.) I think I’m gonna call it the Seed Sweeper, because we like us some puns around here. :)

        (An overall unremarkable device with nothing special about it, but has good capacity and is simple to construct.)

        Also, yes, I’ll likely stick with 1.7.10 for a while as well, given the direction MC/Forge is taking in regards to their modding API.

      • Wow, great! You sure are fast with answers here!! :-)

      • if it use magazines maybe give ability to fill it with both melon and pumpkin seeds (maybe even wheat seeds?)

      • Domochevsky

        Way ahead of you. ;)

  110. Actually why not putting already thought up ideas on your website as “possible upcoming features” or “to be researched”. That way people know what ideas have already been concidered and suggestions are more effective at either new ideas for already planned items or new weapons in general. Just asking if that would work for you or if you wouldn’t want the pressure and just keeping the plans to your own eyes only:-)

    • Also, what about tweaking the crossbows to be a wee bit littler. When I carry a crossbow around it feels a tad bit . huge. :-)

      • Domochevsky

        The model’s a bit big, hm? Tsk tsk. I’ll make a note of that. :)

      • Just trying to make a mod a littlee better :-).(However this is your mod and not my own, so you call the shots ;-))

      • P.S. just was looking through the comments and realized someone already asked the same “recent upcoming features” thing before. Sorry. :-)

      • Actually, the bowsseem fine in size due to how large other weapons are in comparison. Why not just make the side, “wings” lets call them, curl back when the weapon is ready to be fired. It might take some work, but it’ll make the weapon look a little bit better when it’s loaded. :-)

      • I mean crossbows, of course. ;-) :-)

      • Domochevsky

        Mh, modeling that would be a pain, since this stuff is made with what amounts to blocks. No curved surfaces; just straights that need to be clevery aranged/cheated. :)

      • How about just bending back the blocks on the outsidewhen the weaponis cocked,causingit to looklike it has tesion behind the projectile. ;-)

      • ..and nowi can’t read what i just saidbecause my phone has just turned it intoletters in a vertical line… :-9

      • Domochevsky

        Your phone isn’t wide enough for nested comments, I guess. <_<

      • Eh, it’s fine.At least it’s not like it deletes the comments. :-)

      • plus, probubly getting a new phone (concidering the “batteredness of this one I’m using :-)))

  111. just what is happening to the comments right now?

    • Domochevsky

      I’m messing with plugins, to figure out how to handle the nearly 400 comments on this post. Do not be afraid. :)

  112. I can be translated into other languages?

  113. BTW, I was just thinking about the powder Knuckle and the modified powder knuckle, and realized they don’t have 3 D models yet? Are you planning on making the 3 D? Please tell me. :-)

    • Domochevsky

      Hm, I don’t know, actually. I didn’t plan to, since there’s little that can be done with them beyond making them blocks in a vague fist shape.

      • What about a bunch of little blocks together to make a sort of brass knuckles design. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then why not just make the powder knuckles come down a little when the player is wearing them so in multiplayer it looks a wee bit better. :)

      • Domochevsky

        I suppose it might be a decent idea in general to make some actual glove or knuckle device out of it, instead of something you hold in your hand.

      • Yeah, but maybe you could also look into further research in that field or even start looking into CLOSE RANGE weaponry, instead (I’m suggesting a whole new mod, of course ;-))
        (If you’re up to that)))

      • Domochevsky

        Nah, Balkon’s got that angle pretty well covered. :)

      • Yeah that and Tinkers Construct and Quiverbow make Minecraft go from weapon scarcity to armament royalty! ;-)

  114. Well, good morning :) (or evenibg for where you are ;-))) Just came back to say a few words to encourage you and possibly add a little light to your day. First off, I have to thank you for both listening to not only my suggestions, but other people’s suggestions as well. Secondley, thank you for keeping the mod alive and bringing something great to the overall Minecraft community! Lastly, thanks for being fluid in both German and English, becuase then a lot of people (me included) could not both enjoy the wonderful explanations for the mods content and keep coming back for not information, but a goog, flavorful mod with an actual storyline behind it. So, Thank You, and keep up allthe wonderful work here and all throughout here!!! :-)

    • BTW, I meant evening instead of evenibg and good instead of “goog” ;-). Have a nice day!!! :-D)-(

      • Domochevsky

        Certainly appreciated. :)

        (There’s a good chance that a new update will be out today, actually. Still gotta do some stuff and update some lore beforehand, though.)

      • Thank You, ‘evsky! Can’t wait!!/:-)

  115. Seed sweeper away!! This weapon looks like a weapon I’ll be using quite often. Thanks!!! :-)

    BTW, I’m not a farmer, but an adventurer. I like big builds and decent weapons, for that adventuring spirit you sometimes need in Minecraft! Keep it all up!! :-D

  116. Just came back, and I must say, the Seed sweeper is genius!!! :-) Can’t wait for more to be added! But when I was playing, I did notices problems. First off, the Ray of Hope has no Texture. Literally, it doesn’t! It’s just a blank black and purple box around the model. Second… well, I guess that’s it. Again, Thanks!!! :-)

  117. Hey just came back from a test run recently and I must say the Obsidian weaponry has really improved. Plus, since I play in multiplayer with a couple people and my brother loves to fight BIG MOSTERS, it’s nice to know that I now have a way of sparing him from certain obliteration without having to sacrifice myself in the process(Hydra in Twilight forest is one of the most difficult beasts to kill when you’re burning because of the progression system. :-))) Anyways, thank you once agian and God Bless You!! :P.S. Thanks for the first reason to really farm nether stars. At least we have a reason to now!!! ;-)

  118. Just came back from an expedition to the nether. I must say that the obsidian upgrade has vastly increased overall performance. However, while hunting down blazes and ghasts, it occurred to me that the nether has a wide variety of resources, but none of them are efficiently used to the extent of weaponry. UI immediately recognized, then, that there’s a good amount of Minecraftians who’s sole survival lies in the nether. Then the thought occurred to me: why give overworlders all the cool weapons? Introducing a weapon that would be fully buildable and and reloadable using nether materials would solve this dilema while also allowing “nether-Castaways (people unable to escape the nether or have gotten lost in the dismass place)” a way to fight back effectively Agianst ghasts. What about a weapon with a barrel completely made from Blocks of Quarts with a nether brick body and a netherquarts handle. It would require some sort of ammunition that could be obtained in the nether naturally (Blaze rods and fire charges seem good ;)), making the weapon mostly, if not completely craftable outside of overworld reach. What are your thoughts on such a device.

    • P.S. I forgot to add that this weapon might require a new form of firing mechanism due to the inability in the nether to aquire the materials to make a piston/ sticky piston. Flint could be an answer if using fire charges :) Possibly a ghast tear trigger. Let me know if this is a possibility and not just an idea off the table. :-)

      • Domochevsky

        A ghast tear trigger… it’s pretty much a drop of water. How’d you even hold that? >_>

        (The nether really lacks basic components to make anything at all. That’s an entirely different tech tree.)

    • Domochevsky

      …iunno. There’s barely anything in the nether. I’m already using netherrack for the Nether Bellows and some quartz here and there for various stuff in minor capacities. Plus, blaze rods for the Blaze Crossbow. Dunno what else is there. (There’s not even any ore.) :)

      Oh, and good to hear about the obsidian weaponry. \o/

      • Well, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s no hope for the nether. How about a weapon that uses a piston or 2 for firing the projectile and the standard trip for a trigger, but the rest is made out of nether brick and quartz. Sounds legit? :)

      • Plus, you gotta use fire charges for SOMETHING. They’re begging to be used. How about? that? :)

      • Domochevsky

        Yeah, I’m still pondering what to do with fire charges, since they’re way too under-utilized already. I’ve been eyeing them for ages now, but have yet to come up with something that works for them. Maybe the time has come.

  119. it occurred to me that you are looking for new weapon ideas I am the person you can currently talking brother and I have come up with a idea I think you could use how about ghast grenades?or better yet, a ghast grenade launcher! They could be crafted using gas tears and nether quartz for the surroundings and for the clip a blaze rod. use this idea at will. Foxy is here

    • Domochevsky

      Hm… I suppose there could be some explosive component in ghast tears, given how they toss fireballs at you. Their liquids have to have something in them. However, they’re also a bitch to aquire, meaning those grenades would have to be quite valuable each.

      (I already have a grenade launcher of sorts on my list, using other materials, incidentally. I have yet to do more R&D there, due to having other things to do beforehand.)

