Dec 312015

Gallows Humor – 1

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> The Glutton
> The Princess
> The Traitor
> The Priest
> The Driver
> The Waif
> The Gambler

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  31 Responses to “Prologue”

  1. Domochevsky

    EDIT: Votes are closed!

  2. Spectral Scribbler

    Alright folks, welcome to the first vote of Gallows Humor.

    For those of you coming from GenCrawl Gaiden or who remember GenGame, the format might seem a little weird. For those of you coming from other websites…well, I’m sorry. This posting system is trash. Please don’t kill me.

    At the end of each update you’ll notice a list of potential actions. Choose one of these actions and vote for it by bolding it in a comment on the post. If you wish to change your vote, reply to your own post and STATE CLEARLY that you are retracting your vote before bolding the new vote.

    Votes will be open for a variable amount of time; we will announce when votes are closed, and change the top comment (usually Domo’s) to reflect it.

    Unlike in our previous works, write-ins are not always encouraged. You can try to make them when they’re not requested, but in all likelihood they’ll be ignored unless we’re asking for one. That in mind, however, feel free to expand on the logic or decision-making process behind your vote, or to suggest angles (“But, y’know, nicely”) to approach it from.

    Strap yourselves in folks. Let’s do this.

  3. Hm… interesting.
    Lets go with… The Waif

  4. The Gambler

  5. Nyeheheh. You live, you die, you live again, eh?

    The Princess, though these all sound like they’ll be interesting.

  6. > The Traitor

    Seems the most thematically ironic.

  7. The Priest

  8. >The Priest

  9. The Gambler

  10. the Princess

  11. New story! *bounces*

    >The Priest

  12. I like

    > The Traitor

    Good to have some interesting internal contradictions in a viewpoint character.

  13. S’gotta be the Princess. It’s what I do.

  14. > The Princess

  15. The Princess

  16. Interesting choices, but I think I’m going to go with:
    > The Traitor
    We don’t have a lot of information yet, but this one seems fun.

  17. The Priest

    Easy choice when starting in a graveyard.

  18. Fsteak

    The Traitor.

  19. The Waif

  20. The Princess.

  21. The Gambler

  22. The Glutton of course

  23. Interesting… Lets see how this plays out i guess.

    >The Traitor

  24. Considering the thick N’Orleans drawl I’m imagining for the guy, I’ll have to go with
    >The Gambler

  25. I’d say The Traitor.

  26. >The Priest

  27. The Traitor

    I found this site a few days before GenCrawl Gaiden died…So heartbroken, but I’m also excited to be here for the start of a new story! You guys are awesome, and this is some of the best writing of the sort I’ve seen.

  28. Domochevsky

    And votes are closed!

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