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> Andrew: Take the girl back to your village. Mentally prepare for being yelled at.

“You did WHAT?!”

Outside his den, Andrew didn’t feel much better than his ‘patient’.  Being a wolf Sylvan, Tony was intimidating enough on his own.  A furious Tony was something Andrew wished he didn’t experience so frequently.  While Andrew’s failed ideas were usually spectacular, he didn’t think they happened that often.  But judging by Tony’s face as he sputtered for words, he had a doozy on his hands this time.

“A Caledonian?  HERE?!  What were you THINKING?”

“Tony, she was hurt and by herself.  I had to do something!  She would have died if I just left her there!”

Tony paced back and forth, massaging his temples with a hand before turning back to Andrew eyebrows lowered in accusation and showing more teeth than Andrew cared for..

“So you bring her here.  You bring the ONE thing that could jeopardise our entire community… here.  The entire purpose for me and the rest of the Pack is to keep Sylvan safe.  To keep it safe, we can’t let Caledon know we exist.  So of course, bring a Caledonian into Sylvan, why not!”

“So I should have just let her die?”

“Well, you’re running the risk of getting everyone here killed by an angry mob of ‘monster’ hunters!”

“Tony, Andrew, do I want to know why you two are fighting again?”

Bethany, another wolf Sylvan, walked up and put her hand on Tony’s shoulder.  He sighed loudly before jabbing a finger in Andrew’s direction.

“THIS fuzz-brained fool brought a Caledonian to his house!”

Bethany’s eyes widened in shock before she crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow at Andrew.

“Ok, this line of reasoning I’ve got to hear.  You usually have something resembling a good reason.”

Andrew spread his arms out plaintively.

“Ok, look: she was hurt pretty bad and wouldn’t have made it if I hadn’t done something.  I couldn’t have taken her to the village without getting seen.  Her horse had bolted so I didn’t have anything else to transport her with, and that cougar was probably still around.  So I had to bring her here!  She was passed out, so she doesn’t know where Sylvan is, and she never got a good look at me.  I got Cory to do a patch-job on her while she was out cold.  So she doesn’t know a thing!  I’ll get her well enough to travel, take a few precautions, and get her out of here and back to Caledon.  She won’t know what we are, she won’t know where we are, she’ll live, and everything will be fine!”

Andrew finished with a hopeful grin and a flourish while Tony and Beth exchanged glances before Tony jerked his head towards Andrew, letting her take the lead.

“That’s… surprisingly plausible, compared to your usual plans.”

“I still don’t like it.” Tony grumbled.

“Of course you don’t.  But Andrew, there are still a few holes in it.”

“Oh, yeah?”

Tony started ticking off reasons on his fingers.

“One, how long is she going to take to get better?  How long are you going to have to take care of her without her seeing what you are?  I know you’ve probably going to use your Gift a lot to do it, but that’s still pretty risky.  Two, you didn’t have to bring her inside Sylvan.  Close enough would have probably been safe enough for both us and her.  Three, how are you going to keep her from going outside?  Or look out your window?  One look at the rest of the town and your cover is blown.  Four-”

Bethany gave Tony a nudge, and gestured at Andrew’s crestfallen expression, which was quickly turning into guilt.

“I think that’s enough, Tony.  He gets it.”

Andrew looked up at them sorrowfully.

“I… I… didn’t know what else to do.  There wasn’t time.  And I couldn’t just let her die.”

“They wouldn’t have done the same for you.  They’d have shot you on sight.”

“That doesn’t mean I should do the same, right?”

Tony grunted and let the point drop as they strolled along the path in front of Andrew’s den.  He put his arm around Andrew’s shoulders.

“You meant well.  You always mean well.  And I guess it was a hard decision.  But just… think it through for once, will ‘ya?  Either way, you’ve got a giant mess on your hands.  Try and keep it from getting any worse, get her OUT of here, and we’ll help out with what we can.  Just, try not to be so… you sometimes and I’ll have less hairbrained schemes to clean up after.”

Andrew rolled his eyes and gave Tony a playful nudge.

“Gee, thanks, Tony.”

Beth laughed as they walked back to Andrew’s door.

“You know what he means.  But he has a point, how are you going to handle this?”

> ANDREW: Cover windows from the outside of your house so she can’t see into town.

  5 Responses to “> Andrew: Take the girl back to your village. Mentally prepare for being yelled at.”

  1. >Make sure to keep her blindfolded and bound at all times. If she gains consciousness, tell her not to struggle, that you’re helping her, but if she takes off the blindfold in any way then you’ll probably have to do something neither of you want.

  2. I’m really disappointed that Tony isn’t a tiger. And I’ve never even had that cereal.

  3. > ANDREW: Cover windows from the outside of your house so she can’t see into town.
    > ANDREW: Board over the window interior of your house so she can’t see into town, or the window.

    The windows were boarded up because they broke in a storm a while back and you haven’t gotten them fixed yet. It’s been awhile since the last storm? Yeah I guess you’ve been putting that off, haven’t you Andrew?

    > ANDREW: Invest in a door bar on the outside of your house.

    That’s a normal thing to have right? Of course not. So she won’t want to come back once she’s better. This is all positives so far, right? That’s there to, uh, keep out the things in the forest, obviously. It’s like, haunted and full of monsters or something right? Yeah. Gotta keep that door secured.

    > ANDREW: Let slip to the girl you are a criminal exile living as a hermit in the haunted woods as the only place no one would look for you.

    Where else would a violent and dangerous criminal with a huge bounty on his head who helps random passerby go to hide? Obviously the spooky forest. What’s that, criminals with enough bounty to need to hide here don’t have the morality to help random passerby? I don’t understand. What, am I supposed to just let people die? What sort of monster do you take me for? I mean, yes, I’m a monster. But I like, repented or something. But the Crown won’t see it that way. So I hide here, in the dangerous place. Where it’s dangerous. And you should never go, ever. For any reason.

  4. >Tell the girl to wear a blindfold, to protect her from the forest spirits and avoid being trapped here like yourself.

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