      • thinking about magma cream recently its a sticky solution that tend to like things that it gets stuck to on fire maybe some sort of Grenade would suffice with the sticky solution that would burst into flames lighting nearby enemies and ground on fire. just throwing out ideas there oh it you also stick to enemies.. I thought that you are experimenting with those so just a little idea

      • Sorry about misspelling I’m on my phone right now in the stupid autocorrect does everything

      • Domochevsky

        Does that auto-correct also remove any and all punctuation? ;)

      • Well, I go to the nether quite a lot for nether quartz and bring the lightning red along with m. It super effective on on ghasts, although you can never really get the drops (Lightning ;-P). however, you also have to shoot the octo-devil out of air when above ground and not lava. Darn things are difficult to grab, aren’t they? :-))

      • BTW, this IS my brother, just to confirm his statement. ;)) :))

      • ..Or to just speak aloud… *Yells at brother from across room because of saying he already pointed out this fact*

      • Domochevsky

        I see. Kinda figured, really. Tsk tsk.

      • Yeah…. -_-

      • BTW, who is your avatar? Sir Bearington? :)

      • Domochevsky

        Nah, he’s still laid up in the infirmary for a while more. :)
        Mine’s the cat-like being I used in a one-short story, as artist avatar.

      • Nice!! (I’m an artist, too, but still more in the background of cartoons rather than anime.)

      • Domochevsky

        Alright then. Cartoons, hm? :)

      • Yep. :)

      • Just realized I’m not saying much for this. By cartoon I mean sketch artist who prefers a more simplified realistic style of art rather than the average anime-style big-eyed combat -stance type of art that cartoon and anime stereotype in our society. The reason why I say cartoons is because although I do crate high-grade artwork of the before-said variety, I more usually spend time doing simplified blak-and-white sketches than professional-style artwork like that. BTW, loved the Minecraft artwork with the creeper. Seems creeper actually want to go boom as a vacation! ;)) :-)))

      • Andafter this I am straight-up convinced thatthis is the last time I use my phone to submit a comment.(To many errors) ;-)

      • Domochevsky

        “the average anime-style big-eyed combat -stance type of art” …that is a lot of clichees melted into a single sentence there. Some I wasn’t even aware of. :O

      • America has some really weird stereo-types ;-)

  120. Sorry but I would like to point out that I am 14. Not 4! I was using siree and I know I misspelled that but I do not care. I know that I left a lousy first impression so here you go. Thank you for the mod. Me and my bro really enjoy it and I am sure you have great ideas. Have a good morning there.
    Sincerely, Foxy is here.

  121. I have an idea that may or may not make you happy. You have been using piston tech am I right? But taking a glance at water I realized that steam could be a great source to build pressure. What are you thoughts on this? Sincerely, foxy is here.

    • Good idea.(Being the older brother of said commentor has no bais involved, I can assure you. ;-))

    • Domochevsky

      Hmyes, steam tech was something I was thinking about, but ultimately discarded. There’s no precedent for that sort of technology in Minecraft. It’s redstone, mechanics and magic from what we can tell so far.

  122. Went into some really weird research the other day when looking through my chest upon chests of monster drops. Turns out while I was rumaging through all the thinga a spider drops I came across spider-eyes: and you know what, they seemed to vaguely stare back at me. This got me the idea that maybe they could be a way to sensor targets when they get close to your sticky bombs, concidering they send a weird spurt of juice everytime I make eye-contact with them. Hmmmmmm…. ;-)

  123. An idea that seems rather stupid, but could still work. Cookies could be a weak projectile. Launching them like disks could prove light and fast and effective . Maybe you could make something of this.

  124. OH! …. Okay, this may not be the best idea, but what about bayonets. Yeah, someone in the comments said this a LOONNNGGG TIIME before I got here, but I was thinking of something a little bit different than him. What about detachable bayonets? Now, I know that sounds stupid, but it might be a cool concept to be able to make bayonets based on the different tiers of materials in Minecraft and allow for them to be put on some of the weapons in the mod. Now, I’m not saying rip off what Balkon’s weapon did; just change it. Make them with a leather strap. Put a diamond bayonet on a seed sweeeper. Be the cool guy with a rifle from the revolution. You decide if this would fit you fancy or not. Thank you foor an awesome mod and a great weopon I like to nickname “Testificate M16” ;-)

    • BTW, “Testificate M16” was a great idea! ( By that I mean the Seed Sweeper)

    • Domochevsky

      Nah, there’s no immediate way or point to/in attaching those. That would needlessly complicate every affected weapon. :)
      (I do get the desire to defend yourself in melee when your weapon runs out, though. Having a sidearm or two for more endurance is the way to go currently, until I invent some sort of speed loader.)

      • Welll, that does make a lot of sense. I guess that I’ll just have to wait and see. Until then, I’ve got the Seed Sweeper and Obsidian Splinter pistol! :-)

        BTW, are you planning on using the “Villager” jar for any weapon in the near future? I just thought was a great twist to the Seed Sweeper ;-)

      • Domochevsky

        At some point? Maybe? Probably. Not currently, though. :)

      • Okay, cool

  125. Hey me again. :-) Just found a mod that might show you what I was talking about with the crossbows and their design. Might be a good choice to check out their WIP crossbow. :)

    Link here: sorry just copy paste. Don’t know how I’m supposed to do this. :-P(Derp)

  126. “Changed some weapon function visibility, for use with Ancient Warfare 2 NPC”


    I go MIA for a month and you give me one hell of an update! Can’t but luv you, Domochevsky! xDDD

    • Domochevsky

      Welcome back, I guess. Here’s your membership present. :D

      Of course this also requires the AW2 dev to actually merge the pull request I made back into their main line and put out an update… which hasn’t happened yet. I guess he’s busy. >_>
      Before that doesn’t happen the NPC won’t know how to use those rifles.

      • Oh, well… I suppose I can go and ask politelly that mod maker to take a look at the git repo and check your patch. Maybe obsidian rifles are a bit too much, but the crossbows are totally fair.

        Speaking of asking things nicelly. Could the size of the weapon models in the player hands (third person view) be reduced a bit? They look great on hand, but they look gigantic on the player model. For example, the potatoser pokes nearly half a meter into the ground ( In fact, it’s bigger than my head!

      • Domochevsky

        Hm… yeah, shouldn’t be much of a problem. I’ll check into by how much I should reduce their size. :)

      • Thank You!!!!! :-DD (Been trying to say that for a lllllooooonnng ttttiiiimmmeeeee >_<)

      • Also, Dan Netwalker, is that your Avatar in the screenshot? Love the Adventure backpack man!! Travel in Style. B-)

      • Yeah, I’ve been using that skin since the last two years,
        I think. I was using Vetch’s hard hat and working suit before. This one looks more elegant :P

      • Yeah, it works ;-)

  127. BTW, thanks for another update. You truly are amazing!!! :-DDDDDDD

  128. Also , I was looking through bins upon bins of cobblestone recently and was wondering if there could be a use for the rock as a form of ammunition. But I was also looking at sugar rods as well, and I think they might be useful for more than just the Sugar Engine. One problem that the Sugar engine has is a quick depletion of ammunition, as well as being more of a crowd controll of wither-stopper type of device. While the latter is technically not a problem, why not make a weapon that uses the same ammunition but uses it more like a ripid-fire, fully -automatic machine gun. Of course this is totally your decision if you with to look into this or not, bt I just thought a weapon like this would fill the need for a fast-firing machine-gun kind of weapon that your mod is currently missing. Thank you for listening to this and have a great day!!! ;-)

    P.S. Might be making a mod spotlight in the futire, just to keep the mod’s reputation fresh and in the public’s eye ;-( God Bless You, Domo! :-)

    • I mean ;-) (Darn typing too fast ;-P )

      • Domochevsky

        …the machine gun that I’m currently missing? Is there something wrong with the Lapis Coil and Thorn Spitter? >_>

        (No idea what to do with cobble. It’s pretty much useless for weaponising purposes.)

      • OHHHHHHH… man I need to look around more >_°<

      • But in all seriousness, both the Thorn Spitter and Lapiz Ciol need upgrades. Although I do love to use cacti as ammunition, I think that that weapon could easily be upgraded like the Seedling into a rifle design. Maybe that could be arranged in the near furure :-)? Please tell. :-)

      • Also, I was thinking that since cobble is broken up stones, why not make a stone shooter? Plus, I looked into it a little bit deeper and found that in fact there is a way to blind mobs. Check this out: (look under “sword ifo and enchantment consuming shadows” ;-). Hope this helps!)

      • Domochevsky

        Hmno, that doesn’t help at all. It looks like it just applies the blindness effect, which the Redstone Sprayer already does. >_>

        As for a stone shooter… what would be the hook of that? I can’t think of anything that wouldn’t have it just be a straight projectile damage dealer.

