Mar 192017

And then I was informed that ship girls are a thing. Kantai Collection, they call it.
These two are named Erebus and Terror, from a fanfic quest called Kant-O-Celle Quest.

(Click to enlarge)

Pretty interesting stuff to make.

The backstory and design process will likely go into another post with more details about the individual steps.

Jan 182017

Yo, chevsky here.Domochevsky

It has been a while. Werk/School is happening and progressing nicely. Dental issues have been dealt with for the most part. Things are going well, all in all.

So! In an act of madness Scribbler and I have decided to take another shot at this whole “making a webcomic” thing. I want us to have a look back at our past experiences beforehand though, to give you an idea how we got here and to make more sense of the direction we’re gonna take. This might even be useful as a history lesson for those among you who haven’t been around since the beginning.

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