Sep 052016

DomochevskyYo, ‘chevsky here.

So! You probably noticed that apart from a singular drawing here or there things have been pretty quiet around here. Lemme get ya up to speed on how things are looking right now.

Let’s do this by people first…

Domochevsky (That’s me!)

I’ve entered the second stage of my training to become a fully fledged programmer (Fachinformatiker der Anwendungsentwicklung, as we officially call it), which involves spending a couple months at a company, learning how to do the trade. This has been reasonably demanding so far. I have yet to acclimate and figure out how to gather additional power to do things other than play games when I come home.

Additionally, I’ve been plagued for a couple weeks now with dentistry issues, which has been draining my willpower and making me cranky. This needs to be fixed soon, because fuck this shit. (Ideally this week, if I’m lucky.)


He’s been occupied with his professional work, which involves writing and deadlines, in addition to his day job. That meant that he checked out for a couple of weeks to take care of that.


Maven’s family has been affected by a string of deaths, hardships, and other issues that have aggravated her health and left her with very little time or headspace to write.
And of course, the schedule slip stresses her out just enough to make the writing process itself incredibly stressful during all this.


He’s swamped with work and study and life, leaving him also with no head and/or time to write things. He did say however that he’d like to return to writing here once he’s done with his other commitments. Or at least once those have become less demanding of his time.
Additionally, he says that he’s hoping to sort out his immediate problems/demands by the end of the week and may have more information then.


Knowing that, here’s the state of the works happening here:


Gallows Humor (Domochevsky/Scribbler)

Scribbler and me have been talking about it here and there, and it appears that he ran into a creative dead-end with it. Maybe he can elaborate on that further, but right now it looks like GH will be cancelled. Ideally we’ll start something else when we’re both fully back on top again.

Children of the Force (Maven)

Maven is choosing to step back from the project until the dust of her life has settled and she can get her head together enough to continue writing the story properly.
For the moment the story is On Hiatus.

EDIT: Our conversation more recently on this topic:


[Domochevsky] \o
[Maven] hi
[Domochevsky] The newspost is about ready, short of the bit for Pup. Got anything for me there?
[Maven] Not yet
[Maven] Of course
[Maven] now I feel so guilty about my lack of progress I’ve started working on the thing again
[Domochevsky] >_>
[Maven] so what’s probably going to happen is that you’re going to post that it’s on hiatus and then two days later I’ll upload something
[Domochevsky] A too familiar feeling. Ain’t healthy, I find
[Domochevsky] Should I change the line from “on hiatus” to “indeterminable”?
[Maven] how about
[Maven] ‘schrodinger’s hiatus’
[Domochevsky] …ha
[Maven] where the level of hiatus is determined by the balance between my guilt and my depression
[Maven] a state which cannot be observed without altering it
[Domochevsky] “For the moment the state of the story is unknown. A Schr√∂dinger’s Hiatus, if you will.”
[Maven] Actually you know what
[Maven] Just keep it as it is
[Maven] then just put
[Maven] “EDIT:”
[Maven] and then copy paste this conversation so far and put it under there
[Maven] just the whole thing
[Domochevsky] You sure?
[Maven] yeah it’s fine
[Maven] you’ve always complained that I’m not very open with the readers anyway
[Domochevsky] ‘s true
[Maven] This is about as open and communicative as I can be
[Domochevsky] Fair enough, I suppose


A rare look behind the courtain, that.

The Camera Obscura (Fsteak)

The situation here is less dire, but still with similar results. Fsteak’s busy with life. So this is On Hiatus as well.

Project VideoGaiden (Domochevsky)

Slow going here as well, but I occasionally manage on a weekend to make minor progress. A couple things to show off have been amassing, but currently I don’t have the willpower to do any stronger moves there.

[Final Word here]

  5 Responses to “The current state of affairs”

  1. We miss you all! I’ll just… find another distraction and come back in a few weeks. Shouldn’t be difficult.

    Meet’cha on the other side.

  2. Mmm, I come to this a little late.

    I hope all will be well in the end, and until then I’ll be aorund now and then.

  3. That feel when you catch a hiatus notice two months late because you were *also* swamped with work and dentistry.

    • Domochevsky

      ’tis a terrible state of affairs, innit. :/
      (Fortunately, the brunt of my dentistry stuff was fixed last week for good. Too many smaller issues conjoining together.)

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