      • Yeah that’s the point. Rocks are sturdy andhard, so theycould be an effective solid damage dealer. However, due to better tech out there, I guess cobble isn’tthe “next big thing by a long shot. Hmmm, let me lookintothis further.:-/

  129. Okay, finding a use for cobblestone is more of a challenge than I expected. I finally think I found something that could make it useful. Earlier, my bro said something about a cookie cannon. Although the projectile might have been a loss, the weapon in and of itself was not a bad idea. With that in mind, a thought came into my conciousness; what if we made a weapon that fires discs and dismembers mob heads at the same time? Introducing the “head chopper”; a weapon that fires a large disc-like object that dismembers a monsters head from it’s torso when a direct “head shot” takes place. What do you think. Could this even be a possibility? Let me know your thoughts.

    • Domochevsky

      …I got no idea if this is possible, actually. Maybe? Probably? <_< I do remember there being a way to check what sub-section of a mob was hit, but I never used it, so iunno how it works. (As for cobble itself... I suppose this might be a way to shoot giant cannon balls, by compressing a stack into a single ball. Not sure how to work the details, however.)

    • Also, I thought of a use for cobblestone, but I discarded it due to the “Head-Chopper” being better for weapon. Sorry I didn’t delete the first part of that proposal. Got a little off-topic there. :-) Enjoy!!

      • OHHHHHHH. COME. ON!! That idea for cobble was what i was thinking. Well done! :-) ( Could use pistons of some sort to compress the cobblestone, like a machine in the overworld. Would also be good for compact storage. :-) (Maybe slimeball tokeep it together.) )

      • *Ignore previous post saying cobblestone idea was useless (2 comments up)*

      • Well, I guess since the cobblestone idea was not a total waste of an idea I might spurt off any other -back-of-my-mind ideas lurking in the deep end of my conciousness. Be qarned; this might be a long read! ;-)

        First off, Carrot cannon. Might not be the best idea, but might as well let this one come out since it’s counterpart wasn’t the best thing I’ve come up with (I testify that to the Flesh Frenzy, as I have just started to call the rotten zombie lobber by that nickname :-)). Anyways, this idea is just to give carrots some use in rhe field so they won’t be as useless as a normal dirt block. :-)

        Second is the Plank Parter. (Your choice for what to call it) This was a weapon I hought of when working on a set for a play and quite honestly could be a hit or run to tell you the truth. I was thinking of a weapon that takes wooden planks and fires each one individually like a sawmill shoots out plywood and alike. This would make the Plank parter a sort of “low-end” replica of the Obaidian Spear Rifle, of course with a shorter cooldown and lower damage output. It could also be a good way of sending high-powered 2-by-4’s down the throats of nether ghasts, which I think would be rather exciting (Also would be an effective alternative to the blaze-Crossbow for a weapon that lights monsters in flames from a distance without the massive damage- out -put :-)

        Finally we have the Cobbler(since you like puns around here, I couldn’t resist ;). This would probubly be a two-shot, high-damag output weapon that would most likely bedesigned like a high-powered 2-Barrel shotgun. Of course the ammunition, well,you know what it is. But why not make a suggestion, y’know. What if the cobble was a compressed stack of cobble made from 8 cobble bundles( 8 cobble surrounding a slimeball ) and a slimeblock in the center? The damage would be considerable and the accuracy quite direct, but agian, it’s Cobblestone. Could be worse. :-)

        Well I guess I could push one more idea I had rustling in my head here. It might not be rotten zombie flames worthy, but it does have potential. You remember your other mos known as Growth Tonic. I was thinking it might have another, more flowery.use. What about a life drainer. I know, it’s a different mod and it probubly would damage you if fired at undead mobs, but why not? Could be a useful way to gwt rid of all that dirt laying right next to your cobblestone. Agian, just a concept and not a implemented suggestion. :-)

        Well I guess that’s it. Phe, that was a lot. At least it’s out there, now. Tell me what your plans are if you wish to implement them and if there’s any other ideas I skipped in this comment I’ll be more than happy to post it here. Thank you and Have a Great Day!!!!! :-)

      • And whyam I a pentagon all of a sudden? :-/ ;-)

      • Domochevsky

        Because you typed your email wrong. ;)

      • So that’s where the D went :-P

      • Domochevsky

        Oh yeah, before I forget: I’ve checked those suggestions out and while we do appreciate puns around here… none of them look viable to me.

        Carrots are crap for ammunition, same as cookies. They may look pointy, but there’s much better ammunition to be had.

        Planks… no. Way too common. Nearly as common as cobblestone, without the benefit of being as hard. (sticks for stakes was the height of that particular line of thinking.)

        A cobblestone cannon of sorts is a big “maybe”, but that as well is using a type of ammunition that is so common and just “happens” whenever you mine in any form, that it’s basically useless.
        Cobblestone is something you just have, if you want to or not. >_>

      • Just noticed this reply. Thank you for getting back to me on that. Just a little too common stuff, I guess. Maybe I’ll have to look a little deeper for good ideas, but that can wait for now. Currently looking into a new way for beacons to be used as well as possibly nether. Will post once I come up with a semi-good (or at least coherent) suggestion/idea. Can’t wait for the Next Update! :-)

        P.S. Before I forget, just needed to tell you once agian that the lightning red great. Killed a mutant enderman from mutant creatures mod with Outstanding success. Great Ideeaaa ~music. ~ ;-) :)D)

      • You may as well forget cobble as ammo and directly go for flint. Pointy, more aerodynamic… maybe little damage (not enough weight; not compared with ingots and obsidian shards, at least).

  130. There we go. Better. :-)

  131. You there?…

    • Domochevsky

      Um… dude? You are aware that this is not a chatroom, right? And that I a) have stuff to do and b) sleep to sleep?

      Ease off a little on the comment spam and give me some damn time to get around to things. ;P

      • No problem. Notice sleep is needed. Won’t keep on doing this. Just long days of work and boredom make for bad habits. :-P

  132. Hey it’s me agian! (Please save your “Uhhhhhhhhhgggggghhh”‘s ’tilend, please :-) ) Just wondering if you would be okay with me sending some quick doodles I made while on break over to you via forums. Their for some of my previous ideas and I just feel a visual blueprint is better than just making a long description. :-)

    • Domochevsky

      *merges a bunch of posts*

      • Really. :-l
        I didn’t even know you could do that. :-P

        Wait…. How do you do that? :-/

      • Domochevsky


        You don’t. I do it by being the site admin. :)
        (Which is admitedly not something I had to do before around here. >_> )

        Anyway, opinion placed in the thread.

      • Read it. Still think that these weapons would be good in this mod, though. More of a survivalist than a Worrier of sorts. :-) (Ancient Warfare 2, anyways,. :P))

        Still, Ancient Warfare 2 might be a good idea for a cobblestone cannon, but I’d still like to see if “The Planker” could be implemented in some way. I know that it is basically just a lower version of the obsidian Spear Rifle, but still it could be a possibility. Planks and logs are great for breaking things irl. Maybe in Minecraft, too? But agian, it’s totally up to you. All I want to see is more weapons and more possibilities to work with in this world. It’s simple and easy to understand Minecraft madness. To be blunt, Quiverbow is what Steve would make if he never knew the real world existed. It’s as vanilla you can get for new creative weapons in Minecraft. That’s why it has 100,000 dl’s and so many comments (;-)). Just making the point of why this is where I go for my suggestions instead of Ancient Warfare 2. Please keep it up and making a great mod! Thank you. :-)

      • Plus, I don’t think driving a giant catapult over mountains and hills is my style ;-P

      • Domochevsky

        Would make for a cool ride, though, if you can properly pimp it. ;P

      • Properly… ;P

        But seriously, I was thinking “The Planker” as a hand weapon meant to shoot high-powered (but not too over-powered ;)) planks or segments of logs and relatively short distance (ever heard of a 1X2 ;)) But I guess a OSP does the same thing, though… Yeah….

        Scratch that, maybe I should just keep to fire charges and Rotten flesh… ;-)

      • Domochevsky

        Yeah, that is kinda the thing, innit. “lower version of”. It does increase the general variety of weaponry, but doesn’t do much for the depth and general “twist” each weapon brings to the table. I do still have a list of weapons and effects I wanna try out when I have the time for them, which hopefully makes for more weapon width and uniqueness overall.

