Jan 092017

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…real smooth there, Vickers. B)

  10 Responses to “Subtle Advances”

  1. Another beautiful piece of art! Sure miss GenCrawl Gaiden though

    • Domochevsky

      Glad to see that people still care, too. It means we did good. :)

    • You did more than a good job bro. From the very first page of GenCrawl Gaiden I’ve fallen in love with the Gen Universe. From the stories to the characters to the powers to the dialogues, all of it! Especially your art. I know nothing about art except that I love everything you’ve drawn. So please keep em coming :P

  2. … Mayyybe she just likes the taste? :U

  3. Maybe Vickie is trying to tell Thomas something. ;)

    Say, does NECTARINE GENGUM work on guys too?

  4. Domochevsky

    Good question. I hear that GenCo had that functionality originally in a different flavour line, to appeal to a more “manly” market.
    Not sure what their current generation of gengum looks like. Smoke on the street says that they are experimenting with double-flavours.

    • Hmm, seeing how pharmaceuticals can be sold in gum form, does that mean fertility treatments can be purchased as well? The alleged “Fertility Uxorial Nectarine Gum” or “FUNGUM”

    • I read that as “pharmaceuticals can be sold in gun form”. I would play that genmod.

      (man, I hope this is the tag I was using here…I lost all my cookies. :P)

    • Domochevsky

      (Whelp, I had to approve of this post, so probably not. On the other hand, you’ve made 28 comments under that tag, so iunno what disappeared there.)

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