Oct 282017

  10 Responses to “Connecting…”

  1. YOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  2. What. How. When.



  3. Uncontrollable vibrating intensifies!

  4. Whaaaaaaat. Yis.

  5. Mmmm, have you cancelled it before launching?

    • Domochevsky

      Nah. I just got sick, as is unfortunately common around this time of the year.

      We’re currently working on a bit of connective tissue between original Gaiden and the DLC, too. Things are in the making. :)

      • Domochevsky

        …by which I mean I’ve spent the last 4+ weeks going from doctor to doctor, making tests left and right to figure out what the fuck is wrong with me. Unpleasant, but unformative, all in all. Generally speaking my body is in excellent shape, in and out. Except for what’s putting me down.

        They have not yet found the issue. (Something that is causing muscle cramps on the left side of my neck and face, putting pressure on my general wellbeing as a side-effect, in addition to closing that side of my nose. Relaxation techniques help to keep that stuff in check, but boy does it prevent me from sitting at a computer for more than 15 minutes at a time.)

      • Domochevsky

        Positive news: It’s not anything serious, in a medical sense. It’s serious in how it impacts my (work)life, of course. (Plus the minor food poisoning I got myself into on monday.)
        It’s likely “just” the result of years of bad habits and posture (sitting on a computer and crouched over a drawing tablet for untold hours) coming back now to haunt me. One ghostly strand of straw too much.

        So that needs to be exorcised over what is likely to be a long process, involving people teaching me how to communicate with my damn muscles again.

        “Sitting there leaned forward with pulled up shoulders again, eh? Time for a-crampin’!”
        “No, you let go! Wait, who even are you? Half of you aren’t even on my map of available muscles!”
        “Fuck you, you’re not my Ego! My buddy here’s gonna put pressure on your jaw and gag nerves! See what your stomach thinks of that!”
        “I’m getting the blackroll, you jerblblblrragh~”

        Those fuckers. Experts will be required.

  6. Oh dang. The story progresses anew? I thought the Genworld saga had stopped when you started doing that take me to wonderland thing :P

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