        (Imagine: An ender chest railgun. Or using ender chests in general for ammo feeders. :O )

        Also: Noted and appreciated. Feels good. :)

      • Ender chest railgun!!!!! :-O Gimmee, gimmee, gimmee!!!!! ;-)Wow, that would be definitely useful. Plus, I carry an endersatchel from MC+ with me as a emergency weapon holder (Can’t carry some 20+ weapons with me in my inventory ;-)) Besides, I’m guessing this would be in the line of Sugar Engines, which is just what I wanted. Sugar cane is a plentiful crop, and with literally a stack of it coming in every day, I couldn’t handle having just one weapon for this stuff. Add on to that a possibility for other weapons, ha…. 0_O…. *falls to floor from too much awesomeness*

        Oh, the possibilities!! You truly know how to make vanilla seem not boring agian (more like vanilla should just get with the times and start taking pointers from modders like mwah ;-) ) Thank you for putting a brighter on my day!! :-) God Bless you. :-)

  133. Well I’ve been looking through more options and I have a feeling these (Okay, maybe just one of them ;-)) would be good, balanced additions to the mod. Here it goes now!!! ;)))

    First up to the base, the modified. Flint Duster. This was an idea I had when I was thinking of a good way to modify a tool that probubly is not gonna be modified. The second (the more important reason) was a way to make diamonds have even more uses. The modified tech makes and works basically the same way as the original flint ahooter, except for one thing; it has the ability to mine more durable blocks. This makes it quite a bit more useful than than the flint duster, except for one thing; when crafting the ammunition for this powerful weapon a diamond is ground up and used in the flint dust instead of the one of the flint in the recipe for it. Immediately you can see it’s a balanced item due o it having 8 diamonds to craft a fully loaded amount of stuff in this contraption. This makes it an option for players who have the resources but also make the Flint duster a viable option (Kind of a more expensive example of he Coin Tosser. :-) ) Anyways, this might be a better idea than my next one, but I just thought it might be a good suggestion to add :-).

    The next and one I’ve come up to suggest is more down the line of Ender tech. Remember the planker? I knew after everything it wasn’t getting a shot agian, but the design and some comments ago gave me an idea. Bricks. But not normal brick. The nether brick.Vanilla bricks are good for building, but a weapon that fires the normal variety is too much under ender rifle for effective use. So immediately I looked at the other, more lightweight brick. These are both incredibely under-rated but also very useful materials, but one thing a nether brick item does different is it being made out of smelted nether stone. Why not take a closer inveatigation today? With more research, it’s found that when fired at a high pressure from a piston that the material shhatters on impact of target. This makes nether rack spred everywhere, causing a fire to burn. Maybe it could add slowness to boot? Agian, just an observation theory. :-)

    That’s all for now. Tell me, these could be possible quiverbow additions for updates? Won’t mind any and all opinions. Makes it a better mod when the author doesn’t go for every idea people place on here! :-) See ya!!!

    • Also, will make make more concept art if you want. Will try later on now. Hope for greatness!!!

      • Ello? Your thoughts? …… ?:-|

      • Domochevsky

        …dude, you cannot seriously be impatient in a comment form. I’m doing things. D:

        As for the Modified Flint Duster… I’m not quite seeing that play. Merely mining harder blocks isn’t enough of a modification. Alternatively I’d have to set it to shotgun blasts or somesuch, but that’s what the Modified Powder Knuckle already does.

        As for nether bricks… hum. I do kinda suspect that we’re beyond that, tech-wise. Plus, I already have something else on my list in regards to “explodes into fire on impact”, so that could at best be combined together. :)

        (Right now I’m figuring out powered rail tech for the… Ender Rail? Name WIP. Still missing something. I mentioned it before.)

      • Cool! Will be more patient. Appreciate the feedback. :-) Will look into more… “unique” ideas. :-)

      • OHHH… Should ask this now, i suppose. When are the bows getting a retexture.This has been on my mind and if that could be implemented soin would LOVE to see them!!! Also, what’s happening to the Powder knucks ? Please let me know! :P

      • BTW, just noticed RAILGUN versus MINIGUN. :P Guess I’m getting that updated Lightning Red after all! :) JK. have a good day! ;)

      • Domochevsky

        Mh… that makes slightly more sense then. :)

        (Also, no idea about the bows/knuckles models/textures. Not very high on my list currently.)

      • No prob, man! Keep makinga GATmod Greater!! :-) :-))

      • I mean great… -_-

  134. THAAANNNKKK YOU! (Kinda) I’m guessing that the Ender Rail Accelerator will be updated in the near future. However, before I test this badboy out in the real world, does it damage the USER more than the target? Also, is there plans for an upgrade to this weapon in the near future, cause I NEED THIS THING!!!!! Can’t wait to see more awesome stuff in this mod, Domoshevskyyyyyyyy!!!! :)

    P.S. Is there any possible way that you could make a weapon based off of the Planker design. I’m not asking for anything fancy. Just really want to see something with a canal of some sort as the barrel. :)

    • Domochevsky

      More than the target? No, not by a long shot. But I suggest wearing armor. ;)

      Dunno about “near future”, but more research along that line of technology will certainly be done. (No specific plans exist yet.)

      (Not seeing this “Planker” thing happening any time soon, unless the shape happens to be useful for another weapon by chance.)

      • Thank you. :)

      • Domo, you should allow for a slightly safer operation of the rail accelerator.

        Maybe something special, like smaller explosion if the player using it has NO ITEM in the ender chest, or if he has certain items in the Ender Chest (which will be consumed on shoot).

      • Domochevsky

        Research on that is still being done. No rushin’. >_>

        (Smaller explosion where? I don’t actually know how to access the ender chest right now. That will require more research as well.)

      • Yeah like the nuggets idea :P

        No, if it’s anything to you, at least comment your thoughts on the suggestion. Need more info. Please look in here:

      • Hint: Go to page 30 ;)

      • Smaller muzzle shockwave explosion, I meant. Like the difference in operation security between rocket launcher and enhanced rocket launcher. Maybe some kind of interaction or modification of the rail gun making the explotion the users “enjoys” on their faces on shoot smaller, less powerfull, or generally muzzled somehow. Less damage and a more quiet shoot sound, I don’t know.

        PS: updating from build 83 to 86 right now. This “fill the crafting table for a railgun” bug scared me xDD

      • Domochevsky

        Yeah, I suspect that’ll be the first thing that needs to be improved on here. Using emeralds might just be the way to go. They seem to have a certain …resonance when combined with nether quartz, in regards to shockwaves. Curious property.

  135. Aha! (…sorry ’bout that.) I was just going through some ender products, and although it might seem farfetched, why not an upgraded Soul Cairn? Ender eyes float in the air when thrown, right before fallin back to the ground agian after running out of flaoting abilities. Why not add that to the SoulCairn and see wha becomes of it? Turns out that forcing the Diamond and End err r Eye creates a floating balloon-likeshot that, when coming into contact with a mob, immediately sucks up the mobs life forcealong with every other mob in the immediate vicinity. What do ya think a THAT!!! :-)

    • Please tell me. :-)

    • Domochevsky

      Lesse… what’re ya asking for here. Some “balloon” that slowly moves around and anyone who runs into it gets their soul sucked into a mob egg? (Or a proximity thing?)

      I’ve got no idea how I’d even get to that point and what to fuel it with, since that is pretty OP if I don’t limit it somehow. >_>

      • Yeah this idea is kinda OP. :P I was thinking it would basically function like a slow-motion effect on a. ender pearl, traveling in one continuous direction until it hits a mob, in which case it will take the life force of the mob while also every mob within several block radius. The reason you would use the old Soul Cairn is because a) the mob eggs don’t come to your inventory when the weaon hits target, andb…) you will be consumed in the process f you’re too close to the life-drained area. As far as oher debuffs, how abput needing either more diamonds or ender eyes to load the weapon. It would make tool less OP while also causing the weapon to become a liability in the load. Of course it’s up to you, but personally after looking at this idea right now, I don’t think it would be a priority. Anyways, enjoy this long explanation and keep making awesome Ender armoury!! :-)

      • And I apologize for so many puntuation/spelling errors. Old phone agian, y’know :P

  136. Hey Domochevsky I’m working on a new modpack, and I was wondering if I could have permission to add quiverbow, quivermobs, and worlddrop to my storybook pack.
    Specifically I’m also requesting permission to add your quiverbow lore to the setting via books. It’s great to have a narrative to go with the content.
    Finally I’m also requesting permission to add a celebrity (via headcrumbs) by your minecraft name (and any other assocated names with your projects if there are such, and you tell me) to the world.

    • Domochevsky

      A storybook pack, eh? Sure, why not. I do enjoy a solid narrative in Minecraft. Adds purpose to it. :)

      (What’re headcrumbs?)

      • it’s a mod by Ganymedes01 which adds severed heads for almost any mob, and also adds a sort of evil twin aggressive mob of anyone whose minecraft name you put into it. Some people use it to fight famous you tubers, modders, etc, and collect their heads by proxy.

        If I can get it to work those hunting your proxy will be very surprised by your proxy wielding quiverbow weapons against them, a good motivator to learn the mod.

      • Domochevsky

        Ha, is that just a single mob or a type of which there can be multiples? (All carrying different weapons.)

