Jun 252017

Speaking of complicated origins… this one was not subject to DM-fiat. The player just has a thing for playing dark dwarfs. ;P

Half drow, half dwarf, I am told. Full orphan, grown up in a monastery. Well read. Lots of lightning/thunder damage.

Currently not in possession of pants. (Turns out that “clothing” is not on his sheet.)


  2 Responses to “Half Dwarf Thalos Cleric”

  1. Hey now! Just because Clothes aren’t on the character sheet doesn’t mean he doesn’t have them!

    i mean unless you specify that the charicter is a nudist, i think it’s fair to assume they have basic clothing at all times >:P

    • Domochevsky

      But the wood elf did have “clothes” on her character sheet, setting this precedent in the first place. Plus, the next image also indicated certain things, leading to an inevitable conclusion. ;P

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