Dec 082016

And now, a theatre play about nobility, love, truth and bitchin’ special effects~

Victoria jumped at the opportunity to play this role, I hear.

It’s a real hit with the kids, too. They love the¬†horses and free flying sword fighting scenes!

  6 Responses to “The Noblest Of Roses”

  1. Domochevsky

    Psst… over here, in this shady back alley. Wanna buy a ticket? Only 200 monies. Each.


  2. yeaaa! always love seeing the token shadowbear included! :P

    • Domochevsky

      That’s an entirely different token shadowbear. Theatre is a wide and diverse field. Stop being shadow-ist. ;P

    • Hey now i never said it was a SPESIFIC token shadowbear! i know for a fact there are more then one! >:P

    • Suuuuuure. Next thing you’re going to be talking about how your best friend is a shadow-bear aren’t you!

    • Domochevsky

      Little did ye know, that I am a shadowbear!

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