        I suspect you’ll have to to turn quivermob skeletons into those twins, since only they know how to use QB weaponry so far. (By making a call to the weapon interface behind the scenes to fire.)

      • Ya… Domo mayhem, for sure *Looks up modpack for download*

      • We’re through the ATLauncher and still in closed testing, writing and integrating lore to communicate mechanics is serious brainwork.

      • Oh… well, one more modpck to my pick-it list *Remembersin head*

  137. OOOOOOHHHHHH…. (*cough*)

    I just looked into the previous comments on shell armor. The question I have now is “Why no emerald?” I just thought so many uses that it could be the diamonds of weaponry! Remember the ERA? Add an. Emerald to the mix. It’s light-weight, yet also incredible in resilience to dissintegration. Orrrrr, add an Emerald to the muzzle to stop the initial blast from occurring. Hey, it could even be used as a magazine ingredient. Who knows what else! ! What do you think, Domoshevsky? Or do you think it’s another idea to be gone by the side? God Bless you. :)

    • Domochevsky

      Hm… emeralds, eh? That might be worthwhile for research. They could have some interesting properties for this. (But then again, even obsidian is having a hard time withstanding the strength of this thing firing.)

  138. I’m having a weird bug where the recipes which use other quiver bow weapons aren’t working, and the items aren’t rendering in those recipes in NEI, but they themselves can be crafted normally.

  139. Domochevsky

    Build 85 is up.

    – Hotfix: Recipes were broken; now they’re (hopefully) not. Looks like I missed some checks and details here and there, causing those recipes to break all the things. >_>
    – On the plus side: My understand of how Minecraft operates has been expanded by another critical part.

    • Great!! Glad to hear that, ‘sky. Hope it helps you keep on upgrading your mods and all the hard work you’re putting into each one separately. Also, is your game up for purchase, or is it still in heavy developement nowadays. :) God Bless your efforts, Domoshevsky. It really helps the Minecraft community full of cool weapons and features!!! :) Thank YOOOOOOUUUUUUU!!! :)

      • Edit: It really helps Minecraft stay crammed with excellent awesome tools and trinkets for your world.

      • Domochevsky

        Still in development, ‘m’fraid. It’s still gonna take a while until that is ready for prime time. :)

      • Okay. I’ll just I guess. :)

      • Edit: “wait” was supposed to in the middle of that sentence. -_–

  140. About the cobble thing requested by TEMChug.c, how if, you compress the stone (no cracks) into compressed stone by putting a slime ball in the middle of a crafting table, then put stone in the sides, then smelt it so it will stick? When you use the gun (Nice name for me: Cobble-lobber), the ammunition will break into fragments, dealing 5 damage plus 1.5 each fragment if the fragment hit the mob. Should be nice for me, but… b-but… Depends on you Domo. Wish this 100 stacks of useless stone be used to kill those mobs. Happy Valentines! (Advanced, and if you celebrate it, anyways… I will not, but if you do, there’s it)

    P.S. If you see any kind of puns, it’s not intended
    P.P.S I don’t know how to craft the Obsidian Magazine.

    • Domochevsky

      If nothing else I approve of the name. :D

      As for using cobble for combat… I continue to be divided and indecisive in that regard.

      Obsidian Magazines… right, lemme put up a crafting recipe. >_> (6 iron ingots left and right and an obsidian block at the bottom, meanwhile.)

      Edit: Added recipe images.

      • Seee! ;) Cobble is ( possibly ) useful in weapon. :p

      • The main problem I see with cobble is, lets face it… it’s too crude of a material to work. Yes, there’s plenty around, but a weapon that uses cobble as ammo would be quite prone to malfunction. The ammo magazine should be unloaded and loaded again from time to time during normal operation. Besides, projectile trajectory would be funny, the least. I see it more like those crude and bulky sand or anvil cannons I play sometimes in the lab. Yes, it’s big and hit like a mule, but it’s not what I would carry to the thing to a battle with other options. Hell, I think I would ratter carry a potatosser instead.

      • Yeah cobble would probably be best used cooked/furnaced into actual stone.

    • Wait… I never thought of diamonds that can be used for combat purposes, except for the Soul Cairn.
      How if, using 1 diamond block for the ammunition of a kind of weapon? I don’t think of iron as ammo, because when you make an iron farm… y’know what happens next*. If I was not busy that time, I should have thought if using cobblestone as ammo, there’s a farm for that. SO, how if we combine lots and lots and lots of stone?
      But… as TEMChug.c says, you decide. I just want to know if it will be worth it if you prank people into using their hard-earned diamonds in a single, overpowered shot (1/8 damage to boss) that only gives xp as much as killing a cow? It is a disaster, for sure… but as I said, for pranks. I wish it can be released exactly few weeks before April 1, and the update before it will give a notice that there’s a new update.
      P.S. As you see, i just replied to myself.

      • Domochevsky

        …I think I’ll skip on prank weapons. Making a new weapon is a bit too much effort for a one-shot joke. >_>

  141. Oooohhhhuuhuuho! :)

    Well, the nether has proven great once more for research.Last night I came up with yet another idea for a kind of weapon, specifically soul sand related. Y’know that Soul tnt? Well, the Soul part anyway. Turns out that soul sand has more uses than just nether wart. Towards uses, soul combined with seeds makes a concoction I have dubbed “soul seeds”. This material can be crafted using a jar or mag. as a container, then inserting soul sand and seeds into it to make a brutal material that, when coming into contac with any life form (Alive or Undead) will start to take root, causing wither. The seeds also start taking the life-force of the opposer, too, making a weakness effect as well. While not at all directly damaging respectfully, it does cause a prolonged wither effect and WEak as well. Also, it has come to my notice that shooting some of this material onto grass crates a small glow-stone like nub that, given a little time, creates podzol blocks! How about that research! Is it good information? Let me know, Domo!!

    • Domochevsky

      *reads* “Mh, another wither thing. Iunno, but soul sand is probably gonna be used at some point for something…”

      *reads further* “…wait, what? Glowstone nub?”

      *continues* “Podzol? Wot?”

      This suggestion went sideways halfway through. o_O

      • What do you mean? It fires glowstone-like nubs of soulsand and seeds. Powerful life-draining powers for stealing health away. Could even bring health back to the user if you could implement that in some way. It’s supposed to be a weapon for keeping seeds useful and power through zombie-pigmen without agroing them. I guess other thing do that, though. I don’t know, I think I need to be more clear on that. ;) God Blessyou. )

      • I think I found a way to explain this better here. Y’know the Fen Fire and the Aqua Accelorator? The weapon’s main focus is firing Ssoul Seed nubs, like the fen fire gadget, that cause wither and weakness for, let’s say, 8 sec. if you step on it before it degrades in 30 seconds (60 ticks). However, if you hit your target directly, you get wither and weakness for the full 30 seconds before the soul seed decays away (it can’t stay forever, y’know :)) The weapon holds magazines (or jars for the seeds idea, mixed with 12 soul. san) The weapon would either be a design similar to the fen fire or the Seed Sweeper (maybe even a combination of the 2.) Also, it would have a debuff of doing the same to you if you walk over the soul nubs like anything else, so watching where you fire these bugs are key, too. What do you think? As always, God Bless you!! :-)

        P.S. Love the way you implented the emeralds. Can’t wait!!! :)

      • … (can’t wait) for more awesome features to be had future-ward!!!! (X-D )

    • Oh, almost forgot to explain. Y’know that thing I said for the Podzol? Well, halfway through the 1st comment I thought of how the before-wrote “Soul seed” creates a decy-like factor to it’s target, which is what causes the wither. With that in mind, I further contemplated the effect it would have on grass. Moving forward, I came up with the nub theory, which let to the decaying theory, which in turn created the concept of the Soul Sseeed nubs decaying after 30 seconds, which finally led to the idea of the nubs making grass into podzol when it totally decays on the grass block. L
      God Bless you for reading this. (Think I’m finished now. :))

  142. Domochevski, may I add some features to my wish list? Maybe you can get something usefull from any of them…

    * Slow recharge withough crafting gun and magazine: just the same as you shift-right click to eject a not totally expended ammo magazine, how about holding shift-right click an unloaded gun to reload the first non empty ammo magazine in the inventory? The thing would be making it slow (how about a second or second and a half), and not being able to move fast while you reload (shift is hold), but would allow a defender player to keep their eyes in the battlefield while reloading. The crafting reload method would stay for those with fast hands to keep using it (if they have the cold blood to do it in the middle of a combat) or automatic armory management in modpacks with auto-crafting tables.

    * How about a block to serve as a gun rack (think of the gun rack for the portal gun at Portal and Portal 2). To both show off your gun, and maybe with a trap function (shoot the gun if the block receives redstone signal). The second function could be exchange for shooting from a dispenser if placing the gun in one.

