Jun 152017

DomochevskyHi. I still exist. :)

(Things are getting hot around here. 3 weeks left until the Ausbildung completes~)

Here’s a little something to relax with. A character from our RL 5e campaign. Turns out that I’m surrounded by nerds at werk.

"One third demon, one third elf, one third tree."(Click to enlarge.)

From the blazing tropical jungles of whereverthegen, to- ah fuck, a goddess abducted and gene-spliced her with cambion genes in the second session. Oh well, permanent flight at least.

  4 Responses to “Wood Elf Monk”

  1. Ah, gotta love those overly complicated narratives to justify mechanical benefits. And she is a monk I take it?

    • Domochevsky

      She is indeed, yes.

      The Cambion thing is actually something forced unto her via die roll and DM action. The campaign plays in a “sky islands” sort of setting and a requirement was to have a “oh shit” button. So some form of (limited) flight. I rolled well enough to get permanent flight for her, plus some stuff attached.
      (Like adding 3 stats to my AC: Dex, Wis and Cha. And bonus Cha. And a fire ray that aims better and hits harder than my natural attacks at the moment. And we still get our asses kicked in this early game of rocket tag against creatures that have a CR of less than 1. >_> )

      The other party members (yet to be drawn) got a batman cape and a giant ridable fly. Which is curious in itself.

  2. Well that just seems like a barrel of fun! And also a great struggle through the early-game mechanics. Good luck to you all. Hope you don’t end up with a terrible TPK

  3. niice! deffinatley getting an “amazoness” feel for her :P

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