Currently Closed. (Will be available again later, when I have more time.)

Hey there, Domochevsky here!
Did you know? You can make use of my accumulated skill and knowledge about art by having me draw things for you in exchange for money.

If you’ve checked out my deviantArt gallery or followed my works on GitP (Maltak: The Unsuckening, Iron Avatarist, etc) and of course this site you should be familiar with what I can do. If not this isn’t much of a problem either, as I will provide examples.

So here’s the setup:

Be Specific: do not be afraid of loading me up with references and descriptions. If you are going to be satisfied with my work, I need to know what you want. All of it. I can work with unspecific ideas, but there’s a certain chance you won’t get exactly what you want.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask: I want you to be satisfied with your commission so tell me if I have made a mistake or there are further things to change. I will do (nearly) unlimited corrections within reason (if you are very picky let me know beforehand).

Be Polite: if I start feeling harassed, I will delete anything done so far and never talk to you ever again. >_>
I understand that people have an emotional attachment to their characters, but that is no excuse to be rude. (Your money will be refunded beforehand if applicable.)

Some Things Are Not Okay: I am willing to do adult themed commissions, but there are some themes/fetishes I will not touch, including Scat, Watersports, Child/Loli/Cub, Guro, Pointless Gore or anything else I’m rather “eehhh…” towards. (I will let you know after your initial request. Rest assured in any case that I at least won’t point and laugh at you. :) )




We will work the exact amount out before anything starts, so no worries there.
Payment options are limited to Paypal for the time being. (Safest/cheapest option for everyone involved cross-atlantic.)

Com_5Things may also get cheaper/more expensive depending on the style (Silhouetted, SD, Full Blown or mixtures) and size you want this to be in.

You can contact me per PM on GitP, per note on deviantArt, the inofficial #giantitp IRC channel on Gamesurge, simply in the comment section below or per eMail (


  9 Responses to “Commissions”

  1. Domochevsky

    Man, I need to update this page at some point…

  2. Hey. I’m doing a charity art drive. Can I steal your economic model and/or your talents?

    • Domochevsky

      Charity art drive… what specifically is on your mind for either of these options? :)

      • Well for the economic model our pricing system is severely broken so I want to use yours and for your talents you would submit some example art and then do requested commissions for the cause,

      • Domochevsky

        Hm, you can have the economic model, no problem there.
        However, I think my time is a little too limited to actually participate in this myself, unfortunately. :S

      • That’s fine. We’ve got enough artists. I won’t advertise it here as I feel that would be a breach of etiquette.

  3. So i’m assuming you get some sort of message delie when people post here, but these are still closed right? assuming so considering the big bold words at the top there. Just wanted to be sure as i haven’t visited this page in awhile and i’m not sure how old those words are, might be an idea to add an “as of [date]” beneath them :P

    • Domochevsky

      Still closed, yes. Now that I’ve started job training again I continue to not have time for this in any sort of reliable fashion. Exceptions may exist, but are highly unspecific with no promises of timeliness. >_>

      • no problem man, just wanted to know for sure. Good luck with your job training!

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