    * Speaking of exotic blocks and other games… (this one is a little wild, you have my permission to laugh at my face). How about a creative block that essentially acts as a Quake or Unreal Tournament weapon respawn? It shows a weapon model spinning over it, when you walk over it the block gives the gun and becomes inactive for some seconds. Guns and ammo would make enough to make CoD or Quake-esque PvP maps. After all, this is a great weapons mod.

    * i18n .lang files (support for translations). I’m dying to make a proper translation that doesn’t force a single language in my modpack.

    • Domochevsky

      Hm… looking for ways to make loading not an issue again, eh? ‘m ‘fraid you’ll have to take your eyes off the battlefield to reload your weapon in the foreseeable future. ;)

      As for a gun rack… I think item frames already function as that to some extent. Did you try those and see how it looks?
      (Not trappable, of course, but I have… things in development at this very moment that may help with that.)

      Quake Block: Silly, but I approve of the general idea. (Not gonna implement it any time soon, though.) :D

      Lang files: If I could use lang files for item descriptions then maybe, yeah, but as far as I know they’re only usable for item/entity names. :S

      • Uh … Domo, the Item frame shows the weapons sideways when they’re put alongside an item frame. :-/ That’s probably not a good thing for decoration. ;P)

      • Domochevsky

        Psst… you can right click items in a frame to rotate them around. That’s a vanilla thing. ;)

      • I meant they are MODELS! Not their sprites, Domoshevsky. :)

      • Oh, ok, I’ve just seen build 90… that explains last wither skull shipment. Weapon assistant, huh? That’s an interesting line of development… is there a targeting filter to prevent them from shooting our ancient warfare workers and soldiers? Only your faction, I mean. Those freaks at Shelbyville makes the valley echo with war chants and I’m starting to feel like improving the defensive perimeter, just in case. If my soldiers don’t trust on your shard proyectiles, I can still place some of those turrets in key places while they educate themselves.

        Besides, speaking of research… do you think that weapon automaton could be modified into a backpack for our iron golems to haul arround the town? Those are true beasts of burden, I don’t think they would have problem moving that weight arround, if there’s a way to somehow convince them of doing it.

      • Domochevsky

        Hm… if those workers have unique names you can try adding those to the book. That should work. (Assuming AW2 uses vanilla name tags.)
        Can be a bit tedious to add every single name to the book, though. (On the other hand, you can copy books, so you just need to make one template.) I may have to develop something there, however.

        Iron golems… I’ll have to look into that. Their mobility could be useful indeed, until I can come up with my own solution. But how to steer those golems…

      • Maybe even some turrets? :)(hint, hint. *Nudge :) )

      • Ok, I’ve field tested the arms assistant made from your schematics. This thing is trigger happy! Scared of other people deploying this things out there, I bet it’s a nasty surprise…

        I’ve found it’s way unstable, though. The aim is not ideal when on high ground, and the thing have a tendency to dance arround the place. Too little contact surface with the ground, not even a half slab trench could help it with the recoil of certain weapons. Spider webs seems to mess with it’s target acquisition, I think it “blinds” it somehow… so using a silken spinner is out of the question. Soulsand doesn’t help improving the stability, either. The legs just pop out of it. I tried more exotic solutions like Biomes O’Plenty quicksand, a Witchery’ beartrap. Only making a cage with microblocks arround it could keep the thing standing in place, by adding blind spots. I fear higher caliber weapons would hit in the fence on shoot and explode in it’s, ern… “face”. Can’t help but feel uneasy near this thing, I feel I could be treasoned any second. How does this thing tell me from the enemy, again? No funny trick like scent that could be tampered with, does it?

        So, I’ve given a thought to the schematics and I think its a matter of too much recoil for too little weigh. Could some extra weight be added to the thing to keep it from sliding around? Maybe more iron blocks, like the one used for extra armor or sand sacks, or adding cobble to the bottom structure to make it heavier. Any ideas, D?

      • Here is a little hint: Minecarts. At least for higher accuracy weapons.

      • Minecarts. Wait, minecarts!? Mobile weapon emplacements… I have to try that, where’s my backpack?

      • Ok, first test was a faillure but with promising results. Thanks for the idea!

        Stationary operation works as expected. The cart adds a lot of extra weight, making it more stable. Mobile operation is tricky but more or less works. The assistant can’t track and shoot with the sugar cane engine while moving, but other shoot and forget weapons like the obsidian rifle works with flying colours. Minecarts gets occasionally derailed by skeletons firing back, but it could be fixed. Good test data, I have to

        The test site, however… I made a mistake, I left the tracks unprotected. Tinkerer’s Construct punji sticks could have fixed it, but didn’t realized until I saw one surviving zombies walk past the obsidian shard hailing and just crack the assistant open. After that a creeper shown out of nowhere and exploded by my side, breaking the rail track and derailing the minecart.

        Promising. Really promising… back to the drawing board!

      • Food for though: the arms assistants are state of the art new for the mobs out there. I don’t think they understand those are not their friends by the time they are gunned down. Some unexpected consequence of the wither skull as a component? Maybe it’s worth researching that aspect, in case it’s a permanent feature and not some mobs surprised by a new trick…

      • Most mobs do attempt to fight back. Its just the relative firepower of pretty much anything they can use renders attempts futile.

      • Yeah. The thing is, they don’t attack the assistants first hand, they just shoot back. Is like they think they are another class of mob until they are attacked. Not complaining, though, but don’t rely on that in case they grow wiser.

      • I’ve tested it. Creepers WILL explode on one even if its unarmed. Its just these guys have a quicker trigger finger than everything.

      • Ok, actually you are right. It was the mob tracking ME that made me think they where ignoring them. It was just the mob priorizing me over the turret… if left alone, they attack the assistant.

        What a shame, I almost expected the arms assistant to stay “hidden” from the mobs until opening fire. Maybe using something as a cloack. Oh, now that I think of it… now that there’s someone… ern, something, that doesn’t have to act as a kamikaze, we could research more exotic weaponry. How about some kind of decoy gun? Something that makes the mobs hit by de gun go bananas and attack directly the user. Mob traps, helping team mates by taking the mob out of their back as they run away, luring mobs into an enemy base… I see potential.

      • Domochevsky

        Hm… frankly, I’m surprised that they aim for the AA at all. They should not be seen as a threat before firing and in my testing environment zombies leave them fully alone if the AA is not firing.

        So this is a bit weird.

      • That’s just what I initially thought, but then I saw mobs attacking the AA first. Maybe other mod affecting the mobs AI… I have to check again without other mods. Btw, and out of character now… what about this ideas?

        * Target acquisition through non solid blocks. Spider webs, vines, glass… this last one, the AA should shoot, even breaking the glass blocks or panels if the weapon can.

        * Entrenchment upgrade: make the AA static, maybe to the cost of not being able to remove the weapon.

        * Minecart version: not putting the AA into a minecart (that can be shoot down), but being itself a minecart.

        * “Floating” upgrade or version of the AA. Maybe with a boat and some glue we could keep the thing on the surface. Not sure how it would work with the recoil, unless…

        * Option to anchor the AAs with a leash, so that they don’t get sent to the other side of the map. I haven’t tried yet, I asumed that doesn’t work… but how about that feature?

        * A “taunt” gun: make the target change it’s target to the AA or player using the gun.

        * AA doesn’t look like able to shoot the quiver and bow? Not sure whether it’s my fault or it really can’t use it, I saw it on an AA mounted on a minecraft, but still made me wonder…

        * “Mine and Blade 2: Battlegear” support. I would really want to get the weapons in the left hand, while keeping a sword, a shield, a torch (dynamic lights works great with mine and blade 2, you get light from the torch in either hand), even a second quiver’s bow weapon, in the right hand. Not entirelly sure if that can be configured from MnB2B side, maybe you don’t need to do anything.

      • Domochevsky


        1. Firing through glass is already in the next build. Was a bit of a hassle, but I think I can expand on that target check now. :)

        2. Also solved via the mobility upgrade. You can tell it to “STAY” (via a book) and it’ll try to stay in it’s current position. So it automatically moves against recoil.

        3. Not sure what the purpose of that would be beyond “can’t shoot the minecart out”. >_>

        4. Floating… what, on what? Water? Hm… the STAY command might be useful here as well, but I’m not sure. You’d first have to somehow get it into the desired position.

        5. See “STAY” command. :)

        6. Taunt… wouldn’t that effectively just mean tagging mobs with a single shot and then switching away to the next?

        7. Yeah, they don’t know how to hold buttons down like players. Not seeing that get solved any time soon.

        8. I’ve been thinking about that, but I have no idea what their API looks like or if they even have one. I suspect this is entirely on them to recognize valid items. (Mind you, most QBow weapons are two-handed in the first place.)

