Jul 302017

DomochevskyHi there, your favourite Domochevsky here.

Did you know that Scribbler has started a new and shiny quest over on them 4chans? It’s called Cinderella Sanction Quest, and features Changeling(s) (the setting and characters therefrom)!

In it you “take the role of the Warlock Knight as she strives to grow beyond her past in a time of unprecedented change.”, according to him. Pretty interesting read so far. Art will likely follow as time passes.

This is the first thread, to get started reading.

The current thread can be found here.

And finally, this is the archive, for completion. It also contains links to previous short stories in that setting, if you want to be up on who some of these people are.

  9 Responses to “Cinderella Sanction Quest”

  1. Sweet, Definitely gonna start following it now. Scribbler does good work.

  2. Going through it now and Domo I can’t wait to see your rendition of Colors.

    • Domochevsky

      I’m sure it’ll happen eventually. Still gotta catch up with it entirely myself. Reading time is sparse inbetween other things, for some reason. >_>

  3. Hey! Any plans to make a Discord or anything, ‘Chev? :P If not, any complaints if I make one for WWSF?

    • Domochevsky

      Do a what now? >_>
      (I keep seeing people use that word, but it appears to mean something else now. Is it a chat thing?)

      • Yep. Pretty damn popular nowadays.

      • Discordapp.com

      • Domochevsky

        Hm, I see… ain’t looking terribl√©, all in all. I do not plan on making one, mind you, but I won’t be in your way if you want to make one yourself. Might even check it out if time allows. :)
        (No guarantees for Scribbler. That man barely copes with the basic features of Slack as it stands.)

      • Hah, fair enough! I just made one, it’s here; i wouldn’t mind a mention in a post if you felt like making one.


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