Jun 262017

The third and currently last one in the party. Fairly uncomplicated, origin-wise. Refreshi-

…ah. Right.

A gentleman of impeccable taste, as he’d proclaim himself. Was given a batman cape as flight option, wielding a dagger and a sword.

Also someone with no “clothing” on his sheet.

Waitaminute! A shirt but no pants counts as “no clothing”…?

That bastard just wanted to put on a sock and brag about nonexisting things! >:O

That said, here is the entire party. It emphasizes just how much the size differences are. ‘s pretty intense.

(Click to enlarge)

See what I mean?

  6 Responses to “Rock Gnome Rogue/Adventurer”

  1. You guys really don’t like pants, now do you?
    Also it really puts into perspective how small the Gnome is (not implying anything here, mind) because usually gnomes have a different bodyshape – think WoW gnomes or D&D – that either makes them stouter or slender, here he really looks like a miniature human… with no pants.
    Also, he can brag about what he wants but when it’s the size of a human’s thumb well…

    • Domochevsky

      I’d be perfectly fine with both of them wearing pants. But first we’ll have to get off this island in some way and reach a place that sells pants. ;P

  2. I dunno. Seems to me that that needs to be the parties main staying feature. “We now return to GUILD OF THE PANTSLESS”

    • Domochevsky

      That seems like a possibility as well, yes. The gnome is already making a name for himself as “that pervert”. >_>

  3. If your going to say that they don’t have clothes just because it’s not on their character sheet, i will argue that the Elf doesn’t have clothes because she looks like she’s wearing a very small ammount of large tree-leaves :P

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