  143. wow, I’m following this mod since the 1.6.4 version, and when I see all the progresse you’ve made I can’t be nothing but impress and I can’t say nothing but continue your work.
    ps, the only thing that you haven’t made is something that can make coal or quartz more useful :)

    • Domochevsky

      Nice to hear/read. :)

      (Quartz or coal… one of these days.)

  144. i have a problem… i can’t reload/craft the weapons with their magazines in build 92b in 1.7.10 :/
    but i can craft the weapons/magazines themself…

    • reload works with weapons who uses no magazines (dragonboxes, crossbows), but not with weapons like the obsidian wither cannon…

      BTW: there is a bug with the fourheaded dragonbox: its consumes 4 rockets per click but only reloads 2 rockets with one rocketpack… same with the obsidian pistol which has the same ammousage as the cannon, not the half as intended, which makes it rather useless…

      • Domochevsky

        …eh? I need to have a look into that then. No idea what broke there. o_O

        Quadbox is fixed. Bit of an oversight on my part there.

        As for the pistol… hmyeah, I could see that being an issue. Right now it’s using the magazines, meaning it does indeed use the same ammunition. I suppose the advantage is that it fires faster than the rifle, but I may need to have another ponder over that.

      • yes, I’ve the same bugs with the magazines.
        I also noticed that no one has made a showcase of the 1.7.10 version of your mod, it’s a pity…

      • Domochevsky

        Yah, magazines are fixed in the next build, together with some other stuff. Feedback like this is really what I need. :)

        As for showcases… yeah, I have seen various (by now outdated) videos on youtube showing this mod off, but no one has shown up here and said “hey, add this to the list, since the existing ones are outdated”. Bummer that.

      • you are welcome ^^ i just started to download and instantly love your mod… :D

        you could “fix” the pistol, when you give it simply 32 or more Durability/ammo and its its fully reloaded with one mag
        like the dragonbox which ammo increased by 2 with a 8pack rockets …

        also can you make a config which hinder specific weapons to do blockdamage…? i like to use the rocketlauncher but don’t want a cratered landscape :/

      • Domochevsky


        For the pistol… hm, that has a chance to be exploited via rounding error, to get free ammunition, if I’m not extra careful.
        I’ll have to experiment with that.
        (The dragonbox uses a different type of ammunition, you see. Works different internally.)

        Config option will be added to both rocket launchers and the ERA in the next build. :)

      • experimenting with AAs is funny ^^
        when they wouldn’t die trougth falldamage because of there “lagging” moving :/
        what ever: i used the secondrailupgrade and give them 2x the same weapon. they fire both at the best target. the problem is, that it is sometimes a wastshot when one shot would kill the target. so can you make a new command, which let them fire there weapons, when they are the same, alternating.

        when you have two obsidian cannons the AA fire the first one and after the half of the cooldown its fire the second one. which increase the firerate by 50% (theoretically)

      • Domochevsky

        F-fall damage? >_>

        Fun story: I actually had that originally planned (staggering fire), but couldn’t quite figure out how to make it happen. I may have a better idea now. Lesse if I can implement it. :)

      • something other: the AA accepts a book and feather, but not an signed book with the same instructions… can you change that?
        this would be useful, when you use standardized commands and copy them for AA-guards

      • Domochevsky

        Agh. The difference between written books and completed books. Minecraft, y u do dis… >_>

        Fixed in the next build.

      • one last througth before i go to bed:
        you can let the obsidianpistol shot obsidistone-splinters.
        out of 4 obsidian and 4 stone/cobblestone you make a mixture and then smelt this to a Obsidistone

      • Domochevsky

        Eh, I’ll pass on that one. Don’t think that’s a good idea. Too many needless steps. :)

      • one last thing with the AAs:
        – it dosn’t reload the potatogun at all
        – it reload the Doublecrossbow only with one arrow. not with two.
        – its try to shot trougth transparent blocks (leaves) with weapons who can’t pass trougth them (crossbow)
        – can you make a upgrade to let the AA communicate with its owner, e. g. to tell, it dosn’t has any ammo or it was damaged/has low health…?
        – also a visible damageindicator would be nice, without the need to upgrade its armor to show it in itemform :) e.g. the light of the eye turn red or something like that…

        this turned out to be more than one thing ^^

      • the reloadproblems continue after build 93 … fast reaction to the bugreport btw ;)

      • Domochevsky

        1. Hm… right, the Potatosser. I should fix that. Not entirely sure yet, though. Might just allow potatoes without the need for coal (the heat from the AA firing rail itself could cook that.)

        2. Fixed.

        3. Leaves… weird, I didn’t define those as “can be seen through”. o_O

        4. Hm… I’m not sure how that would play. It would certainly be useful, but how to make that not chat spam?

        5. When you pack it up you can see its health on the item in any case, even without armor upgrade. :)
        (But visible indicators… difficult. The Damage Indicators mod is kinda taking care of that currently for me.)

        6. Wot? Are you sure that magazines can’t be crafted with their respective weapons?

      • the mags are fixed ^^ no problem…
        i have test the reloadproblems of the AA in build 92 not 93 and noticed this after i wrote this …

        damageindicator is also standart in my own modpacks, but i would like to see it without it… just in case, when you have time… ;)

        the chatmassage comes in different variants which you choose with you textcommands:
        – it says when its reload a weapon (good for magusing weapons)
        – it says when a itemstack is depleted (good for the other weapons)
        – it says wehn its health is depleted below a certain number/interval, e.g. all 5/10 health it say its was damaged
        – it says when its run out of ammo
        – when it has a name (per nametag or via anvil) it use this

        another upgrade-ideas:
        – make it fireresistant with obsidian (its make a nice campfire in its own position when its use sunrays… not very healthy)
        – or fallresistant with enderpearls (tp to bottom)
        endless possibilities :D

        ähmm… and it shouldn’t fire dragonmortars in its own proximities. one of my AAs made this and fly in the air…

        and die :/

        not the zombie its try to shot…

      • also they need either a better ai to aim with more gravityaffected weapons or you make a command which increase/decrease there shoting range specific, also with a option to make a noshot-area close to them

        because i have gave a AA a thorngun… its target a skeleton in ~20 blocks range and try to shot, but the projectiles reach only ~10 blocks because its “targetcross” is on the skeleton not above it, which is needed to hit it…

        also tried your other utility mods … why you don’t pack some in this mod, they are just extensions to this mod and its lore?

      • Domochevsky

        Ah… their aim is quite good, but burst weapons are somehow not benefiting from that so far. I have yet to figure out why. (The Sugar Engine has the same problem.)

        The safety minimum firing range is also something I’ve yet to work on. (First need to figure out what the minimum safety range actually is for that stuff.)

        As for my other mods… because of focus. This mod is about ranged weaponry and the implications thereof. It wouldn’t make sense for me to suddenly add armor and other things to it as well. :)

      • hmm… the aim ai is quiet good … but for more ballistic weapons, like the thorngun or the sugar engine it dosn’t aim above the target to hit it, when it is more then 10 blocks away or above it on a hill

        the minimum/maximum-range could be solved by a command… i think the player knows not to aim with a rocketlauncher at a meele-range target ;)

        also in the future you can make commands to use the first weapon, e.g. a Obsidian rifle to targets above a specific range then use the second, like the netherflamer to attack in close range …

        do you work still on the other mods? then its might be not problem, when they are in sync … they have nice features :D

      • Okay, who’s replacing me in the comment spam? ;–P

      • other upgrade idea. how about a “wait x” command on the book, for making it wait x seconds between shoots? Would make the AA more proficent with mortars or rifles, and combined with the “STAGGER FIRE” order and dual rail upgrade would make for great ammo management

      • Domochevsky

        Why the wait command? It already waits as long as the weapon has cooldown right now.

      • To be a little more gentle on attackers, actually. I was thinking of minigames. Spawned AAs with nbt defined details, for things like a first wave slower obsidian pistol AA, later wave of not so slow AA with pistol, last wave with no delay.

        Then I thought “if it could be defined in the book, then it can be used to make the thing wait between shoots”. Like there goes a flame thrower burst, wait for like five seconds, go for another burst, etc… to give the weapons with hit effects time to act.

      • Domochevsky

        Ah… hm, that might be sensible for that particular purpose.

        How to go about this… (I’ll need a way to get the particular delay number from the book, but I think I can figure that out.)

  145. Manual Aim Upgrade for Arms Assistant + Moving Legs Upgrade for Arms Assistant= Riding Arms Assistant you can shoot from? :3

    • Domochevsky

      Indeed. Have fun with that. :)

      • But can you fire the mount’s weapon somehow? Maybe when empty-handed?

