Jul 272017

And now some visual representations of two NPCs, one being the head of the floating island chain we’re currently on (in our RL 5e campaign); the other being the “halfling” child acompanying the party. They’re not associated.

A ray of sunshine, that man. Third generation of barbarians, proud home owner.

The “halfling” (quote/unqote) child. A relaxed personality.

Totally not the most competent person with the highest stats in the entire party and secretly a wyrmling, you guys.


…and the size difference between the two.

On the upside: She could jump around in one of his boots, like Mario.
On the downside: he
has to check his boots before putting them on, to make sure she’s not already¬†sleeping in them. :V

  7 Responses to “Chief of village and companion NPC”

  1. HA! Adorable.

    Also, I approve the continued lack of pants in your campaign.

    • Domochevsky

      Trivia! When the dwarf went out to find someone who can sell pants …he found nobody.
      As far as we can tell right now there is no one on the entire island who owns a single pair of pants. oO

      • I get the feeling that that’s going to be the true endgame for the campaign.

        “At long last, having traversed the cave of leg-warmers, battled your way through the ravine of lost socks, tumbled on down the belted stairway and nestled through the nest of the stocking snakes, you have arrived at your destination. The hall of BLUE JEANS!”

      • Domochevsky

        Yknow… I would not put that past us, given how things are going. :V

      • Domochevsky

        In fact, given how today’s session went, that seems more and more likely. This joke is growing its own legs, it seems. Whelp.

  2. What are the semi-transparent images behind the barbarian in the height comparison image?

    • Domochevsky

      Those are the other characters from the same campaign. On the left of him you can see the woodelf monk’s wings and tip of the gnome rogue’s cape, for example.

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