Dec 172016


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…she never stood a chance.

  5 Responses to “SwordMaiden SM vs The Shadowkitten Army”

  1. Ah so it is true. The Swordmaidens natural enemy is in fact creatures with the “Cat” subtype. Truly a delerious foe.

    • Domochevsky

      Admitedly, that particular subtype has a lot of hidden bonuses against pretty much everything by themselves already. Strangely enough not against lizards though. For them it inverts. Makes me wonder if that’s a bug. vov

    • I heard about a group that actually did a pretty good job when they rolled some random classes too. One was a Feral-mancer (beast master with a speciality in cats) and the other two ended up with Caligripher and Necromancer.

      So as you know Beast-masters big thing is brining up pets, and Feral-mancers thing is bringing up a lot of relatively weak pets who are usually cats on account of their reproduction rate and overall effectiveness. (The fact that 66% of people who play it are women tends to give it the apt nickname “The Crazy cat lady build”).

      The problem was that the Feral-mancer would get really emotionally invested in the cats and so when one of them died she would be out of the fight for a while and couldn’t control the others.

      So the Calligrapher and the Necromancer get it into the heads that they’ll “fix” that. Now Calligriphers are honestly just fancy support with a bent towards slot-less player buffs. Really great for building up basis and supporting minions but nearly worthless in straight combat unless they manage to get or craft the “sword quill” which lets them use their artistic craft in place of attack.

      But I’m digressing here, the point is, the other two managed to convince the Feral-mancer to accept a permanent tattoo’d “buff” which was really just a modified memory block tattoo with a death-based catch. In layman terms, this meant that the Feral-mancer would suffer retrograde amnesia involving anyone that died, forgetting that she ever knew them in the first place and letting her keep fighting even as she forgot that any of her cats had ever died in the first place.

      Pretty fucked up am I right?

      BUT, it gets better (or worse) depending on how you view it. See, once those guys kicked the bucket and respawned, she didn’t remember them either and she became convinced that they were enemy players trying to get back into their base. The result was a rather hilarious setup as the Feral-mancer spent the rest of the game spawn-killing them with her now army of cats, as she couldn’t remember killing them after each time they died.

      So I guess the moral of the story is “Don’t mess with your teammates head”

      Though I prefer “Don’t fuck with the Cat Lady’s” but that is generally less applicable.

  2. R.I.P. In Peace SM. finally found an enemy you can’t solve with swords.

    • Clearly, SM hasn’t found the right blade to solve this problem. I mean, there has to be a Sword O’Catnip out there, right? I mean, very limited use, but protection against Shadowkittens can’t be priced!

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