      • Domochevsky

        Did I not add the description for that? *checks*

        The AA fires when you shoot with the QB weapon in your first hotbar slot. :)

      • Maybe you should make a blank weapon that triggers the AA weapons. I know I would like that.

      • Ern… wut!?

        So you can upgrade an arms assistant into a little dual wield walking tank, that you now can ride arround… and you can make it shoot it’s TWO guns when you shoot your weapon in hand!?

        Omg, three sugar engines firing at once while charging into a base. Or maybe more like while running away from it, due to recoil… I have to try that, anyway.

        Ideas for upgrade. Any chance of a “patrol” order? From point A to point B, or maybe wander x blocks away from it’s “stay” position?

      • Domochevsky

        Try not to die of a heart attack. :D

        Patrol order… probably not. You’ll have to use minecarts for that, for now. :)

      • I’m not that old, don’t worry for potential heart attack. But suddenly I’ve spotted a lot of attack options on my friend’s bases. The AA turns into a small battlemech with that feature if I can tell the thing where it has to aim at…

  146. Yo, Can I use quiverbow for my modpack? It’s a kantai collection/ arpeggio of blue steel single server modpack for the ATLauncher. Basically, shiploads of ships. And basically the only thing that’s seriously long ranged for 1.7.10 is this. Also, the dragon mortar cannon is really cool. Also, maybe for the next update, can there be mounted weapons, or dispenser launching ammo?

    • Domochevsky

      Sure, permission is granted by default, under the assumption that proper credit is given, as usual. :)

      Glad to see that you like the mortar.

      As for mounted weapons… did you try the Arms Assistant?

      (Dispenser launching ammo? Whazzat?)

      • Where’s the Arms Assistant? Also I mean you know how arrows pop out of dispensers? It’d be cool if other stuff did things like so. Like if you put a sun ray in the machine, it’d fire a giant laser straight out. Thanks by the way, because now I only need 3 pictures of permissions.

      • Domochevsky

        Right there in the post near the bottom. I do hope you have the latest build (93b). It might satisfy your need for now. :)

        (Unfortunately I’d have to add my own dispensers to add this functionality. The AA should be a better (more flexible) fit there.)

      • Okay. I was thinking the dispenser use would be nice for like, cannons on archimedes ships kinds of things.

  147. Yo any progress on weaponry yet? :)

    • … i mean what’s the next weapon(s) for adding. :P

      • Domochevsky

        …I was gonna say. A bit demanding there, innit. ;)

        Not progressing on QB currently (even though things are in the making there as well. I’m mostly refining the AA and adding to it there), since I’m currently developing another mod that has been requested and seems to be a niche in need of filling. Making good progress there. :)

      • Really?.. What tell? …

      • I mean, what’s the mod called?

      • Domochevsky

        Nothing yet. This is a fresh development. ;)

      • Then what’s it about?

      • Domochevsky

        Factions, territories and the claiming, protection and keeping thereof. :)

      • Cool! :)

      • And how do I change this avatar? I’m tired of being a semi-displeased staring cube. :P

      • Domochevsky

        Hum… good question. I think you as a regular non-user can set up an account with itself, change your avatar there and it’ll carry over to all other wordpress sites that allow this, including this one. (There’s very few that don’t.)

  148. Anyways… wazzup ‘yo?

    • Domochevsky

      This is not a casual chat room. ;)

      However: Doing stuff with things, y’know. The usu’.

  149. uhh… a Upgrade only for the AA!!! this means fun…

    My new Experience by now:

    The new upgrades are good extensions for the AA to form it to a real Fortressdefence :D and it dosn’t fly away when hit !! ^^
    but there speed is a bit to Slow…
    they need 1 sec for 2 pixel to fulfill there STAY command … they even can’t jump 1 block high steps!! :(

    Also your Summary and explanation of the comands is helpful and i have now used the Target friendly command.
    but my AAs went crazy and attacked eachother!!! O.o

    the remot attack is a very funny thing and they hit there targetpositions with ballistik weapons like the Mortars surprisingly good…
    but when you aim outside of there range (~32 blocks, it its like there sigthrange) they will shot, but in a 90° angel and hit themself :(
    the new armor helps them not to fly away trougth knockback…
    ( would it help when they simply say they don’t have the target in range? )

    Also they don’t always turn to the position you marked… they only fire in the random position they look.
    And when they die they say the damagemessage, two times…

    Hmmm… this turned out to by more a bugreport… hope its helpful ^^

    • Somthing other: the Witherrifle has a Abillity to destroy 1-3 Blocks on impact:

      But when you fire directly below you, thre is a change that it drills a vertical tunnel with a depht from 20 or more blocks!
      with a Xraysight you can also see that its make incomplete tunnels when you fire the gun normal and it hit the ground and the projectile flies trought the ground until it hits Bedrock!

      • Domochevsky

        1-3 blocks? Right now I’ve actually set it to not be stopped until it hits either an entity or something that is not impressed by it.

        I should probably put an actual limit on that. >_>

    • Domochevsky

      1. Yeah, heavily armored, but very slow as a result. Somewhat unfortunate. They’re about as packed as they can be by this point. >_>

      2. Good to hear. It was getting a bit unwieldy. The roleplaying conceit is nice for flavour, but can make things a bit hard to understand. Or get an overview of.

      3. Well, you did tell them to target friendlies. :D

      4. Outside of their default limiter range, hm? Interesting… *takes note to look into that*

      5. Them firing outside of their range or sight is intended, for artillery shots. They don’t care if they can see the target or not. :)

      6. Hum… sounds like they got a bit of a head of their own. Those wither heads are hard to predict.

      7. Twice, eh? Weird. The “was destroyed” line?

      • “TARGET FRIENDLY” – Aims and fires only at targets marked in the command book.
        When they should fire at “friendly” targets your summary is false… also they dont have an inbuild friendly list they could invert
        (exept other AAs or the owner) < . here comes a modified Version of the AA in play: the AA-Turret!! :D no recoil, no mobility but ARMOR!

      • Domochevsky

        Ooh, right, they do have an inbuild “never target” list, which includes the owner and other AAs. That does get inverted with the “TARGET FRIENDLY” command. Lemme correct that bit of text.

  150. Do you have any plan to put a in game documentation ?

    • Domochevsky

      No concrete plans, but yeah, I’m definitely eyeing that option. The ingame wiki mod may be just right for this. :)
      (I’ll “just” have to figure out how to structure it all.)

      Edit: …assuming it stops crashing on start-up. That’s a bit of a problem.

  151. maybe you could add carrot needlers?

    • Domochevsky

      Eh, not quite seeing that happening, given the current tech level. :)

  152. I’m thinking about this just today.Just today, no more. How if, you make a weapon, that can be found in a chest deep below the earth, but rare? Like, editing the code to add a singular room 3*3*3 with a chest in the middle, that can be only found deep below the earth every 30*30 chunks? Let’s say, it’s a broken weapon, that can be made into a better one… which, when repaired, can deal tremendous amount of damage, but subsequently gets permanently destroyed or teleported deep down the earth?

    • Don’t mind this reply, just seeing if my pic will change.

    • Domochevsky

      So worldgen, item manipulation and multiple steps to even make it functional? Not quite in the spirit of “Steve?” designing these things either. Probably not a viable idea, all in all. :)

  153. It’s me agian. :P

    Jus wonderingif any planned items will be made, so… are there? :–)

    I mean what’s planned for the next build?

    Editchevsky: triplepost? Tsk tsk.

    • Domochevsky

      Hm, right now I have nothing specific planned beyond maybe idly going over my list of things. Sorting through the stuff that still seems viable and possibly implementing it.
      Apart from that I’m occupied with coding VideoGaiden (My own game. Check out the rest of the site.) :)

      • Great. :)

        And sorry about the triple post. Just didn’t get my point out, then said it in a very abstract way. Guess some problem with my explaining thing.

  154. Using the dragon egg for a weapon… no. The dragon egg is the only trophy you can acquire in the End, so… meh.
    What kind of weapons??? I need ideas!

    • Anyways, do you have plans to make the ERA get 2 shots before being burnt out?

      • Domochevsky

        No. :)

        (That thing is still a highly experimental device. As a weapon in the field it is ludicrously unreliable and dangerous to the user. More safeties will have to be added first before I think about making it fire more.)

  155. please make another coin tosser gun

    • Domochevsky

      To what end?

      • to the end that it becomes fully auto with a bigger clip
        there isnt much you can do with gold man
        also i like the idea of wearing a monicle and shooting my moneys worth at the evil monsters of the night without having to reload MWAHAHAHAHA

      • and i have a stupid idea what about iron golems with mini guns for arms?
        worth experimenting?